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Pesticide 'Insectageddon'
Soil Microbiomes at Risk


  1. Austin, TX Anti-Chaining Ordinance
  2. Berkeley, CA Endorsing Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act
  3. Chicago, IL Animal Abuse Training Initiative
  4. Clark County, WA Cruelty to Animals
  5. Cumberland County, NC Prohibiting the Tethering of Dogs
  6. Douglas County, GA Anti-Tethering of Domesticated Animals
  7. Dubbo, Australia Companion Animals Advisory Committee
  8. Fort Worth, TX Regulations for Unattended Tethering of Dogs
  9. Golden, CO Protection of Animals
  10. Hapeville, GA Prohibiting the Chaining or Tethering of Dogs
  11. Kansas City, MO Off-leash Dog Program
  12. Lakewood, WA In Support of an Off-Leash Dog Park
  13. Maumelle, AR Confinement of Animals
  14. Miami, FL Prohibiting Tethering of Dogs Under Certain Conditions
  15. Moundsville, WV Regulated Tethering Ordinance
  16. Nashville, TN Increasing Penalties for Aggravated Cruelty to Animals
  17. New York, NY Upholding the Humane Education Mandate
  18. Orange County, NC Mistreatment of Animals
  19. Portland, OR Off-Leash Program
  20. Savannah, GA Animal Neglect and Cruelty
  21. Seattle, WA Adopting a Permanent Dogs-Off-Leash Program
  22. Seattle, WA Designating the Great Blue Heron as the Official Bird of the City
  23. St. Louis, MO Pertaining to the Tethering of Dogs and Cats
  24. Tucson, AZ Cruelty and Neglect of Animals
  25. Wichita, KS Anti-Tethering Ordinance



  1. Australian National University Biodiversity Initiatives
  2. Belfast, Northern Ireland Local Biodiversity Action Plan
  3. Caloundra, Australia Biodiversity Strategy 2006
  4. Cork, Ireland City Biodiversity Plan
  5. Derry, Northern Ireland Biodiversity Action Plan
  6. Dublin, Ireland Biodiversity Action Plan
  7. Edinburgh, Scotland Biodiversity Action Plan
  8. Nelson, New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy
  9. Sheffield, England Biodiversity Action Plan
  10. Wellington, New Zealand Biodiversity Action Plan

Invasive Species

  1. Brevard County, FL Non-Native Noxious Invasive Plant Ordinance
  2. Brisbane, Australia Invasive Species Management Plan
  3. Chicago, IL Invasive Species Ordinance
  4. Jefferson County, NY Urging Control of Aquatic Invasive Species
  5. Pittman Center, TN Invasive Plant Management Ordinance
  6. Polk County, WI Illegal Transport of Aquatic Plants and Invasive Animals
  7. Suffolk County, NY Prohibiting Invasive Non-Native Plant Species
  8. Three Lakes, WI Establishing an Emergency Invasive Species Control Zone

Trees and Forests

  1. Allegheny College, PA Sustainable Forestry Project
  2. Arkadelphia, AR Creating a Tree City USA Advisory Board
  3. Ashland, OR Tree Preservation and Protection
  4. Brisbane, Australia 2 Million Trees Project
  5. Calgary, Alberta Tree Protection Bylaw
  6. Carbondale, CO Tree Ordinance
  7. Cheyenne, WY Urban Forestry
  8. Coronado, CA Street Tree Committee
  9. Dallas, TX Citizen Forester Program
  10. Davis, CA Urban Forestry Program
  11. Eugene, OR Protection of Mature and Old Growth Forests
  12. Guelph, Ontario Strategic Urban Forest Management Plan
  13. Houston, TX Million Trees + Houston
  14. Long Beach, CA Tree Maintenance Policy
  15. Longwood University, VA Forest Stewardship Management Plan
  16. Los Angeles, CA Street Tree Policies
  17. Manchester, NH Project Greenstreets
  18. Medford, OR Neighborhood Street Tree Partnership
  19. Montreal, Quebec Tree Policy
  20. Northbrook, IL Tree Protection and Preservation Ordinance
  21. Ohio State University Forest Resources Policy Vision Statement
  22. Olympia, WA Master Street Tree Plan
  23. Pleasanton, CA Tree Preservation Ordinance
  24. Portland, OR Tree Regulatory Project
  25. Redwood City, CA Tree Preservation
  26. Rockville, MD Master Street Tree Plan
  27. Round Rock, TX Updates Tree Ordinance
  28. St. Louis, MO Tree Ordinances
  29. Salem, OR Free Tree Program
  30. Salt Lake City, UT Urban Forestry
  31. San Francisco, CA Urban Forestry
  32. Seattle, WA Added Protection of Trees During the Development Process
  33. Seattle, WA reLeaf Program
  34. Tigard, OR Adopting a Heritage Tree Program
  35. Toronto, Ontario Trees Across Toronto Program
  36. Woodland, CA Residential Street Tree Rebate Program
  37. Youngstown, OH Shade Tree Commission


  1. Model: Ordinance Pertaining to a Prohibition to Feeding Wild Animals
  2. Ashland, OR Support of the Endangered Species Act
  3. Aspen, CO Wildlife Protection
  4. Benton County, OR Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan
  5. Carbondale, CO In Support of the Endangered Species Act
  6. Colorado County Prairie Dog Protection
  7. Clark County, NV Desert Conservation Program
  8. Davie, FL Clearing of Potential Wildlife Habitat
  9. Hillsboro Beach, FL Sea Turtle Lighting Ordinance
  10. Lee County, FL Sea Turtle Protection Ordinance
  11. Pitkin County, CO Wildlife Protection
  12. Portland, OR Recovery Plan for Salmon and Trout
  13. Revelstoke, British Columbia Caribou Recovery Action Group
  14. San Juan County, WA Killer Whale Protection Ordinance
  15. Sarasota County, FL Manatee Protection Program
  16. Sarasota County, FL Sea Turtle Protection Program
  17. Skagit County, WA Pertaining to Salmon Recovery Efforts
  18. Skamania County, WA Fish and Wildlife Protection
  19. Toronto, Ontario Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat
  20. University of Buffalo, NY Campus Wildlife Policy
  21. Vigan City (Philippines) Establishing a Marine Turtle Hatchery
  22. Whatcom County, WA In Support of Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan

Business Regulations

Big-Box Retail

Resource link: New Rules Project

  1. Albuquerque, NM "Big-Box" Regulations
  2. Archuleta County, CO Big Box Draft Ordinance
  3. Austin, TX "Big Box" Regulations
  4. Bellingham, WA Maximum Size of Retail Establishments
  5. Bozeman, MT "Big Box" Regulations
  6. Chicago, IL Big Box Living Wage and Benefits
  7. Easton, MD Big Box Ordinance
  8. Greenville County, SC Conditions for "Big Box Retail" Uses
  9. Inglewood, CA WalMart Loses Initiative
  10. Kansas City, MO Size Restrictions for Retail Stores
  11. Nashville, TN Resolution to Require Big Box Retailers to Pay Prevailing Wages
  12. Oakland, CA Zoning Caps Superstores
  13. Orange County, FL Big Box Ordinance
  14. Sun Prairie, WI Design Standards for Large Commercial Developments
  15. Turlock, CA Regulation Regarding Large-scale Retail Stores
  16. Winchester-Clark County, KY Big-Box Design Standards

Formula Businesses

  1. Benicia, CA Regulation of Formula Businesses
  2. Duck, NC Amending Zoning Ordinance in Regards to Formula Businesses
  3. Fredericksburg, TX Draft Formula Business Ordinance
  4. Ojai, CA Regulation of Formula Business Establishments
  5. Port Townsend, WA Defining and Regulating Formula Retail Establishments

Buy Green Policy

Model Legislation

  1. Environmentally Preferable Products Policy from King County, WA
  2. Waste Wise Purchasing Policy

Cities & Counties

  1. Aberdeen, Scotland Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  2. Bellingham, WA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program
  3. Berkeley, CA Green Purchasing Policy
  4. Boulder, CO Environmental Purchasing Policy
  5. Brisbane, Australia Plan for Action on Climate Change and Energy
  6. Clark County, WA Environmentally Responsible Purchasing Policy
  7. Durango, CO Environmental Purchasing Policy
  8. Fayetteville, AR Environmental Purchasing Policy
  9. Hennepin County, MN Green Purchasing Program
  10. King County, WA Environmental Purchasing Policy
  11. Lawrence, KS Environmental Procurement Policy
  12. London, England Fire Brigade Green Procurement Policy
  13. Long Beach, CA Environmentally Preferable Procurement Policy
  14. Miami, FL Establishing A "Miami Green Procurement Program"
  15. Morro Bay, CA Recycled Product Purchasing Policies
  16. Multnomah County, OR Purchasing Post-Consumer Recycled Products
  17. Nevada County, CA Green Procurement and Sustainable Practices Policy
  18. New Castle County, DE Encouraging the Purchase of Environmental Preferable Products
  19. New York, NY Mandating the Purchase of Recycled Plastic Lumber
  20. Oakland, CA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy
  21. Olathe, KS Recycled Paper Products Procurement Policy
  22. Portland, OR Environmentally Preferable Procurement
  23. Pinoleville Pomo Nation (CA) Green Procurement Policy
  24. Plano, TX Environmental Purchasing Policy
  25. Richmond, British Columbia Environmental Purchasing Guide
  26. Sacramento County, CA Environmental Purchasing Policy
  27. Salt Lake City, UT Environmentally Preferable Procurement Policy
  28. San Diego, CA Energy Efficient Purchasing Policy
  29. San Francisco, CA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Ordinance
  30. San Jose, CA Environmentally Preferable Procurement Policy
  31. San Mateo County, CA Environmental Purchasing Policy
  32. Santa Clarita, CA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy
  33. Santa Rosa, CA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy
  34. Seattle, WA Recycled Content Product Procurement
  35. Seattle, WA Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  36. Toronto, Ontario Environmentally Responsible Procurement Policy
  37. Ventura County, CA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy
  38. Washington County, MN Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy
  39. Whistler, British Columbia Sustainable Purchasing Policy

Colleges & Universities

  1. Arizona State University Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  2. Berea College, KY Green and Socially Responsible Purchasing
  3. Boston University, MA Green Purchasing
  4. Central Washington University Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  5. Cornell University, NY Environmentally Friendly/Green Purchasing Policy
  6. Cornell University, NY Green Purchasing Task Force
  7. Duke University, NC Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guidelines
  8. Georgia Institute of Technology Green Purchasing Policy
  9. Macalester College, MN Sustainability Procurement Policy
  10. Oberlin College, OH Green Purchasing Policy
  11. Princeton University, NJ Green Purchasing Practices
  12. Rutgers University, NJ Green Purchasing Policy and Guidelines
  13. Stanford University, CA Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  14. University of Buffalo, NY Environmentally Sound Products Procurement Policy
  15. University of California-Merced Green Purchasing Policies
  16. University of California-Santa Barbara Sustainable Purchasing Program
  17. University of Florida Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  18. University of Louisville, KY Green Purchasing Policy
  19. University of Michigan Green Purchasing Initiatives
  20. University of Winnipeg, Manitoba Green Procurement Policy
  21. Western Washington University Green Purchasing Policy
  22. Yale University, CT Statement on Sustainable Purchasing

School Districts

  1. Berkeley, CA Unified School District Green Procurement and Sustainable Procedures Policy

Capital Punishment

  1. Carrboro, NC Resolution Calling for a Moratorium on Executions
  2. El Paso County, TX Recommending a Moratorium on State Executions
  3. Marin County, CA Resolution Regarding a Moratorium on the Death Penalty
  4. Nashville, TN Resolution Regarding a Moratorium on Capital Punishment
  5. New York, NY Resolution Regarding a Moratorium on Capital Punishment
  6. Takoma Park, MD Calling for the Abolition of the Death Penalty in Maryland
  7. Tompkins County, NY Resolution Calling for Abolition of the Death Penalty

Civil Rights

Resource link: Bill of Rights Defense Committee

  1. Model: Protect Civil Liberties Resolution
  2. Arlington County, VA Expressing Concerns with Some Aspects of the US Patriot Act
  3. Ashland, OR Resolution to Protect Civil Liberties
  4. Austin, TX Commitment to the Protection of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  5. Avondale, AZ Affirming the Principles of Civil Liberties
  6. Boulder, CO Prohibition of Discrimination
  7. Cambridge, MA Reaffirms its Commitment as a Sanctuary City
  8. Carnegie Mellon University, PA Freedom of Expression Policy
  9. College of William and Mary, VA Know-Your-Rights Cards Act
  10. Davis, CA Opposition to the USA Patriot Act
  11. Duluth, MN Affirming the Civil Rights of All Residents
  12. Eureka Springs, AR In Opposition to the Loss of Constitutional Freedoms
  13. Evanston, IL Opposing Sections of the USA Patriot Act
  14. Fort Collins, CO Commitment to Civil Rights
  15. Hamilton, New Zealand Stand Against Library Censorship
  16. Kansas City, MO Civil Rights
  17. Kansas City, MO Expressing City's Commitment to Civil Rights and Liberties
  18. Milwaukee, WI Affirming the Protection of Citizens' Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  19. Mount Rainier, MD City Policy Regarding Federal Immigration Laws
  20. New York, NY Affirming Support for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  21. Oakland, CA Opposition to the USA Patriot Act and Related Executive Orders
  22. Olney, TX Anti-Racial Profiling Policy
  23. Olympia, WA Protecting Civil Liberties
  24. Orange County, NC Civil Rights
  25. Pasadena, CA Opposing Certain Aspects of the USA Patriot Act
  26. Pittsburgh, PA Expressing Concerns with Some Aspects of the US Patriot Act
  27. Porterville, CA Upholding Civil Liberties
  28. Portland, OR Addressing Racial Profiling
  29. Portland, OR Civil Rights
  30. San Francisco, CA Commemorating the Repeal of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act
  31. San Francisco, CA Immigrant Rights Commission Promoting an "INS Raid-Free Zone"
  32. San Francisco, CA Sanctuary Ordinance
  33. San Francisco, CA Small Business and Non-Discrimination Contracting
  34. Santa Cruz, CA Opposing Extension of the USA Patriot Act
  35. Seattle, WA Commitment to Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  36. Seattle, WA Demanding Our Rights with One Voice and Many Faces
  37. Seattle, WA Opposing Legislation Regarding Enforcement of Civil Immigration Laws
  38. Takoma Park, MD Rights of Non-U.S. Citizens
  39. Topeka, KS Declaring "Undoing Racism" Day
  40. Toronto, Ontario Action Plan for the Elimination of Racism and Discrimination
  41. University City, MO Commitment to Civil Liberties
  42. Whatcom County, WA Opposing Sections of the Patriot Act

Climate Policy


Related Resources / links:

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United Nations/Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

April 15, 2014

"Concluding four years of intense scientific collaboration by hundreds of authors from around the world, this report responds to the request of the world's governments for a comprehensive, objective and policy neutral assessment of the current scientific knowledge on mitigating climate change."

Cities & Counties


  1. Clarence, Australia Corporate Carbon Reduction Goals
  2. Dubbo, Australia Climate Protection Campaign
  3. Gold Coast City, Australia Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
  4. Melbourne, Australia Zero Net Emissions by 2020 Strategy


  1. Calgary, Alberta Climate Change Policy
  2. Edmonton, Alberta GHG Emissions Reduction Plan
  3. Regina, Saskatchewan Green Ribbon Community Climate Change Advisory Committee
  4. Toronto, Ontario Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
  5. Vancouver, British Columbia Climate Protection Action Plans

New Zealand

  1. Hamilton, New Zealand Local Climate Change Action Plan
  2. Wellington, New Zealand Climate Change Action Plan

United States

  1. U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  2. Alameda County, CA Establishing a County Climate Change Leadership Strategy
  3. Annapolis, MD Participation in Climate Protection Campaign
  4. Ashland, OR Resolution on Climate Protection
  5. Aspen, CO Adopts the Canary Initiative
  6. Arlington County, VA Climate Stabilization Declaration
  7. Atherton, CA Thinking Green Think Tank
  8. Austin, TX Efforts to Make Austin Leading City in Nation on Climate Change Policies
  9. Bellingham, WA Adopting Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets
  10. Bellingham, WA Endorses Climate Protection Program
  11. Binghamton, NY Endorses Climate Protection Agreement
  12. Blacksburg, VA Task Force on Climate Protection and Sustainability
  13. Bothell, WA Carbon Reduction and Independence Energy Plan
  14. Burlington, VT In Support of Litigation Against EPA Regarding Global Warming
  15. Cambridge, MA In Support of Science-Based Reductions of Our Global Warming Pollution
  16. Cambridge, MA Protection of the Stratospheric Ozone Layer
  17. Carbondale, CO Participation in the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
  18. Cincinnati, OH Climate Protection Action Plan
  19. Clallam County, WA Commitment to Address Global Warming
  20. Cocoa Beach, FL Urging Development of a State Global Warming Action Plan
  21. Colorado Association of Ski Towns Policy Statement Supporting Climate Action
  22. Contra Costa County, CA Resolution on Climate Stabilization Declaration
  23. Cook County, IL Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation Act
  24. Dallas, TX Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  25. Davis, CA Resolution Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  26. East Lansing, MI Climate Protection Resolution
  27. Edmonds, WA In Support of the Kyoto Protocol on Emissions
  28. Edmonds, WA Joining the ICLEI Cities for Climate Campaign
  29. Eugene, OR Water and Electric Board Climate Change Policy
  30. Eureka Springs, AR Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  31. Evanston, IL Climate Action Plan
  32. Fort Collins, CO Resolution to Join the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
  33. Fort Collins, CO Resolution to Reduce Local Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  34. Fort Collins, CO Updating the City's Climate Protection Plan
  35. Gaithersburg, MD Signs Climate Protection Agreement
  36. Grand Forks, ND "G3 Environmental Initiative"
  37. Hennepin County, MN 2050 Climate Stabilization Goals
  38. Homer, AK Climate Action Plan
  39. Jackson County, MO Climate Protection Planning Process
  40. Kansas City, MO Resolution on Climate Protection
  41. Kansas City, MO Undertaking a Climate Protection Planning Process
  42. Keene, NH Climate Resilient Communities Pilot Program
  43. Kirkland, WA Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  44. Las Vegas, NV Climate Protection Resolution
  45. Lemoore, CA Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  46. Lodi, CA Endorsing the CMUA Principles Addressing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals
  47. Los Angeles, CA Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Study for the City of Los Angeles [[1]]
  48. Lowell, MA Passes Energy Resolution Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  49. Marin County, CA Resolution on Climate Protection
  50. Miami, FL Adopting the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  51. Naples, FL Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  52. Nashville, TN Joining the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  53. Native Village of Gakona, AK Urging Congress and the President to Address Climate Change
  54. New Orleans, LA Resolution Urging Nationwide Mobilization of Renewable Energy Resources
  55. New York, NY Climate Protection Act
  56. New York, NY "PLANYC 2030" Climate Change Initiative
  57. Oakland, CA Climate Protection Resolution
  58. Olympia, WA Reduce Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  59. Palo Alto, CA Climate Protection Plan
  60. Pittsburg, CA Approve Membership in the ICLEI
  61. Pittsburgh, PA In Support of the Safe Climate Act of 2007
  62. Port Townsend, WA Addressing Climate Change/Global Warming
  63. Portland, OR and Multnomah County Global Warming Action Plan
  64. Salt Lake City, UT Climate Action Plan
  65. San Diego, CA Adding Cities for Climate Protection Campaign to City's Portfolio
  66. San Diego, CA Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  67. San Francisco, CA In Support of "SF Climate Challenge Day"
  68. San Francisco, CA Resolution Urging Nationwide Mobilization of Renewable Energy Resources
  69. San Juan County, WA Declaration on Climate Change
  70. San Mateo County, CA Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  71. Santa Cruz, CA Endorsing the Kyoto Protocol
  72. Santa Monica, CA Addresses Climate Change
  73. Santa Rosa, CA Establishing Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets
  74. Sarasota County, FL Joining the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
  75. Seattle, WA Goal of Zero Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  76. Seattle, WA Green Ribbon Commission on Climate Protection
  77. Seattle, WA Resolution Supporting Efforts to Curb Global Warming
  78. Silver City, NM Resolution to Implement a Citizens Advisory Committee on Climate Change
  79. Snohomish County, WA Regarding Climate Change and Sustainability
  80. Sonoma County, CA Climate Protection Action Plan
  81. Suffolk County, NY Carbon Cap Implementation Advisory Committee
  82. Sun Valley, ID Resolution Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  83. Tacoma, WA Resolution on Climate Change and Global Warming
  84. Taos, NM Endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  85. Tompkins County, NY Environmental Management Council Resolution
  86. Tompkins County, NY In Support of the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
  87. Whatcom County, WA Climate Protection Action Plan
  88. Worcester, MA Cities for Climate Protection Campaign Resolution

United Kingdom

  1. Cardiff, Wales Developing a Climate Change Action Plan
  2. Cornwall County, England Climate Change Strategic Framework
  3. Gloucestershire County, England Carbon Management Strategy and Implementation Plan

Colleges & Universities

United States

  1. Catawba College, NC Climate Commitment Committee
  2. College of William and Mary, VA President's Climate Commitment Act
  3. Colorado State University "Changing Climates" Program
  4. Cornell University, NY Kyoto Task Team
  5. Clark University, MA President Signs National Climate Commitment Pledge
  6. Eckerd College, FL Climate Commitment
  7. Johns Hopkins University, MD Climate Change Task Force
  8. Knox College, IL Commits to Talloires Declaration
  9. Lewis and Clark College, OR First Campus to Reach Kyoto Compliance
  10. Loras College, IA Commits to "Climate Neutral" Campus
  11. Middlebury College, VT Resolution on Achieving Carbon Neutrality
  12. Park University, MO Climate Commitment
  13. Rice University, TX Signs American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment
  14. Tufts University, MA Climate Initiative
  15. University of New Hampshire "New England Climate Initiative"
  16. UNC and Chapel Hill, NC World's First Town-Gown Agreement to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  17. Yale Univ., CT Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy


  1. Beltrami County, MN Communications Tower and Wind Energy Conversion System Ordinance
  2. Christchurch, New Zealand Computers In The Community Project
  3. Davis, CA Creation of a Telecommunications Commission
  4. Fenton, MI Support for "Wireless Genesee"
  5. Kansas City, MO Black Family Technology Awareness Week
  6. Lafayette, LA Provision of Affordable High-Speed Internet Services for All
  7. Michigan State University Web Accessibility Policy
  8. Nashville, TN Establishment of a Task Force on Telecommunications Innovation
  9. Nashville, TN Providing Voice Mail for the Homeless
  10. Nashville, TN Recognizing Wireless Safety Week
  11. New York, NY In Support of Net Neutrality
  12. Oakland, CA Enhancing the Ability of KTOP-TV to Provide Legislative Coverage
  13. Oakland County, MI "Wireless Oakland Network"
  14. San Francisco, CA Support of Non-Discriminatory Access to the Internet
  15. Seattle, WA Cable Customer Bill of Rights
  16. Seattle, WA Creating the Task Force on Telecommunications Innovation
  17. Ulster County, NY Encouraging the Use of "ICE" Telephone Numbers in Cell Phone Phonebooks
  18. University of California-Berkeley "e-Berkeley"

Corporate Accountability

  1. Arcata, CA Resolution on Corporate Personhood
  2. Belfast Township, PA restrict corporate farming
  3. Berkeley, CA Resolution on Corporate Rights
  4. Humboldt County, CA Measure T
  5. Nottingham, NH Water Rights and Self Government Ordinance
  6. Point Arena, CA Resolution on Corporate Personhood
  7. Porter Township, PA abolish corporate constitutional rights
  8. Rush Township, PA abolish corporate constitutional rights
  9. Southampton Township, PA restricting corporate rights

Culture - Art, Film and Music


  1. Alameda County, CA “2 Percent for Art” Ordinance
  2. Allegheny College, PA Arts and Environment Initiative
  3. Anacortes, WA Establishing an Arts Commission
  4. Ashland, OR Public Arts Commission Ordinance
  5. Cairns Regional Council, Australia Public Art Policy
  6. Carlsbad, CA Three-Part-Art Program
  7. Chattanooga, TN Public Art Plan
  8. Chicago, IL Public Art
  9. Christchurch, New Zealand Arts Policy and Strategy
  10. Dane County, WI Cultural Affairs Commission
  11. Durango, CO Establishing a Public Art Commission
  12. Edmonds, WA Actively Coming Together Through the Arts
  13. Fort Collins, CO Art in Public Places Program
  14. Fort Worth, TX Percent for Art
  15. Hollywood, FL Artwork Selection Committee
  16. Inglewood, CA Public Art for New Construction
  17. Kansas City, MO Arts and Cultural Tax Abatement Program
  18. Kelowna, British Columbia Public Art Committee
  19. Kildare County, Ireland Art in Health Programme
  20. Kilkenny County, Ireland Arts Strategy
  21. London, Ontario "The Creative City"
  22. Missoula, MT Establishing a Public Art Program
  23. Naples, FL Creating a Public Art Advisory Committee
  24. Nashville, TN Art and Domestic Violence
  25. Nashville, TN Public Art Ordinance
  26. Oakland, CA Public Art
  27. Olympia, WA Public Art
  28. Ottawa, Ontario Arts, Heritage and Culture Advisory Committee
  29. Perth, Australia Arts and Culture Policy
  30. Princeton University, NJ Passport to the Arts
  31. Raleigh, NC Interim Public Art Program
  32. Richmond, British Columbia Public Art Program
  33. Rome, NY Commission of the Arts
  34. Sammamish, WA Creating an Arts Commission
  35. San Luis Obispo, CA Adding Matching Funds to the City's Public Art Program
  36. San Mateo, CA Art in Public Places
  37. Santa Rosa, CA Creation of a Public Art Walk
  38. Syracuse, NY Public Art Ordinance
  39. Tulsa, OK Arts Commission
  40. University of Chicago, IL Arts Council
  41. Woodinville, WA Establishing a Public Art Advisory Committee
  42. Yonkers, NY Art Trucks Program


  1. Bellevue Community College, WA American Indian Film Festival
  2. Eckerd College, FL Environmental Film Festival
  3. Ithaca College, NY Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival


  1. Ithaca College, NY Bureau of Concerts
  2. Kerry County, Ireland Dialogue Through Tradition
  3. Rochester, MN Riverside Concerts
  4. Rockville, MD Rockville Chorus
  5. Seattle, WA Creating a Music and Youth Task Force

Disability Issues

Cities & Counties

  1. Anderson, SC Mayor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities
  2. Bloomington, IL Special Opportunities Available in Recreation (SOAR)
  3. Christchurch, New Zealand Equity and Access for People with Disabilities
  4. El Paso, TX Disability Anti-Discrimination
  5. Fort Collins, CO Practical Housing for All
  6. Hamilton, New Zealand Disability Strategy
  7. London, Ontario Facility Accessibility Design Standards
  8. Madison, WI Disability Non-Discrimination
  9. Manchester, NH "Access Manchester"
  10. Multnomah County, OR Supporting the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  11. Nashville, TN Disability
  12. Ottawa, Ontario Municipal Accessibility Plan
  13. San Francisco, CA Mayor's Office on Disability
  14. Santa Cruz, CA In Support of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  15. Sheboyagan, WI Disability
  16. St Louis, MO Adding Blindness to the Criteria of Parking for the Disabled
  17. Sydney, Australia Action Plan for People with Disabilities
  18. Tulsa, OK Commission on Concerns of Disabled
  19. Windsor, Ontario Accessibility Advisory Committee

Colleges & Universities

  1. McMasters University, Ontario Virtual and Community Disability Training and Research Network
  2. Michigan State University Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Fund
  3. University of California-Berkeley Campus Plan for Accommodating the Academic Needs of Students with Disabilities
  4. University of Minnesota UReturn Program
  5. University of New Mexico "In Their Shoes" Program
  6. University of Oregon Technology Access Program


Cities & Counties

  1. Bismarck, ND Creating a Human Relations Commission
  2. Broward County, FL Diversity Advisory Council
  3. Brown County, WI Diversity Circles
  4. Clark County, NV Diversity Mission Statement
  5. Columbia, MO "Let's Talk, Columbia!"
  6. Cornwall County, England Equality and Diversity Group
  7. Cupertino, CA Embracing the City's Demographic Diversity
  8. Federal Way, WA Diversity Commission 2007-2008 Business Plan
  9. Hamilton County, TN Diversity Policy
  10. Maricopa County, AZ Diversity Policy
  11. Nashville, TN Opposing a English-only Charter Amendment
  12. Snohomish County, WA Diversity Council
  13. Toronto, Ontario Vision Statement on Access, Equity and Diversity
  14. Vancouver, British Columbia Civic Policy on Multicultural Relations

Colleges & Universities

  1. Alfred University, NY "Drawn to Diversity" Program
  2. Bellevue Community College, WA Pluralism Compact
  3. Beloit College, WI Diversity Plan
  4. Bowling Green State University, OH Reaffirming Commitment to Diversity
  5. Bridgewater State College, MA Campus Climate Action Group
  6. Butler University, IN R.E.A.C.H.
  7. Carleton College, MN Diversity Initiative Group (DIG)
  8. Central Connecticut State University Faculty Senate Diversity Committee
  9. Colgate University, NY Diversity Council
  10. College of William and Mary, VA Statement on Diversity
  11. Colorado State University Diversity Plan
  12. Cuesta College, CA Resolution on Diversity
  13. Eastern Kentucky University Diversity Committee
  14. Ferris State University, MI Diversity Action Team
  15. Gonzaga University, WA I.M.P.A.C.T.
  16. Hamline University, MN Cultural Diversity Policy
  17. Hartwick College, NY Diversity Statement
  18. Hofstra University, NY Diversity Mission Statement
  19. John F. Kennedy University, CA Diversity Affairs Council
  20. Loyola College, MD Diversity Committee
  21. Michigan State University Statement on Diversity and Inclusion
  22. Quincy College, MA Policy on Racial Harassment
  23. Rutgers University, NJ Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes
  24. Seattle University, WA Statement on Diversity
  25. The Evergreen State College, WA Diversity Statement
  26. University of Alaska-Anchorage Diversity Action Council
  27. University of Canberra, Australia Equity and Diversity Advisory Group
  28. University of Colorado at Boulder Campus Diversity Plan
  29. University of Illinois "Inclusive Illinois"
  30. University of Missouri Commitment to Diversity
  31. University of Southern Maine Diversity Plan 2003 - 2005
  32. Western Washington University Diversity Action Plan
  33. York University, Ontario Policy Concerning Racism


Fair Trade

  1. AFSCME Fair Trade Resolution
  2. Amherst, MA Fair Trade Resolution
  3. Brattleboro, VT Fair Trade
  4. Cardiff, Wales World's First Fairtrade Capital
  5. Edinburgh, Scotland Fairtrade City Initiative
  6. Milwaukee, WI "A Fair Trade City"
  7. Milwaukee, WI Opposing Tax Breaks and Trade Agreements that Encourage U.S. Companies to Export Jobs Overseas
  8. New York, NY In Support of Fair-Trade Certified Coffee
  9. San Francisco, CA Maximizing Purchase of Fair Trade Certified Materials
  10. Taos, NM "A Fair Trade Town"

Green Funds

  1. Duke University, NC Green Grant Fund
  2. Edinburgh, Scotland Climate Challenge Fund
  3. Green Mountain College, VT Student Campus Greening Fund
  4. Hamilton, New Zealand Envirofund
  5. Harvard University, MA Green Campus Loan Fund
  6. Juneau, AK Establishing the Sustainability Fund
  7. Lake Forest College, IL Sustainable Campus Implementation Grants
  8. Macalester College, MN Clean Energy Revolving Fund
  9. Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK In Support of a Renewable Energy Fund
  10. Melbourne, Australia Sustainable Melbourne Fund
  11. Miami, FL Establishing a Greenspace Management Fund
  12. Rice University, TX Envision Grant
  13. Tasman District, New Zealand Zero Waste Funding
  14. Toronto, Ontario Atmospheric Fund (TAF)
  15. University of Maine Green Loan Fund
  16. University of Notre Dame, IN Ecofund
  17. Wellington, New Zealand Sustainable Energy Grants

Micro Loans

  1. Cowley County, KS Small Business Micro-Loan Guarantee Program
  2. Gardena, CA Micro Loan Program
  3. Litchfield Hills, CT Regional Micro-Loan Program
  4. Wilmington, DE Micro Loan Program

Economic Development

Cities & Counties

  1. Austin, TX Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Procurement Program
  2. Berkeley, CA Supporting Debt Cancellation for Impoverished Countries
  3. Carrboro, NC Awarding Building Construction Contracts to Minority Businesses
  4. Chesterfield County, VA Purchasing Diversity Initiative
  5. Cincinnati, OH Promoting Equal Opportunity and Economic Inclusion in Contracts
  6. Kansas City, MO Awarding Contracts to Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Businesses
  7. Kingston, Ontario Mayor's Task Force On Poverty
  8. Louisville, CO Declaring Itself a "City of One"
  9. Multnomah County, OR Support for Local Economy
  10. Nashville, TN Requesting Grant Funds for Programs to Increase Awareness of Poverty Issues
  11. Nashville, TN Requesting That TVA Not Pass Clean-Up Costs on to Ratepayers
  12. Ottawa, Ontario Poverty Issues Advisory Committee
  13. Savannah, GA Anti-Poverty Task Force
  14. Seattle, WA Concern for the Poor and Improvements to TANF
  15. Taos, NM Sliding Scale Fees for Taos Youth and Family Center
  16. Wilmington, DE Disadvantage Business Enterprise Certification Program

Colleges & Universities

  1. Berea College, KY Entrepreneurship for the Public Good
  2. Brown University, RI Corporate Responsibility in Investment Policies
  3. Colgate University, NY Hunger Outreach Program
  4. Earlham College, IN Socially Responsible Investment Policy

Predatory Lending

  1. Allegheny County, PA Condemning Predatory Lending Practices
  2. Euclid, OH In Support of Local Regulation of Predatory Lending
  3. Kansas City, MO Opposing Unscrupulous Lending and Home Improvement Practices
  4. Nashville, TN In Support of Legislation to Outlaw Predatory Lending Practices
  5. New York, NY Prohibiting City from Doing Business with Predatory Lenders
  6. Oakland, CA Anti-Predatory Lending Ordinance
  7. Philadelphia, PA Predatory Lending Task Force
  8. San Francisco, CA Calling on Federal Reserve to Take Action Against Predatory Lending Practices
  9. Seattle, WA Calling on Federal Reserve to Take Action Against Predatory Lending Practices
  10. Summit County, OH Supporting Fair and Justice Lending Practices of Payday Loan Establishments
  11. Worthington, OH Protect Consumers from Unfair Practices of Credit Card Industry


  1. Aberdeen, NJ Urging the Governor to Support a Moratorium on Revaluations
  2. Arcata, CA Resolution Supporting the "Tobin Tax"
  3. Bath, ME Municipal Resolution for Tax Reform
  4. Berkeley, CA Calling for an End to Tax Breaks for Millionaires
  5. Blue Mountains, Australia Environments Levy
  6. Chicago, IL Bottled Water Tax Ordinance
  7. Galway County, Ireland Plastic Shopping Levy
  8. Homer, AK Agricultural Free Enterprise Zone
  9. Miami, FL Earned Income Tax Credit Campaign
  10. Mifflin County, PA In Support of Tax Fairness
  11. Nashville, TN In Support of the Property Tax Freeze Act
  12. New York City, NY Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act
  13. Oakland, CA Adopting Procedures for Refunding Certain Utility Taxes to Service Users
  14. Summit County, OH Urging US Congress to Reject Privatization of Social Security
  15. Tucson, AZ Urging US Congress to Reject Privatization of Social Security


Cities & Counties

  1. Bridgeport, CT Local Scholarship Fund
  2. Chicago, IL Born Learning Initiative
  3. Hammond, IN Scholarship Program
  4. Kansas City, MO Scholarship Program for Low-Income Residents
  5. Miramar, FL Early Childhood Program
  6. Napa, CA Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program
  7. Nashville, TN Appointing a Community Education Task Force
  8. New York, NY Urging an End to the “School to Prison Pipeline"
  9. New York, NY Scholarship Program for City Workers
  10. Norfolk, VA Neighborhood University
  11. Plano, TX Live Green Volunteer Program
  12. Springfield, OR Environmental Education Program
  13. Tasman District, New Zealand Mature Persons Scholarships

Colleges & Universities

  1. Alverno College, WI Ability-Based Curriculum
  2. Bowdoin College, ME Eliminates Student Loans, Will Convert to Grants
  3. Clark University, MA Making a Difference (MAD) Scholarship
  4. Colby College, ME Environmental Literacy
  5. Colby College, ME Green Graduation
  6. College of the Ozarks, MO "Hard Work U."
  7. Colorado College Block Plan
  8. Cumberland University, TN Innovative Step to Help Students Cope with Energy Costs
  9. Davidson College, NC "The Davidson Trust"
  10. Hampshire College, MA Community Partnerships for Social Change
  11. Johns Hopkins University, MD Creates Baltimore Free University
  12. Lewis-Clark State College, ID In Support of the D.R.E.A.M. Act
  13. University of Missouri Promoting Pluralism and Academic Freedom
  14. University of Nebraska-Kearney Universal Instructional Design

School Districts

  1. Cambrian, CA School District Promoting Adequate, Equitable and Stable Special Education Funding
  2. Northshore School District, WA State Funding of Special Education Services
  3. San Francisco, CA Board of Education In Support of Adequate Education Funding
  4. Santa Monica-Malibu, CA Board of Education Opposing Insufficient Funding in the Governor's Budget

Elder Issues

  1. Beaverton, OR SAFE Program
  2. Clarence, Australia Positive Ageing Plan
  3. Marlborough District, New Zealand Positive Ageing Accord Action Plan
  4. Multnomah County, OR Task Force on Vital Aging
  5. Wellington, New Zealand Older Persons' Policy

Election System Reform

Campaign Finance Reform

  1. Agoura Hills, CA Campaign Reform
  2. Albany, CA Campaign Finance Reform
  3. Arcata, CA Consumer Price Index Adjustments to Campaign Contribution Limitations
  4. Arcata, CA Consumer Price Index Adjustments to Campaign Contribution Limitations 2008
  5. Benicia, CA In Support of Clean Money and Fair Elections
  6. Boulder, CO Public Campaign Financing
  7. Cleveland, OH Fair Campaign Finance Commission
  8. Kansas City, MO Limitation on Contributions for Mayor and Council Elections
  9. Kern County, CA Campaign Finance Reform
  10. Nashville, TN In Support of Open and Complete Financial Disclosure
  11. North Bend, WA Public Officials Public Disclosure
  12. Pacific Grove, CA Campaign Finance Regulations
  13. Portland, OR Voluntary Campaign Finance System for Particular City Races
  14. San Francisco, CA Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance
  15. Santa Barbara County, CA Voluntary Campaign Expenditure Ceiling
  16. Santa Cruz, CA Campaign Finance Reform
  17. Tompkins County, NY In Support of Public Financing of Campaigns
  18. Ulster County, NY Clean Money, Clean Election System

Misc. Electoral Reform

  1. Doylestown Township, PA Supporting Voter-Verified Paper Ballots
  2. Nashville, TN Develop Action Plan in Response to Voter Integrity Study
  3. Nashville, TN In Support of Voter Verified Paper Ballot Systems
  4. Santa Rosa, CA Endorsing a Campaign Reform Pledge
  5. Sarasota County, FL Voter-Verified Paper Ballots with Independent Random Audits

Voting Systems

  1. Ann Arbor, MI Preferential Voting for Mayor
  2. Ashland, OR Resolution in Support of IRV
  3. Basalt, CO Instant Runoff Voting for Mayor
  4. Berkeley, CA Instant Runoff Voting for City Elections
  5. Burlington, VT Instant Runoff Voting for Mayor
  6. Cambridge, MA proportional representation
  7. Cary, NC Instant Runoff Voting Pilot Program
  8. Davis, CA Instant Runoff Voting for City Council
  9. Ferndale, MI Instant Runoff Voting for Mayor and City Council
  10. Minneapolis, MN Approves Instant Runoff Voting for City Elections
  11. Nashville, TN Charter Amendment to Implement the "Instant Runoff" Method
  12. Oakland, CA Instant Runoff Voting for City Offices
  13. Pierce County, WA Instant Runoff Voting
  14. San Francisco, CA Instant Runoff Voting
  15. San Leandro, CA Instant Runoff Voting for Mayor and City Council
  16. Sarasota, FL Approves Instant Runoff Voting for City Commission Elections
  17. St. Paul, MN Instant Runoff Voting Charter Amendment
  18. Takoma Park, MD Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)
  19. Vancouver, WA Authorizing Use of Instant Runoff Voting

Energy Policy

Green Energy Initiatives

Cities & Counties

  1. Annapolis, MD Energy Efficiency Task Force Recommendations
  2. Asheville, NC Establishing Energy Goals and Benchmarks
  3. Berkeley, CA Designation as Automatic Aggregator of Electricity
  4. Boulder, CO Citizens Pass First Carbon Tax in Nation
  5. Brisbane, Australia In-Home Energy Monitor Rebate Program
  6. Burnaby, British Columbia City Energy Retrofit Program
  7. Carbondale, CO Energy and Climate Protection Plan
  8. Chicago, IL Energy Plan
  9. Cincinnati, OH Energy Management Pilot Project
  10. Guelph, Ontario Community Energy Plan
  11. Kingston, Ontario Electronic Energy Meter Program
  12. Melbourne, Australia Sustainable Lighting Action Plan 2005-2010
  13. Nashua, NH Green Team
  14. Nederland, CO Implementation of Energy Goals
  15. Plano, TX Energy Efficiency Rebate and Incentive Program
  16. Portland, OR Implementation of Recommendations from the Peak Oil Task Force
  17. Prince George, British Columbia Community Energy System
  18. Rapid City, SD Energy Conservation Policy
  19. San Diego, CA Regional Energy Plan
  20. San Francisco, CA Energy Independence Initiative
  21. San Francisco, CA In Support of Smart Grid Technology
  22. Taos, NM Adopting the EPA's Energy Star Challenge
  23. Teton County, WY 10 x 10 Energy Efficiency Initiative
  24. Tompkins County, NY In Support of a Federal Carbon Tax
  25. Toronto, Ontario Commercial Washer Rebate Program
  26. Toronto, Ontario E3@Work Program

Colleges & Universities

  1. Amherst College, MA Cogeneration Plant
  2. Carnegie Mellon University, PA "Sleep is Good" Initiative
  3. Connecticut College Light Bulb Exchange Program
  4. Delta College, MI Energy Conservation Measures
  5. Hartwick College, NY Energy Plan
  6. Hudson Valley Community College, NY Methane/Natural Gas Cogeneration Facility
  7. Longwood University, VA Energy Sustainability Initiatives
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative
  9. Princeton University, NJ Utilities Emissions Reduction Policies
  10. Texas A and M Energy Conservation Committee
  11. University of Alabama Energy Policy
  12. University of Alaska-Anchorage Energy Policy
  13. University of Buffalo, NY Sustainable Energy Plan

School Districts

  1. Chatham County School District, NC Energy Conservation and Management
  2. Round Rock Independent School District, TX Watt Watcher Program

Municipal Electricity

  1. Auburn, NY Voters Approve Municipal Power Ownership
  2. Six Iowa Communities Move on Municipal Electricity
  3. Rolfe and Wellman, IA Vote to Approve Municipal Electricity

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Programs

Cities & Counties

  1. Albuquerque, NM Renewable Energy Initiative
  2. Aspen, CO Renewable Energy
  3. Bainbridge Island, WA Promoting Renewable Energy
  4. Battle Creek, MI Renewable Energy Policy
  5. Bellingham, WA Taking a Leadership Role in Renewable Energy
  6. Benson, MN Establishing a Renewable Energy Center
  7. Berkeley, CA Renewable Energy
  8. Boulder County, CO Adopting a Sustainable Energy Path
  9. Columbia, MO Renewable Energy Standard
  10. Corvallis, OR "Corvallis Energy Challenge"
  11. Dallas, TX Energy Efficiency Measures
  12. Dubbo, Australia Green Power Program
  13. Fargo, ND Renewable Energy and Conservation Committee
  14. Las Vegas, NV Sustainable Energy Strategy
  15. London, Ontario Mayor's Sustainable Energy Council
  16. Madison, WI Taking a Leadership Role in Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  17. Marin County, CA Clean Energy
  18. Medford, MA Clean Energy Committee
  19. Middletown, CT Support for Connecticut "Clean Energy Community" Program
  20. Multnomah County, OR Authorizing Green Power Purchase
  21. Naperville, IL Renewable Energy Program
  22. Newark, DE Increasing the City's Purchases of Renewable Energy
  23. San Diego, CA Sustainable Energy Goals
  24. San Francisco, CA Renewable Energy Initiative
  25. Seattle, WA Green Up!
  26. Sedona, AZ In Support of Biomass Energy
  27. Suffolk County, NY Purchasing Power from Renewable Sources
  28. Taos, NM Commitment To Clean Energy
  29. Tompkins County, NY Recommend Adoption of a Renewable Energy Standard
  30. Toronto, Ontario Renewable Energy Program
  31. Whatcom County, WA Taking a Leadership Role in Sustainable Energy

Colleges & Universities

  1. Arizona State University Campus Energy Initiatives
  2. Austin Peay State Univ., TN Student Referendum on Campus Renewable Energy
  3. Colby College, ME "Green" Electricity Initiative
  4. College of the Atlantic, ME Carbon Net-Zero Proclamation
  5. Connecticut College Renewable Energy Policy
  6. Duke University, NC Green Power Challenge
  7. Harvard University, MA Renewable Energy Policy
  8. St. Lawrence University, NY Renewable Energy Initiative
  9. University of Colorado at Boulder Student Energy Resolution
  10. University of North Carolina Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee
  11. West Chester University, PA Geothermal Energy
  12. Western Washington University 100% Green Power

Hydrogen-Based Energy

  1. Columbia, SC Intent on Becoming a Leader in Fuel Cell Technology (2006)
  2. Columbia, SC Promoting the Use of Fuel Cells (2007)
  3. Fairbanks, AK Urging Development of Hydrogen Fuel
  4. Fort Collins, CO Establishing a Policy to Implement Hydrogen-Related Projects in City
  5. New York, NY In Support of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
  6. Santa Clara County, CA Fuel Cell Advancement Initiative
  7. University of California-San Diego Fuel Cell Power Plant

Solar Energy

  1. Appalachian State University, NC Photovoltaic System
  2. Boston, MA Establishes "Solar Boston"
  3. Brisbane, Australia Solar Hot Water Rebate Program
  4. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Solar Strategy
  5. Kelowna, British Columbia Solar Powered Lighting Project
  6. Los Angeles, CA Dept of Water and Power Rooftop Solar Incentive
  7. Madison, WI MadiSUN Program
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Community Solar Power Initiative
  9. Marin County, CA Solar Rebate Program
  10. Mill Valley, CA Fee Waivers for Solar Energy Systems
  11. Richmond, CA In Support of Solar Energy
  12. Sacramento, CA to buy Solar Energy from Customers
  13. Santa Anna, CA No Fee Solar Permits
  14. Seattle University, WA Solar Power Project
  15. Sunnyvale, CA Solar Heating Code
  16. Tompkins County, NY Recommend Photovoltaic Energy System for New Library

Wind Energy

  1. Cambridge, MA In Support of Small Wind Energy Installations within the City
  2. Carnegie Mellon University, PA Wind Energy Policy
  3. Cowley County, KS Concerning Wind Energy Facilities
  4. Hereford, TX Supporting Designation of Competitive Renewable Energy Zones in the Texas Panhandle
  5. Dover, DE In Support of Contract to Construct Wind Energy Turbines
  6. Duluth, MN Wind Energy Conversion System at Duluth Central High School
  7. Las Vegas, NV Small Wind Utility Ordinance
  8. Northbrook, IL Wind-Generated Energy Purchases
  9. Otter Tail County, MN Support for a Wind Project
  10. Polk County, WI Small Wind Energy Systems Ordinance
  11. Rowan University, NJ Wind Energy Purchases
  12. Takoma Park, MD Purchase of Wind Generated Electricity
  13. Tompkins County, NY In Support of Wind Energy Project
  14. Tompkins County, NY Recommending Model Utility Scale Wind Tower Ordinance
  15. Ulster County, NY Purchase And Use Of Renewable Wind Energy
  16. Whitman College, WA Increases Purchases of Wind Energy

Farm-Related Policies

  1. Oglala Sioux Tribe (SD) Ordinance on the Growing of Industrial Hemp

Cities & Counties

  1. Model: Right to Farm Ordinance from Massachusetts
  2. Ashtabula County, OH Soil And Water Conservation District Farmland Preservation Executive Summary
  3. Bernards Township, NJ Farmland Preservation Resolution
  4. Davis, CA Right to Farm & Farmland Preservation Ordinance
  5. Jefferson County, NY Right to Farm Law
  6. Larimer County, CO Right to Farm Resolution
  7. Livermore, CA Right to Farm Ordinance
  8. Maharishi Vedic City, IA Establishing an Organic City
  9. Mt. Pleasant, MI Resolution on Farmland Preservation Program
  10. New Castle County, DE Buy From Your Neighbor Program
  11. Oak Park, IL Farmers' Market
  12. San Francisco, CA Urging Against the Purchase of Eggs Produced by Caged Hens
  13. Takoma Park, MD Opposing Confinement of Egg-Laying Hens in Battery Cages
  14. Takoma Park, MD Opposing Force Feeding Ducks and Geese for Foie Gras
  15. Ventura County, CA Right to Farm Ordinance
  16. Walworth County, WI Comprehensive Land Use and Farmland Preservation Ordinance
  17. Washington Township, MO Farmland Protection
  18. West Hollywood, CA Opposing Abusive Farming Practice Regarding Egg-Laying Hens
  19. Woodbury County, IA "Organics Conversion" Policy

Colleges & Universities

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology Campus Supported Agriculture Program
  2. Green Mountain College, VT Farm and Food Project
  3. Luther College, IA Student Garden
  4. Prescott College, AZ Community Supported Agriculture Program
  5. The Evergreen State College, WA Organic Farm
  6. University of Waterloo (Canada) "UW Farm Market"

Food-Related Policies

Cities & Counties

  1. Dallas. TX Requires Local Food in Farmer's Markets
  2. Hennepin County, MN Food Protection Ordinance
  3. Maharishi Vedic City, IA Banning of the Sale of Non-Organic Food
  4. Nashville, TN In Support of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Healthier Children Program
  5. Oakland, CA Local Food Policy Plan
  6. Portland, OR Food Policy Council
  7. San Francisco, CA Endorsing the "Healthy Purchase Pilot Program"
  8. Seattle, WA Resolution on Strengthening the City's Food System Sustainability and Security
  9. Toronto, Ontario Food and Hunger Action Committee
  10. Toronto, Ontario Food Policy Council
  11. Vancouver, British Columbia Food Charter
  12. Woodbury County, IA "Local Food Purchase" Policy

Colleges & Universities

  1. Alfred University, NY "Trayless Initiative"
  2. Allegheny College, PA Local Foods Network
  3. Arizona State University "Serving Sustainability to Sun Devils"
  4. Ball State University, IN Green Practices in Dining
  5. Bates College, ME Local Food Initiative
  6. Berea College, KY Local Food Initiative
  7. Bowdoin College, ME Dining Service Environmental Commitments
  8. Carnegie Mellon University, PA "Go for Green" Vending
  9. Colby College, ME Green Dining Initiatives
  10. College of the Atlantic, ME Farm to Food
  11. Duke University, NC Ad Hoc Green Dining Committee
  12. Emory University, GA Sustainable Food Initiative
  13. Georgia Institute of Technology Sustainable Food Committee
  14. Grand Valley State University, MI Sustainability Efforts
  15. Grinnell College, IA Local Foods Purchasing Policy
  16. Hartwick College, NY Sustainable Food Services Policies
  17. Kansas State University Farm-to-Fork Program
  18. Lehigh University, PA Sustainable Dining
  19. Maharishi University of Management, IA All Organic, Vegetarian Meals
  20. Montana State University "Montana Made" Program
  21. Princeton University, NJ Sustainable Dining
  22. St. Lawrence University, NY Sustainable Food Systems
  23. St. Louis University, MO Campus Kitchens Program
  24. Skidmore College, NY Sustainable Food Initiatives
  25. Stanford University, CA Sustainable Dining
  26. Texas A and M Sustainable Dining
  27. University of California-Berkeley First Campus to Receive Organic Certification
  28. University of Kansas "Better Bites"
  29. University of Kentucky Sustainable Dining
  30. University of Minnesota Sustainable Dining
  31. University of Montana Farm to College Program
  32. University of Northern Iowa Local Food Project
  33. University of Texas Sustainable Food Committee
  34. Western Washington University Sustainable Dining
  35. Yale University, CT Sustainable Food Project

School Districts

  1. Anchorage School District, AK Vending Machines to Offer Healthy Choices
  2. Berkeley, CA School District Organic and Local Food
  3. Berkeley, CA School Board Resolution Against Irradiated Meat
  4. Edmonds School District, WA Distribution and Sales of Competitive Foods
  5. Horry County, SC School Board Policy on "Competitive Foods"
  6. Los Angeles, CA School Board Resolution Prohibiting The Use of Irradiated Food
  7. Oyster River Cooperative School District, NH Competitive Foods and Vending Machines
  8. Richland County School District One, SC Healthy and Nutritious School Environment
  9. San Francisco, CA Unified School District Wellness Policy
  10. Seattle, WA School Board Policy on “Competitive Foods” (Junk Food)
  11. Unity Charter School, NJ School Lunch Program
  12. Vista, CA Unified School District Healthy Vending
  13. Washington, DC School Board Resolution Prohibiting the Use of Irradiated Food

Genetic Engineering

Model Legislation

  1. Model: Banning Genetically Engineered Food Ordinance
  2. Model: Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods Resolution

Cities & Counties

  1. Amherst, MA Resolution on a Legislative Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Foods & Crops
  2. Ann Arbor, MI Genetic Engineering in Food and Agriculture
  3. Arcata, CA Ordinance to Regulate Genetically Engineered Organisms
  4. Berkeley, CA Opposing Efforts to Impede Local Governments from Regulating GE Plants and Food
  5. Boulder, CO Bans Genetically Engineered Crops from City-Owned Land
  6. Brooklin, ME Votes to be GMO-Free Zone
  7. Charlemont, MA Resolution on a Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Crops
  8. Cleveland, OH Resolution Concerning the Labeling of Genetically Manipulated Foods
  9. Lake County, CA Use of Genetically Modified Crops or Plants
  10. Maui County, HI Supporting a Moratorium on Genetically-Engineered Taro
  11. Mendocino County, CA Bans Genetically Altered Crops and Animals
  12. Minneapolis, MN City Council Passes Strong Anti-GE Pro-Organic Food Resolution
  13. Montville, ME Genetically Modified Organisms Ordinance
  14. Point Arena, CA Genetically Modified Organisms Ordinance
  15. San Francisco, CA Board Passes Anti-GE Food Resolution
  16. San Luis Obispo County, CA Failed Initiative to Prohibit the Growing of Genetically Engineered Organisms
  17. Santa Cruz, CA Ordinance Establishing a Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Crops
  18. Santa Fe County, NM Declaration of Seed Sovereignty
  19. St. Paul, MN City Council Passes Resolution on Genetically Engineered Food
  20. Sonoma County, CA Ordinance to Prevent Agricultural and Environmental Contamination from GE Organisms
  21. Trinity County, CA Ordinance on Genetically Engineered Organisms

Green Business

  1. Boulder County, CO Partners for a Clean Environment
  2. Chilliwack, British Columbia Green Business Award
  3. Kent County, DE Green Table Program
  4. Kirkland, WA Green Business Program
  5. Marin County, CA Green Business Program
  6. Marion County, OR EarthWISE Business Assistance Program
  7. Orlando, FL Green Business Program
  8. Ottawa, Ontario Green Partnership Program
  9. Sacramento County, CA Sustainable Business Program
  10. Salt Lake City, UT e2 Business Program
  11. San Diego County, CA Green Business Program
  12. San Francisco, CA Green Business Program
  13. San Francisco, CA Municipal Code Pertaining to Green Business Program
  14. San Mateo County, CA Green Business Program
  15. Tompkins County, NY ReBusiness Partnership Program


  1. Adelphi University, NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program
  2. Albany County, NY Phase Out of Trans Fat
  3. Berkeley, CA "Stop Cancer Where It Starts"
  4. Berkeley, CA Needle Exchange Distribution Program
  5. Burlington, VT In Support of Universal Health Care
  6. Clark College, WA "Healthy Penguin Nation" Initiative
  7. Cook County, IL Prescription Drug Discount Card
  8. Cranbrook, British Columbia Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Warning Signs
  9. Denver, CO Cover the Uninsured Week
  10. Delta State University, MS Breast Education and Early-Detection Project
  11. Ithaca, NY Health Alliance
  12. Johnson and Wales University, RI Removing Trans Fats from Student Dining
  13. King County, WA Promoting Healthy Eating and Active Living
  14. Liberty Lake, WA Supporting Basic Health Care Needs
  15. Los Angeles, CA School Board Resolution on Obesity Prevention
  16. Montgomery County, MD Board of Health Restriction on Trans Fat Use in Eating and Drinking Establishments
  17. Multnomah County, OR Educating the Public About Artificial Trans Fat
  18. Multnomah County, OR Health Equity Initiative
  19. Multnomah County, OR Health Reserve Corps
  20. Nashville, TN Declaring Diabetes Day
  21. Nashville, TN Delivery of Services for Minority Individuals Affected and Infected with HIV/AIDS
  22. Nashville, TN In Support of the “Divided We Fail” Effort
  23. Nassau County, NY Ordinance Pertaining to Artificial Trans Fats
  24. North Royalton, OH Recognizing World AIDS Day (2007)
  25. Oakland, CA In Support of Universal Health Care
  26. Oakland, CA Recognizing Critical Public Health Crisis with Regards to the AIDS Epidemic
  27. Oklahoma City, OK "This City is Going On A Diet" Initiative
  28. Richmond, CA In Support of Universal Health Care
  29. Rochester, MN Early Defibrillation Program
  30. San Francisco, CA Health Care Accountability
  31. San Francisco, CA In Support of "It's OUR Healthcare" Principles
  32. San Francisco, CA Proclaiming a "Soda Free Summer"
  33. Seattle, WA Regarding Canadian Prescription Drugs for City Employees
  34. Ulster County, NY In Support of Universal Health Care
  35. Yolo County, CA In Support of Breastfeeding
  36. Yolo County, CA Recognizing World AIDS Day


Affordable Housing

  1. Bellevue, WA Affordable Housing
  2. Chicago, IL Affordable Housing Plan
  3. Clay County, IA Establishing a Local Housing Trust Fund
  4. Contra Costa County, CA Affordable Housing
  5. Denver, CO Affordable Housing
  6. Douglas County, CO Proclaiming Affordable Housing Week
  7. East Fishkill, NY Affordable Housing
  8. Kirkland, WA Affordable Housing
  9. Laois County, Ireland Affordable Housing Scheme
  10. Larimer County, CO Affordable Housing
  11. Miami, FL Green Affordable Housing
  12. Monterey, CA Resolution on Affordable Housing
  13. Perth, Australia Affordable Housing
  14. Portland, OR Affordable Housing
  15. Redmond, WA Affordable Housing
  16. Richmond, British Columbia Affordable Housing Reserve Fund
  17. Sacramento County, CA Affordable Housing
  18. San Diego, CA Affordable Housing
  19. San Juan County, WA Real Estate Excise Tax for Affordable Housing
  20. San Mateo, CA Below Market Inclusionary Program
  21. Santa Fe, NM Affordable Housing Roundtable
  22. St. Louis, MO Affordable Housing
  23. Seattle, WA Establishing an Affordable Housing Alliance
  24. Teton County, WY Affordable Housing
  25. Toronto, Ontario Action Plan for Affordable Housing

Fair Housing

  1. Ashland, OR Fair Housing
  2. Austin, TX Equal Employment/Fair Housing
  3. Beavercreek, OH Fair Housing
  4. Bethlehem, PA Fair Housing
  5. Howard County, IN Fair Housing
  6. Kenosha, WI Fair Housing
  7. Sedona, AZ Fair Housing
  8. Silver City, NM Fair Housing
  9. Springfield, OH Fair Housing
  10. Stevens County, MN Fair Housing
  11. Whatcom County, WA In Support of Fair Housing


  1. Euclid, OH Creating the Euclid Foreclosure Prevention Committee
  2. Hennepin County, MN Three-Month Moratorium on Foreclosures
  3. Kansas City, MO Urging Congress to Protect Homeowners from Foreclosure
  4. Lancaster, PA In Support of the "Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2007"
  5. Philadelphia, PA Moratorium on Residential Foreclosure Sales
  6. Richmond, CA Requesting a Voluntary Six-Month Moratorium on Foreclosures
  7. Warrensville Heights, OH Requesting a Moratorium on Home Foreclosures

Misc. Housing Issues

  1. Bellingham, WA Tax Exemptions For Multi-Family Housing
  2. Brown University, RI Brown to Brown Home Ownership Program
  3. Fremont, CA Housing Scholarship Program
  4. Portland, OR Alternative Design Density Overlay Zone
  5. Madison, WI Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) Program
  6. Montgomery County, MD Moderately Priced Dwelling Units
  7. Olympia, WA Multi-Family Dwelling Tax Exemption
  8. Port Townsend, WA Development Charge Deferrals for Low-Income Housing
  9. Sarasota, FL Downtown Density Bonus and Attainable Housing Policy
  10. Sarasota County, FL Establishing the Community Housing Fund Program
  11. Vancouver, WA Accessory Dwelling Units

Human Rights


  1. AFSCME Resolution Opposing Sweatshops

Cities & Counties

  1. Albany County, NY Resolution Against Child Labor and Sweatshops
  2. Allegheny County, PA Sweatshop Ordinance
  3. Austin, TX Anti-Sweatshop Ordinance
  4. Brookline, MA Anti-Sweatshop Resolution
  5. Broome County, NY Resolution Against Child Labor and Sweatshops
  6. Kansas City, MO Declaring a Holiday Season of Conscience in Kansas City
  7. Los Angeles, CA Anti-Sweatshop Ordinance
  8. Lucas County, OH SweatFree Procurement Policy Resolution
  9. Madison, WI Anti-Sweatshop Apparel Procurement Policy
  10. New York, NY Calling Upon Congress Not to Contract with Sweatshops
  11. North Olmstead, OH Resolution Concerning Sweatshops
  12. Olympia, WA Purchase of Clothing and Footwear from Responsible and Ethical Contractors
  13. Pittsburgh, PA Authorizing a Full Audit of Compliance with Anti-Sweatshop Ordinance
  14. Pittsburgh, PA Proclamation Toward the Elimination of Sweatshops
  15. Portland, OR Sweatshop Free Procurement Policy
  16. San Francisco, CA Sweatfree Contracting
  17. Suffolk County, NY Requiring Full Disclosure on Working Conditions

Colleges & Universities

  1. American University, DC Workplace Conduct Advisory Team
  2. Appalachian State University, NC Apparel Sourcing and Monitoring Practices
  3. Boston College, MA Anti-Sweatshop Policy
  4. Carnegie Mellon, PA University Code of Workplace Conduct for Trademark Licensees
  5. Central Connecticut State University Anti-Sweatshop Resolution
  6. Columbia Univ., NY Affiliation with the Fair Labor Association
  7. Grinnell College, IA Apparel Purchasing Policy
  8. Indiana University Anti-Sweatshop Advisory Committee
  9. Macalester College, MN Apparel Purchasing Code of Conduct
  10. Miami University, OH Joins Workers Rights Consortium
  11. Oberlin College, OH Sweatshop-Free Apparel Code of Purchasing
  12. Seattle University, WA Anti-Sweatshop Policy
  13. University of Michigan Anti-Sweatshop/Human Rights Policy
  14. University of Montana Affiliating with the Workers Rights Consortium
  15. York University, Ontario Code of Conduct for Licensees

Protection and Expansion of Rights

  1. Alexandria, VA Human Rights
  2. Arlington County, VA Human Rights
  3. Bozeman, MT Supporting the Diversity of the Community
  4. Burlington, VT Calling for the Suspension of School of the Americas
  5. Cavan County, Ireland RAPID Programme
  6. Champaign, IL Human Rights
  7. Columbus, IN Human Rights and Discrimination
  8. Cook County, IL Human Rights
  9. Des Moines, IA Human Rights
  10. Fargo, ND "Stuff the Bus" Campaign
  11. Indianapolis, IN Human Relations and Equal Opportunity
  12. Laramie, WY Bias Crime Reporting
  13. Marquette University, WI Closing the School of Americas
  14. Michigan City, IN Human Rights
  15. Nashville, TN In Support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals
  16. New York, NY Expressing Profound Regret for Slavery
  17. New York, NY Recognizing Human Trafficking as a Crime
  18. Oakland, CA Resolution on Public Retirement Funds Being Invested In Companies Doing Business with Sudan
  19. Philadelphia, PA Sets Day In Support of Torture Victims
  20. Richland, WA Human Rights
  21. San Francisco, CA Condemning Chevron for Its Business Practices
  22. San Francisco, CA Denouncing Coup de Etat in Honduras
  23. San Francisco, CA Denouncing Federal Immigration Raids
  24. San Miguel County, CO Supporting the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  25. Spokane, WA Human Rights
  26. St. Cloud, MN Human Rights Ordinance
  27. St. Paul, MN Human Rights
  28. Takoma Park, MD Free Burma Act
  29. Takoma Park, MD Supporting Human Rights and Democratic Freedom in Ethiopia
  30. Toronto, Ontario Human Rights and Anti-Harassment Policy
  31. Tulsa, OK Human Rights
  32. University of California-Berkeley In Support of STOP the Traffick
  33. Urbana, IL Human Rights
  34. Westminster College, MO "ONE Project"
  35. York University, Ontario Policy on Hate Propaganda


  1. Adelphi University, NY Policy on Hazing
  2. Bowdoin College, ME Hazing Policy
  3. Brooklyn Center Schools, MN Hazing Prohibition Policy
  4. Columbia School District, MO Hazing and Bullying Policy
  5. Drury University, MO Anti-Hazing Policy
  6. Falmouth Public Schools, MA Hazing Policy
  7. Gallaudet University, DC Hazing Policy
  8. Hamline University, MN Hazing Policy
  9. Londonderry School District, NH Hazing Policy
  10. Marshall University, WV Hazing and Discrimination Policy
  11. Monroe County School District, WV Anti-Hazing Policy
  12. Pittsburg State University, KS Hazing and Pre-Initiation Activities Policy
  13. South Royalton School District, VT Hazing Policy
  14. Stanford University, CA Hazing Policy
  15. University of Arizona Hazing Policy
  16. University of Maryland-Baltimore County Hazing Policy
  17. University of North Carolina-Charlotte Hazing Policy
  18. West Virginia Wesleyan College Policy on Hazing


  1. Denver, CO 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness
  2. Fort Collins, CO Emergency Severe Weather Day Shelter for the Homeless
  3. Jefferson County, CO Declaring "HOPE" Week
  4. Raleigh, NC Ending Homelessness -- The 10 Year Plan
  5. Guilford County, NC Partnering to End Chronic Homelessness
  6. San Francisco, CA Local Homeless Coordinating Board
  7. Seattle, WA "A Roof Over Every Bed in King County"
  8. Whatcom County, WA Adoption of a 10-Year Homeless Housing Plan
  9. Woodinville, WA Endorsing King County 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness
  10. Yakima County, WA Homeless Network Plan


  1. Digital Citizen
  2. Digital Rights
  3. Disinformation - Online - Dangerous
  4. Fact Checking
  5. Fact Checking and Embedded Links
  6. GreenLinks
  7. Green Marketing
  8. Internet of Things and Intelligent Energy Efficiency
  9. Mobile Internet
  10. Online Privacy
  11. Privacy on the Net-Online Rights
  12. Strategic Policy-Internet Online Rights
  13. Virtual Private Network
  14. Wikipedia, Wikimedia, MediaWiki, and wiki
  15. World Wide Web

Labor Issues

  1. Burien, WA Promoting the Use of Apprentices in Public Works Projects
  2. Edmonds, WA Promoting the Use of Apprentices in Public Works Projects
  3. Elk Valley Rancheria Tribal Council, CA Gaming Employment Rights
  4. Itasca, IL Joint Prevailing Wage Resolution
  5. Kansas City, MO Equal Pay Day
  6. Multnomah County, OR Support for Organizing and Collective Bargaining
  7. Nashville, TN In Support of the Employee Free Choice Act
  8. Nashville, TN Opposing Legislation Regarding Preemption of Living and Prevailing Wages
  9. Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Resolution on the Right of Immigrant Workers to Organize
  10. San Francisco, CA Paid Sick Leave
  11. San Francisco, CA Urging State University System to Hire for Greater Workforce Diversity
  12. San Jose, CA Prevailing Wage Policy
  13. Santa Cruz, CA In Support of Food and Commercial Workers in Contract Negotiations
  14. Seattle, WA In Support the Employee Free Choice Act of 2007
  15. Stanford University, CA Living Wage Policy for Contractors
  16. Stockbridge-Munsee (WI) Tribal Law on Prevailing Wages
  17. Toronto, Ontario Fair Wage Policy
  18. University of Montana in Support of Forward Montana's Just Wages for UM Janitors

Land Use

Community Gardens

Cities & Counties

  1. Albany, CA Recognition of Ocean View Community Garden
  2. Anchorage, AK GardenPlots Policy
  3. Auckland, New Zealand Community Gardens Policy
  4. Boise, ID Community Garden Policy
  5. Davis, CA Community Garden Policies
  6. Des Moines, IA Pertaining to Right-of-Way and Community Gardens
  7. Nashville, TN Interim Policy on Community Gardens
  8. Northampton, MA Community Garden
  9. Palo Alto, CA Community Gardens
  10. Portland, OR Conduct an Urban Agricultural Inventory
  11. Saanich, British Columbia Community Gardens Policy
  12. Seattle, WA Community Gardens Program
  13. Toronto, Ontario Children's Garden Program
  14. Toronto, Ontario Community Gardens Program
  15. Vancouver, British Columbia Community Gardens Policy
  16. Woollahra, Australia Municipal Council Draft on Community Gardens Policy

Colleges & Universities

  1. Boston College, MA Sustainability Garden
  2. College of the Atlantic, ME Community Organic Garden
  3. College of William and Mary, VA Campus Gardens Act
  4. Dickinson College, PA Student Garden Program
  5. Iowa State University Community Garden Plots
  6. Lawrence University, WI Sustainable University Gardens
  7. Rice University, TX Community Gardens
  8. The Evergreen State College, WA Community Gardens

Misc. Land Use

  1. Adelaide, Australia Sustainable Landscapes Incentives Program
  2. Albuquerque, NM Land Use Facilitation Program
  3. Bellingham, WA Greenway Advisory Committee
  4. Broward County, FL Beach Glass Project
  5. Marion County, OR Native Plant Program for Roadside & Construction Site Reclamation
  6. Montpelier, VT Conservation Fund
  7. Montreal, Quebec Natural Habitats Protection
  8. Nashville, TN Encouraging Planting of Trees Along Interstates
  9. Northland College, WI Land Stewardship Program
  10. Ocean County, NJ Dune Protection
  11. Ottawa, Ontario Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee
  12. Richmond, British Columbia Environmentally Sensitive Area Adoption
  13. St. Cloud, MN Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  14. Sedona, AZ Supporting Citizen Initiative "Conserving Arizona's Future"
  15. Washington Township, MO Cluster Housing

Open Space Preservation

  1. Asheville, NC Revising Open Space Requirements
  2. Auckland, New Zealand Open Space Framework
  3. Boston, MA Open Space Plan
  4. Camden, England Protection of Open Space Designations
  5. Cary, NC Open Space and Historic Resources Plan
  6. Cherry Hills Village, CO In Support of Open Space
  7. Dunn, WI Land Use Planning and Open Space Preservation
  8. Gold Coast City, Australia Open Space Preservation Program
  9. Melbourne, Australia Growing Green Environmental Sustainability Plan
  10. Newport, RI Open Space District
  11. San Juan Capistrano, CA Open Space Committee
  12. Seattle, WA Endorsing the Work of Open Space Seattle 2100
  13. Sheffield, England Green and Open Space Strategy
  14. Spokane County, WA Conservation Futures Program
  15. Westminster, CO Open Space Program

Smart Growth Policies

  1. Austin, TX Smart Growth Initiative
  2. Blue Earth County, MN Creating a Greenprint for Tomorrow
  3. Carlsbad, CA Livable Communities
  4. Dane County, WI Better Urban Infill Development Program
  5. Manchester, VT Community Vision
  6. Montgomery County, PA Green Fields/Green Towns Program
  7. Poulsbo, WA Adopts Smart Growth Goals
  8. San Francisco, CA Livable Communities
  9. San Francisco Bay Area, CA Smart Growth Strategy/Regional Livability Footprint Project
  10. Suffolk County, NY Smart Growth Policy Implementation
  11. Vancouver, British Columbia EcoDensity Charter
  12. Yellowknife, NW Territories Smart Growth Development Plan Committee

Legislation Sources

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender

  1. American University, DC Safe Space Sticker Program
  2. Cornell College, IA Gender Identity and Gender Expression
  3. Gulf Islands School District (Canada) Pro-Active Diversity Policy
  4. Illinois Federation of Teachers Resolution in Support of Civil Marriage
  5. Long Beach, CA In Support of Marriage Equality for Same Sex Couples
  6. Marshall University, WV LGBT Outreach Office
  7. Mount Rainier, MD In Support of Same-Sex Marriage
  8. New York, NY In Support of the Uniting American Families Act
  9. Oakland, CA Resolution in Support of Civil Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
  10. San Francisco, CA Commending the Latino Transgender Community
  11. San Francisco, CA Condemning Iran for Executing Gay and Lesbian Iranians
  12. San Francisco, CA Urging Federal Legislation to Include Gender Identity Protections
  13. Santa Rosa, CA Supporting Civil Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
  14. Seattle, WA Commission for Sexual Minorities
  15. Seattle, WA Resolution on Developing Effective Options for Resolving Discrimination in City Employment
  16. Seattle School District, WA GLBTQ Advisory Committee
  17. Takoma Park, MD Resolution in Support of Same Sex Marriage
  18. University of Maine GLBT Allies Council
  19. University of New Hampshire President's Commission on the Status of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues
  20. University of Vermont Commission of LGBT Equity

Living Wage

Includes entries focused on Living Wages and Minimum Wages

  1. Allen Park, MI Living Wage
  2. Alexandria, VA Living Wage
  3. Atlanta, GA Living Wage
  4. Austin, TX Living Wage
  5. Berkeley, CA Living Wage
  6. Bloomington, IN Living Wage
  7. Bozeman, MT Living Wage
  8. Buffalo, NY Living Wage
  9. Cambridge, MA Living Wage
  10. Corvallis, OR Living Wage
  11. Dade County, FL Living Wage
  12. Denver, CO Living Wage
  13. Irvine, CA Living Wage Requirements
  14. Lawrence Township, NJ Council Large Retail Living Wage and Benefits
  15. Lincoln, NE Living Wage
  16. Madison, WI Living Wage
  17. Marin County, CA Living Wage
  18. Minneapolis, MN Living Wage
  19. Oakland, CA Living Wage
  20. Richmond, CA Living Wage
  21. San Diego, CA Living Wage
  22. San Francisco, CA Minimum Compensation Living Wage
  23. San Francisco, CA Minimum Wage Initiative
  24. San Jose, CA Living Wage Policy
  25. Santa Barbara, CA Living Wage
  26. Santa Cruz, CA Ordinance Pertaining to the Payment of a Living Wage
  27. Santa Fe, NM Living Wage
  28. Santa Monica, CA Living Wage
  29. Suffolk County, NY Living Wage
  30. University of Florida Livable Wage Policy
  31. Washtenaw County, MI Living Wage


  1. Ann Arbor, MI Medicinal Marijuana Initiative
  2. Berkeley, CA Marijuana Ordinance
  3. Breckenridge, CO Medicinal Marijuana Initiative
  4. Burlington, VT Medicinal Marijuana
  5. Fresno, CA Definitions and Standards for Medical Marijuana
  6. Oakland, CA Resolution in Respect of Safe and Affordable Access to Medical Cannabis
  7. San Francisco, CA Condemning Prosecution of Medical Marijuana by Federal Government
  8. San Francisco, CA Urging Medical Cannabis Dispensaries to Better Serve Low and No Income Patients
  9. Traverse City, MI Marijuana Decriminalization

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

  1. Albuquerque, NM Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
  2. Bellevue, WA Neighborhood Mediation Program
  3. Boulder, CO Children, Youth and Family Mediation
  4. Clackamas County, OR Dispute Resolution Center
  5. Fort Collins, CO Community Mediation Program
  6. Nashville, TN Establishing an Annual Mediation Day
  7. Olathe, KS Community Mediation Program
  8. Rockville, MD Community Mediation Program
  9. Tigard, OR Mediation Program
  10. Vancouver, WA Community Mediation Services

Nuclear Free

  1. Allegany County, NY in Regards to Labeling of Depleted Uranium Shipments
  2. Arcata, CA Nuclear Weapons Free Zone and Peace Commission
  3. Berkeley, CA Nuclear Free Berkeley Act
  4. Burlington, VT Nuclear Disarmament Day
  5. Canada Bay, Australia Nuclear Free Zone
  6. Davis, CA Resolution To Ban the use of Depleted Uranium
  7. East Windsor, CT Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance
  8. Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association (SD) Resolution Opposing Uranium Mining
  9. Hayward, CA Establishing a Nuclear Free Hayward
  10. Lane County, OR Nuclear Free Zone
  11. Las Vegas, NV In Support Of the Elimination Of Nuclear Weapons
  12. Las Vegas, NV Prohibition Against the Transport of High-Level Nuclear Waste
  13. Missoula County, MT Nuclear Free Zone
  14. Olympia, WA Resolution Calling for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
  15. Portland, OR Calling on President Bush to End Radioactive Waste Shipments Through Portland
  16. Santa Cruz, CA Nuclear Free Zone
  17. Seattle, WA In Support of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
  18. Seattle, WA Opposing the Restart of the Fast Flux Test Facility at Hanford
  19. Subiaco, Australia Nuclear Free Zone
  20. Takoma Park, MD Adding Transportation of Radioactive Materials to Nuclear Free Zone Act
  21. Takoma Park, MD Nuclear Free Zone Act
  22. The Dalles, OR Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance
  23. Timbisha Shoshone Tribe, CA Yucca Mt. High Level Nuclear Waste Site Sustainability
  24. Toronto, Ontario Abolish Nuclear Weapons Day

Participatory Governance

Citizen Academies

  1. Allentown, PA "Inside Allentown"
  2. Apache Junction, AZ Citizen Leadership Institute
  3. Bay County, FL Citizens' Academy
  4. Bettendorf, IA City Citizen Academy: Bettendorf 101
  5. Carlsbad, CA Citizens' Academy
  6. Chandler, AZ City Services Academy
  7. Chula Vista, CA Citizen's Leadership Academy
  8. Edmonton, Alberta Planning Academy
  9. Estes Park, CO Citizen's Information Academy (CIA)
  10. Manhattan, KS Citizens' Academy
  11. Raleigh, NC Citizens' Participation Leadership Institute
  12. Reno, NV Citizens Institute
  13. South Jordan, UT South Jordan University
  14. Springfield, MO Municipal Government Academy
  15. Toronto, Ontario Environmental Volunteer Program
  16. Washoe County, NV Leadership Academy

Citizen Review Boards

  1. Albany, NY Citizens' Police Review Board
  2. Atlanta, GA Citizen Review Board
  3. Denver, CO Citizen Oversight Board
  4. Iowa City, IA Police Citizen's Review Board
  5. Key West, FL Citizen Review Board
  6. Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department Citizen Review Board
  7. Pittsburgh, PA Citizen Police Review Board
  8. Salem, OR Community Police Review Board
  9. Salt Lake City, UT Police Civilian Review Board
  10. San Diego County, CA Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board
  11. Tucson, AZ Citizen Police Advisory Review Board


  1. Clackamas County, OR Committee for Citizen Involvement
  2. College of the Atlantic, ME Participatory Governance
  3. King County, WA Enhancing Citizen Participation in County Government
  4. Lehman Alternative Community School, NY Student Governance
  5. Marlboro College, VT Community Government
  6. Multnomah County, OR Citizen Involvement Committee
  7. Perth, Australia Community Participation Policy
  8. Seattle, WA Neighborhood Matching Fund Program

Participatory Budgeting

Educational Information:Introduction and information on participatory budgeting
  1. Canada: 4 Examples of Participatory Budgeting
  2. Prince William County, VA Strategic-Based Budget Process

Peace and Nonviolence


  1. Corvallis, OR in Support of Establishing a U.S. Department of Peace and Non-Violence
  2. Denver, CO Stop the Violence Day
  3. Kalamazoo, MI In Support of the U.S. Department of Peace Legislation
  4. Kansas City, MO Honoring the Hip Hop Community for Their Efforts to Stop Violence
  5. New York, NY In Support of the Ratings System for the Sale of Violent Video Games
  6. San Jose, CA In Support of a Federal Department of Peace and Nonviolence
  7. University of Montana Condemning the Use of "Taser" Guns

Peace Initiatives

Resource link: Cities for Peace

  1. Cavan County, Ireland Peace III Programme

Pertaining to Iran

  1. Model: Opposing War on Iran Resolution
  2. Bellingham, WA Resolution Opposing Intervention in Iran
  3. Oakland, CA Resolution Opposing War with Iran
  4. Santa Cruz, CA Opposing Preemptive Military Action Against Iran

Pertaining to Iraq

  1. AFSCME Local 2627 Anti-war Resolution
  2. AFSCME Local 1000 Troop Withdrawal
  3. AFT Local 4909 Resolution To Promote Activities To End The U.S. Occupation In Iraq
  4. Alameda, CA Iraq Resolution
  5. Arcata, CA Calling for the Immediate Withdrawal of Troops from Afghanistan and Iraq
  6. Baltimore, MD Calling for a National Withdrawal from Iraq
  7. Berkeley, CA Anti-War Resolution
  8. Berkeley, CA Peace and Justice Commission on Becoming a Sanctuary for Conscientious Objectors
  9. Binghamton, NY Bring the Troops Home
  10. Burlington, VT Opposing Unilateral United States' Military Action Against Iraq
  11. Chicago, IL Urging a Cessation of Combat Operations in Iraq
  12. Corvallis, OR Bring the Troops Home
  13. Davis, CA Bring Our Troops Home
  14. Evanston, IL Urging the Return of US Troops from Iraq
  15. Fairbanks, AK Resolution Calling on Rumsfeld to Resign
  16. Fairfax, CA Opposes Iraq War
  17. Gary, IN Urges Immediate Troop Withdrawal
  18. Landsdowne, PA Bring the Troops Home
  19. Los Angeles, CA Against Iraq War
  20. Maplewood, NJ Bring the Troops Home
  21. Massachusetts 130 Townships Call for Troop Withdrawal
  22. Missoula, MT Referendum Sent to Voters on War in Iraq
  23. Oakland, CA Resolution Against the War
  24. Olympia, WA Bring the Troops Home
  25. Philadelphia, PA Bring the Troops Home
  26. Port Townsend, WA Bring the Troops Home
  27. Portland, OR Bring the Troops Home
  28. Sacramento, CA Calls for Withdrawal from Iraq
  29. San Francisco Unified School District, CA Military Counter Recruitment
  30. San Francisco, CA Anti-War Initiative
  31. Santa Barbara, CA Resolution Against the War
  32. Santa Cruz, CA Calls to Withdraw Calif National Guard
  33. Santa Monica, CA Resolution Against a Preemptive Military Strike
  34. South Charleston, WV for Immediate Withdrawal
  35. United Autoworkers Local 393 Cut Off Funding for the Iraq War
  36. Vermont Iraq War Resolutions in 50 Towns
  37. Wisconsin Iraq withdrawal initiatives

Recycling & Waste Diversion


  1. Bellingham School District, WA Food Plus!/Food to Flowers!
  2. Cornell University, NY Agricultural Composting Program
  3. Cornell University, NY Food Scrap Composting Program
  4. Fremont, CA Food Scrap Recycling
  5. Harvard University, MA "46 Blackstone" Pilot Program
  6. Hartwick College, NY Composting Initiative
  7. Humboldt State University, CA Compost Program
  8. Rodney District, New Zealand "Create Your Own Eden" Program
  9. St. Olaf College, MN "The College Composter"
  10. Santa Cruz County, CA Food Scrap Compost Program
  11. Seattle University, WA Pre-Consumer Food Waste Program
  12. Stanford University, CA Composting Program
  13. University of California-Santa Cruz Slug Compost Program
  14. University of Iowa Food Waste Composting Pilot Program
  15. University of Missouri-Kansas City Organic Composting Program
  16. University of Oregon Food Services Composting Program
  17. Washington State University Compost Facility
  18. Westerville City Schools, OH "Grounds to Ground Composting Project"

Food Packaging

  1. Berkeley, CA Polystyrene Foam, Degradable and Recyclable Food Packaging
  2. Calabasas, CA Banning the Use of Polystyrene for Food Packaging
  3. Capitola, CA Environmentally Acceptable Packaging Materials
  4. Eckerd College, FL Reusable To-Go Container System
  5. Freeport, ME Styrofoam
  6. Malibu, CA Polystyrene
  7. Oakland, CA Green Food Packaging
  8. Santa Cruz, CA Environmentally Acceptable Food Packaging
  9. Santa Cruz County, CA Polystyrene
  10. Santa Monica, CA Bans Non-Recyclable Plastic Disposable Food Containers
  11. Sonoma County, CA Polystyrene Ordinance
  12. St. Paul, MN Plastic Packaging
  13. Sunnyvale, CA Ban on Chlorofluorocarbon-Processed Food Packaging

Recycling Programs

Cities & Counties

  1. Alamance County, NC Recycling
  2. Alexandria, VA Recycling
  3. Athens-Clarke County, GA Recycling for All Policy
  4. Belgrade, ME Recycling
  5. Berkeley, CA Prohibition on Recyclable Poaching
  6. Bethel Township, PA Recycling Ordinance
  7. Binghamton, NY Recycling Enhancement Program
  8. Buffalo, NY Recycling
  9. Burrville, RI Recycling
  10. Cape Town, South Africa Integrated Waste Exchange
  11. Cass County, MN Materials Exchange Program
  12. Chattanooga, TN "Recycle Right"
  13. Collier County, FL Recycling
  14. Contra Costa County, CA Recycling
  15. Cottage Grove, WI Recycling
  16. Davenport, IA Curbside Recycling Program
  17. Denver, CO Recycling
  18. Douglas County, WI Recycling
  19. Durban, South Africa Waste Minimisation and Recycling
  20. Durham, NC Recycling
  21. Erie, PA Single Stream Recycling Program
  22. Farmington, NM Residential Curbside Recycling
  23. Fort Collins, CO Waste Diversion Policy
  24. Gainesville, FL Mandatory Commercial Recycling
  25. Grafton, WI Recycling
  26. Grand Forks, British Columbia Landfill Ban
  27. Hamilton, Ontario Green Cart Program
  28. Hennepin County, MN Solid Waste Source Separation
  29. Honolulu, HI Recycling
  30. Kitsap County, WA Prevention of Waste in County Government
  31. Las Vegas, NV Using Recycled Materials in City Operations
  32. Lisbon, ME Recycling
  33. Litchfield, ME Recycling
  34. Marin County, CA Recycling Requirements for Construction and Demolition Debris
  35. McHenry County, IL Recycling
  36. Mecklenburg County, NC Source Separation Ordinance
  37. Meredith, NH Recycling
  38. Monroe County, NY Recycling
  39. Morro Bay, CA Waste Diversion Policy
  40. Multnomah County, OR Recycling Goals
  41. Oakland, CA Excess Litter Fee
  42. Pittsfield, WI Recycling
  43. Portland, OR Recycling
  44. Presque Isle, WI Recycling
  45. Rusk County, WI Recycling
  46. Santa Barbara County, CA School Recycling Program
  47. Santa Anna, CA Recycling Programs
  48. St Croix County, WI Recycling
  49. Surrey, British Columbia Source Separation of Recyclable Materials
  50. Tasman District, New Zealand Recycling in Public Places Initiative
  51. Toronto, Ontario 3Rs Working Group
  52. Verona, WI Recycling
  53. Warwick, RI Pilot Recycling Program Involving Area Schools
  54. Wayne County, NC Recycling
  55. York, NY Recycling

Targeted Recycling Campaigns

  1. Aberdeen, Scotland "Fantastic it's not Plastic" Campaign
  2. Amherst, MA Bottle Battle Campaign
  3. Austin, TX Reducing the Use of Plastic Bags
  4. Chandler, AZ Bicycle Recycling Program
  5. Fort Collins, CO Bicycle Recycling Program
  6. Kilkenny County, Ireland Adopt - a – Bottle Bank Scheme 2009
  7. Las Vegas, NV CELEBRATE Employee Program
  8. Maricopa County, AZ Waste Tire Recycling Program
  9. Mission, KS Reusable Shopping Bags Program
  10. Multnomah County, OR Cellular Phone Recycling Program
  11. Oakland, CA Bring Your Own Bag Campaign!
  12. St Louis, MO Disposal and Recycling of Cellular Phones
  13. San Juan Capistano, CA Curbside Plastic Bag Recycling
  14. Taos, NM Recycling of Obsolete Computer Monitors and Printers
  15. Toronto, Ontario Packaging Reduction Policies
  16. Ulster County, NY Urging the Legislature To Update New York's Bottle Bill
  17. Vernon, British Columbia Enviro Bag Initiative
  18. Westminster, CO Grocery Bag Campaign
  19. Washington County, MN Purchase of Recycled Content Paint
  20. Whatcom County, WA Recycling of Electronics and Mercury-Containing Products

Colleges & Universities

  1. Berea College, KY Recycling Program
  2. Bowdoin College, ME Annual Give & Go Sale
  3. Bowling Green State University, OH Recycling Program
  4. Calvin College, MI Dining Services Go Green
  5. Carnegie Mellon University, PA Recycling Policy
  6. Central Connecticut State University Recycling Program
  7. Colby College, ME Recycling Program
  8. Colorado State University Recycling and Waste Minimization Policy
  9. Connecticut College Reduction of Paper Use Policy
  10. Duke University, NC Waste Management Strategy
  11. Eckerd College, FL Student-Run Recycling Program
  12. Fairmont State University, WV Waste Stream Cost Analysis Project
  13. Florida State University Football Recycling Program
  14. Gettysburg College, PA Recycling Program
  15. Grand Valley State University, MI Recycling Program
  16. Hofstra University, NY Recycling Program
  17. Illinois State University Recycling Program
  18. Jamestown College, ND Increased Funding for Recycling
  19. Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Working Green"
  20. Michigan State University "Be Spartan Green"
  21. Rowan University, NJ Recycling Program
  22. St. Lawrence University, NY Reuse Initiative
  23. Texas A and M University Big Belly Solar Compactor and Plastics Recycling
  24. Trinity College of Ireland Recycling and Environment Committee
  25. University of Buffalo, NY Campus Recycling Policy
  26. University of California-Los Angeles Recycling Program
  27. University of California-Santa Barbara Commingled Recycling
  28. University of Georgia Food Services Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Policy
  29. University of Idaho Bulk Business Mail Sustainability Initiative
  30. University of Michigan Recycling and Waste Reduction Program
  31. Western Washington University Student-Run Recycling Program

School Districts

  1. Anchorage School District, AK Mixed Paper Recycling Program
  2. Antioch Unified School District, CA Recycling Resolution
  3. Eastern Lebanon County School District, PA Toner Cartridge Recycling Program
  4. Mars Area School District, PA Recycling Program
  5. New Albany Plain Local School District, OH Recycling Programs
  6. Peninsula School District, WA Deskside Recycling Program
  7. Penn-Delco School District, PA Paper Recycling Program
  8. Rabun County Schools, GA Recycling Program

Zero Waste

  1. Model: Zero Waste Resolution
  2. Apple Valley, CA Zero Waste Long-Term Goal
  3. Austin, TX Zero Waste Plan
  4. Berkeley, CA Solid Waste Management Commission Becomes Zero Waste Commission
  5. Boone, NC Zero Waste Plan
  6. Boulder, CO Declaring a Zero Waste Community
  7. Boulder County, CO Supporting the Creation of a Zero Waste Plan
  8. Carrboro, NC Creation of a Zero Waste Plan
  9. Eckerd College, FL Zero Waste Campaign 2008
  10. Fairfax, CA Adoption of Zero Waste as a Goal
  11. Fresno, CA Zero Waste Strategic Action Plan
  12. Logan County, OH Adopting a Zero Waste Philosophy
  13. Los Angeles, CA Zero Waste Plan
  14. Nelson, British Columbia Zero Waste Action Plan
  15. Oakland, CA Zero Waste Strategic Plan
  16. Olympia, WA Zero Waste Master Plan
  17. Palo Alto, CA Zero Waste Operational Plan
  18. San Jose, CA Zero Waste Plan
  19. San Francisco, CA Commission on the Environment Zero Waste Goal
  20. Santa Cruz, CA Encouraging a Zero Waste Long-Term Goal
  21. Santa Monica, CA Zero Waste Farmers' Market
  22. Seattle, WA Zero Waste Goals
  23. The Evergreen State College, WA Commitment to Zero Waste
  24. University of California-Davis Zero Waste Program
  25. Vancouver, British Columbia Zero Waste Challenge

(Public) Smoking

Cities & Counties

  1. Abilene, TX Smoking Restrictions Ordinance
  2. Alice Springs, Australia Smoking in the Workplace Policy
  3. Anchorage, AK Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places Ordinance
  4. Blue Springs, MO Smoking Limitations Within the City
  5. Boulder County, CO Prohibiting Smoking in Public Places
  6. Burnaby, British Columbia Smoking Regulations
  7. Calabasas, CA Regulating Second-Hand Smoke in Multi-Family Rental Housing
  8. Charleston, SC Smoke-Free Ordinance
  9. Chicago, IL Clean Indoor Air Ordinance
  10. Clay County, MN Smoke-free Policy
  11. Clemson, SC Smoking Regulations in Public Buildings and Vehicles
  12. Decatur, AL Smoke-Free Ordinance
  13. Denver, CO Right to Breathe in a Smoke-Free Environment
  14. Eau Claire, WI Smoking Prohibited in Inside Restaurants
  15. Eau Claire, WI Smoking Prohibited -- Amended 2008
  16. Golden, CO Smoking in Public Places
  17. Gwinnett County, GA Clean Indoor Air Ordinance
  18. Hattiesburg, MS Anti-Smoking Ordinance
  19. Hawaii County, HI Prohibition of Smoking in Certain Places
  20. Hennepin County, MN Smoke-Free Ordinance
  21. Juneau, AK Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places
  22. Lake County, MN Smoke-Free Ordinance
  23. Laramie, WY Smoking in Public Places
  24. Lenexa, KS Smoke-Free Workplaces and Public Places
  25. Louisville, KY Smoke Free Ordinance
  26. Mesa, AZ Healthier Smokefree Environments
  27. Monongalia County, WV Prohibiting Smoking in County Buildings
  28. Multnomah County, OR Smoke-Free Work and Public Places
  29. Newton, KS Clean Air Ordinance
  30. Ottawa, Ontario Smoke-free - Public Place
  31. Ottawa, Ontario Smoke-free - Workplace
  32. Overland Park, KS Smoking Ordinance
  33. Ramsey County, MN Smoke-Free Restaurant Ordinance
  34. Riverside County, CA Smoking on County Property
  35. Riverton, UT Smoke Free Environments
  36. Santa Fe, NM Smoke Free Ordinance
  37. Taos, NM Prohibiting Smoking in Any Indoor Workplace
  38. Vanderburgh County, IN Smoke Free Ordinance
  39. Windsor, Ontario Prohibition on Smoking in City
  40. Woodstock, Ontario Smoke Free Workplaces and Public Places

Colleges & Universities

  1. Ball State University, IN Smoke-Free Campus
  2. Boston College, MA University Smoking Policy
  3. Catholic University of America, DC Smoke-Free Policy
  4. Delta State University, MS Tobacco Free Environment
  5. Johns Hopkins University, MD Smoke-Free Policy
  6. Miami University, OH Smoke-Free Environment
  7. University of Buffalo, NY Campus Smoke-Free Policy
  8. University of California-San Francisco Smoke-Free Workplace
  9. Washtenaw Community College, MI Smoke-Free Campus Policy

School Districts

  1. Santa Barbara School District, CA Tobacco-Free Schools

Sustainability Policies

Buildings & Design

Cities & Counties

  1. Ada County, ID Green Building Standards
  2. Alameda County, CA County Buildings must be LEED Certified
  3. Alameda County, CA Green Building Ordinance
  4. American Society of Civil Engineers - The Role of the Civil Engineer in Sustainable Development
  5. Anacortes, WA Promoting the Use of LEED Standards in Construction
  6. Arlington, MA Requires Silver LEED Rating for All New Construction and Renovations
  7. Asheville, NC Adopting LEED Standards
  8. Atlanta, GA LEED Building Design
  9. Austin, TX Zero Energy Capable Homes
  10. Bellingham, WA Promoting Use of LEED Standards in Construction
  11. Boise, ID Green Building Standards in City Owned Buildings
  12. Brisbane, CA Green Building Requirements
  13. California Communities Stringent Green Building Policies
  14. Chandler, AZ Adopting the Green Building Program
  15. Chicago, IL Green Homes Program
  16. Chicago, IL Green Roof Grants Program
  17. Charlottesville, VA City Hall and Police Building Green Roof Project
  18. Durham, NC Green Building Practices
  19. Edmonds, WA Establishing a Sustainable Building Policy
  20. Farmington, NM Striving for Silver Leadership for LEEDS Standards
  21. Fayetteville, AR Energy Efficient Building Policy Resolution
  22. Fort Collins, CO Establishing a "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" Goal
  23. Fort Collins, CO Integrated Design Assistance Program
  24. Houston, TX Green Building Standards
  25. Issaquah, WA Zero Energy Demonstration Project
  26. Kansas City, MO Commitment to Sustainable Public Buildings
  27. Kent, Ohio Green Construction Standards for New City Buildings
  28. Kingston, Ontario Green Building Policy
  29. Kirkland, WA Green Building Program
  30. Lake County, FL Green Building Standards
  31. Las Vegas, NV Adopting a Green Building Program
  32. Little Rock, AR Sustainable Practices for City-Owned Buildings
  33. Long Beach, CA Green Building Policy for Municipal Buildings
  34. Los Angeles, CA Green Building Ordinance
  35. Madison, WI Requiring New City Buildings to Be Certified as Green Buildings
  36. Marin County, CA Energy Efficiency Standards for Dwellings
  37. Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK In Support of a Sustainable Building Policy
  38. Melbourne, Australia Building Improvement Partnership Program
  39. Monte Sereno, CA Green Building Program
  40. Multnomah County, OR Green Building Policy
  41. Nashville, TN Green Permit Task Force
  42. Nashville, TN Implementing Recommendations of Green Permit Task Force
  43. New York, NY LEED Building Design
  44. Northbrook, IL Green Build Incentive Program
  45. Oakland, CA Green Building Requirements
  46. Ottawa, Ontario Green Building Policies
  47. Petaluma, CA "Build It Green" Program
  48. Pima County, AZ Become the 1st Government Provider of LEED Certification Services
  49. Plano, TX LEED Policy
  50. Portland, OR Green Building Policy
  51. Rohnert Park, CA Adopting Green Building Compliance Thresholds
  52. St Louis, MO Sustainable Building Ordinance
  53. San Diego, CA Sustainable Building Policy
  54. San Jose, CA Green Building
  55. San Mateo County, CA Sustainable Building Policy
  56. Santa Cruz, CA Green Building Working Group
  57. Santa Rosa, CA Accepting the Green Building Implementation Plan
  58. Santa Rosa, CA Creation of a Green Building Policy - Council Advisory Committee
  59. Sarasota County, FL Clean Energy Building Standards
  60. Sarasota County, FL Green Building Standards
  61. Scottsdale, AZ Green Building Program
  62. Seattle, WA Green Building Task Force
  63. Seattle, WA Sustainable Building Policy
  64. Syracuse, NY Developing a Sustainable Building Policy
  65. Taos, NM Requesting Grant to Create a Sustainable Building Ordinance
  66. Toronto, Ontario Declaring "Green Construction Week"
  67. Toronto, Ontario Green Roof Pilot Program
  68. Ukiah, CA Green Building Program
  69. Ulster County, NY High Performance Green Building Standards

Colleges & Universities

  1. Berea College, KY Ecological Design
  2. Boston University, MA Green Construction
  3. Carnegie Mellon University, PA Living Roofs
  4. Colorado State University Green Construction
  5. Connecticut College Green Building Policy
  6. Drury University, MO Sustainable Habitat for Humanity
  7. Duke University, NC Green Design Standards
  8. Eckerd College, FL Sustainable Residence Halls
  9. Georgia Institute of Technology Sustainable Buildings Policy
  10. Grinnell College, IA Environmentally Responsible Building Guidelines
  11. Macalester College, MN EcoHouse
  12. Rice University, TX Green Roofs Policy
  13. Rice University, TX Sustainable Facilities Policy
  14. Stanford University, CA Green Dorm
  15. University of California-San Diego Sustainable Building Program
  16. Utah State University Resolution in Support of LEED Standards

School Districts

  1. Burbank Unified School District, CA Sustainable Design Standards
  2. Chartwell School, CA Green Campus Features
  3. Los Angeles School District, CA High Performance Schools
  4. Poudre School District, CO Ethic of Sustainability

Sustainability Initiatives

Cities & Counties

  1. Austin, TX Sustainable Communities Initiative
  2. Bellingham, WA Endorses the Earth Charter
  3. Brisbane, Australia Sustainability Policy
  4. Burlington, VT Sustainability
  5. Chatham County, NC Environmental Leadership Policy
  6. Chattanooga, TN Sustainability Plan
  7. Charlottesville, VA Citizens Committee on Environmental Sustainability
  8. Chicago, IL Chicago Conservation Corps (C3)
  9. Clackamas County, OR Resolution on Sustainability
  10. Columbus, OH Mayor's Green Team
  11. Cornwall County, England Sustainable Development Plan
  12. Dallas, TX Launches ""
  13. Darwin, Australia Environmental Policy
  14. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Road Map to Sustainability
  15. Denver, CO "Greenprint Denver"
  16. Dubbo, Australia "A Living Initiative for a Vibrant Environment"
  17. Durham, NC Creating a Sustainability Coordinator Position
  18. Durham, NC Endorsing the Urban Environmental Accords
  19. Durham, NC Environmental Affairs Board
  20. Edmonds, WA Addressing Environmental Principles and Policies
  21. Edmonton, Alberta Environmental Policy
  22. El Dorado County, CA Environmental Vision
  23. Flagstaff, AZ Sustainability Commission
  24. Fort Collins, CO Action Plan for Sustainability
  25. Golden, CO Community Sustainability Advisory Board
  26. Greensboro, NC Green Initiatives
  27. Hamilton, New Zealand Environmental Sustainability Strategy
  28. Hamilton, New Zealand "Know it?... Live it!" Programme
  29. Honolulu, HI "21st Century Ahupua'a"
  30. Hoover, AL Environmental Management Efforts
  31. Howard County, MD Commission on the Environment and Sustainability
  32. Kansas City, MO Academy for Sustainable Communities
  33. Kansas City, MO Adding Sustainability Criteria to Fact Sheets
  34. Kansas City, MO Implementation of the Sustainable Skylines Initiative
  35. Kansas City, MO Strategy to Become America’s Green Region
  36. Kingston, Ontario Environmental Advisory Forum
  37. La Crosse County, WI Sustainability Vision
  38. Lake Oswego, OR Sustainable City Vision and Guiding Principles
  39. Larimer County, CO Environmental Responsibility Policy
  40. Lethbridge, Alberta "Towards a Sustainable Future"
  41. Londonderry, NH Eco-Industrial Park
  42. Madison, WI Adopting the Natural Step Model for Eco-Municipalities
  43. Martin County, FL Vision for Sustainability
  44. Mecklenburg County, NC Environmental Leadership Policy
  45. Mercer Island, WA Creation of a City-Wide Carbon Footprint
  46. Miami, FL Green Commission
  47. Morgan Hill, CA Environmental Agenda
  48. Multnomah County, OR Sustainable Development Commission
  49. Nashville, TN Creation of a Green Jobs Corps
  50. Nelson, New Zealand Sustainability Policy
  51. New Pattonsburg, MO Charter of Sustainability
  52. Oakland, CA Sustainable Community Development Initiative
  53. Olympia, WA Sustainable City Initiative
  54. Orange County, NC Sustainability Committee
  55. Orlando, FL "Green Works Orlando"
  56. Pima County, AZ Adopting a Sustainable Action Plan
  57. Raleigh, NC Environmental Awards Program
  58. Rock Hill, SC Environmental Education
  59. Rossland, British Columbia "Visions to Action"
  60. St. Joseph County, MI Sustainability Council
  61. Salt Lake City, UT e2 Citizen Program
  62. San Jose, CA Green Vision
  63. San Juan Capistrano, CA Sustainability Charter
  64. Santa Monica, CA Sustainable City Program
  65. Sarasota County, FL Strategic Actions to Promote Sustainability
  66. Starkville, MS Sustainability and LEEDS Policy
  67. Steele County, Minn -- Green Source 2020
  68. Sydney, Australia Environmental Management Plan
  69. Sydney, Australia Sustainable Sydney 2030
  70. Tacoma, WA Creating an Office of Sustainability
  71. Takoma Park, MD Establishing the Committee of the Environment as a Statutory Committee
  72. Taos, NM Resolution on Sustainability
  73. Tasman District, New Zealand Environmentally Friendly Practices Awards
  74. Thurston County, WA Sustainability Policy
  75. Toronto, Ontario Green Toronto Awards
  76. Toronto, Ontario Sustainability Framework
  77. Tucson, AZ "Livable Tucson"
  78. Vancouver, British Columbia Livable Region Strategic Plan
  79. Whitehorse, Yukon Integrated Community Sustainability Plan
  80. Winter Park, FL Becoming a "Green Local Government
  81. Wood Dale, IL Endorsing the Greenest Region Compact

Colleges & Universities

  1. Alaska Pacific University Sustainability Committee
  2. Albany State University, GA Environmental Policy and Procedure
  3. Albion College, MI Sustainability Council
  4. Allegheny College, PA Environmental Guiding Principles
  5. Ball State University, IN Endorsement of Sustainability
  6. Black Hills State University, SD Sustainability Initiatives
  7. Bluffton University, OH Environmental Stewardship
  8. Boise State University, ID Campus Sustainability Initiatives and Actions
  9. Bowdoin College, ME Introduces Environmental Management System
  10. Brown University, RI "Brown is Green (BIG)"
  11. California State University-Fullerton Forming a Sustainability Task Force
  12. Carleton College, MN "Green Carleton"
  13. Colgate University, NY Environmental Initiative
  14. College of the Atlantic, ME Sustainable Campus
  15. Colorado College Campus Sustainability Council
  16. Dartmouth College, NH Sustainability Initiative
  17. Davidson College, NC Sustainable Practices and Initiatives
  18. Delta College, MI Environmental Sustainability Philosophy Statement
  19. DePaul University, IL Green Initiatives
  20. Drexel University, PA Green Initiative
  21. Drury University, MO Environmental Mission Statement
  22. Fairfield University, CT Green Initiative
  23. Harvard University, MA Campus-Wide Sustainability Principles
  24. Hofstra University, NY Environmental Priorities Committee Mission Statement
  25. Idaho State University Environmental Stewardship
  26. Illinois Wesleyan University Green Task Force
  27. Indiana State University Sustainable Campus Initiative
  28. Indiana University Task Force on Campus Sustainability
  29. Johns Hopkins University, MD Sustainability Committee
  30. Keene State College, NH "Seeing Green"
  31. Kendall College, IL Goes Green
  32. Kentucky State University Environmental Policy
  33. Kenyon College, OH Statement of Sustainability
  34. Lawrence University, WI "Green Roots"
  35. Lesley University, MA ECO-Rep Program
  36. Luther College, IA Draft Plan for Sustainability
  37. Macalester College, MN Campus Environmental Issues Committee
  38. Memorial University of Newfoundland Project Green
  39. Missouri State University Sustainability Statement
  40. New York University, NY Sustainability Task Force
  41. Northern Arizona University, "A University Going Green"
  42. Northland College, WI Commitment to Sustainability
  43. Oregon State University Student Sustainability Initiative
  44. Pennsylvania State University Greener Behrend Task Force
  45. Peralta Community College, CA "Vision for a Sustainable Peralta"
  46. Pomona College, CA Environmental Policy
  47. Portland State University, OR Declaration of Support for Sustainability
  48. Princeton University, NJ Sustainability Plan
  49. Rice University, TX EcoRep Program
  50. Smith College, MA "The Green Team"
  51. Southern Oregon University Sustainability Council
  52. St. Lawrence University, NY Environmental Resolution
  53. St. Olaf College, MN Ten Principles of Sustainability
  54. Sterling College, VT "Sustainable Sterling"
  55. The Evergreen State College, WA Sustainability Task Force
  56. Trinity College of Ireland Policy on Sustainable Development
  57. University of Arkansas Launches Campuswide Sustainability Initiative
  58. University of California-Berkeley Green Initiative Fund
  59. University of California-Los Angeles Establishing the Environmental Resource Center
  60. University of California-Riverside Sustainability Policy Statement
  61. University of California-San Diego Principles of Sustainability
  62. University of California-Santa Barbara Comprehensive Sustainability Plan
  63. University of Colorado at Boulder Campus Environmental Council
  64. University of Connecticut Environmental Policy
  65. University of Denver, CO Environmental Awareness House
  66. University of Florida Office of Sustainability
  67. University of Kansas Center for Sustainability
  68. University of Kentucky Sustainability Committee Charge
  69. University of La Verne, CA Campus Sustainability Task Force
  70. University of Maryland Campus Sustainability
  71. University of Maryland Dining Services Environmental Programs and Practices
  72. University of Minnesota Statement on Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
  73. University of Missouri-Kansas City Sustainable UMKC Competition
  74. University of Montana Sustainable Campus Committee
  75. University of Nevada-Las Vegas Task Force on Sustainability
  76. University of New Mexico Sustainability Policy
  77. University of North Carolina Sustainability Policy
  78. University of Oregon Comprehensive Environmental Policy
  79. University of Texas Campus Sustainability Policy
  80. University of Texas-Arlington President’s Sustainability Committee
  81. University of Vermont Environmental Council
  82. University of Victoria (Canada) Sustainability Project
  83. University of Washington Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
  84. University of Wisconsin-River Falls Sustainability Working Group
  85. Warren Wilson College, NC Campus Sustainability Initiatives
  86. Washington State University Sustainability Initiative
  87. Western Ontario University "Western's Green Award"
  88. Whitman College, WA Environmental Principles
  89. Willamette University, OR Sustainability Initiative


  1. Chelan County Public Utility District No. 1, WA Sustainability Principles
  2. Minnesota Sustainable Development Initiative
  3. Oregon Solutions for a Sustainable Future

School Districts

  1. Anchorage School District, AK Environmentally Sound Practices
  2. Beaverton School District, OR Sustainability Policy
  3. Scarsdale School District, NY Green Schools Initiative
  4. Washington Elementary School District, AZ Sustainable Efforts

Toxics and Pollution

Air Pollution

  1. Model: Ordinance for Reducing Air Pollution By Regulating Woodburning Appliances
  2. Ashland, OR Removal/Disposal of Non-Certified Woodstoves Upon Conveyance of Real Property
  3. Ivins City, UT Opposing Construction of a Coal-Fired Power Plant
  4. Kelowna, British Columbia "Great Okanagan Wood Stove Change Out Program"
  5. Maricopa County, AZ Residential Woodburning Restriction
  6. Marin County, CA Reduction of Air Pollution from Wood Burning Appliances
  7. Nelson, New Zealand Clean Heat Warm Homes Programme
  8. Sacramento, CA Wood Stove and Wood Fireplace Change Out Incentive Program
  9. Toronto, Ontario Clean Roads to Clean Air Program
  10. Wagga Wagga, Australia Woodsmoke Reduction Program

Cleaning Products

  1. Cornell University, NY Green Cleaning Initiative
  2. Georgia Institute of Technology Green Cleaning Initiative
  3. Harvard University, MA Green Cleaning Program
  4. Hollins University, VA Green Cleaning Products Policy
  5. Long Beach, CA Green Cleaning Pilot Program
  6. Madison, WI Green Cleaning Program
  7. Multnomah County, OR Green Cleaning Policy
  8. Pacific Lutheran University, WA Green Cleaning Policy
  9. Rice University, TX Campus Cleaning Practices
  10. Sarasota County, FL Green Housekeeping Policy
  11. University of Georgia Green Cleaning Program
  12. Utah State University Green Cleaning Program

Hazardous Waste

  1. Ann Arbor, MI Mercury Thermometer Ban
  2. Berkeley, CA Actions to Eliminate Anthropogenic Sources of Dioxin Pollution
  3. Duluth, MN Mercury Thermometer Ban
  4. Fort Collins, CO Opposing Uranium Mining Project
  5. King County, WA Clean-Up of Toxic Waste
  6. Marin County, CA Elimination of Dioxin Emissions
  7. Oakland, CA In Support of Extended Producer Responsibility
  8. San Francisco, CA Mercury Thermometer Ban
  9. San Juan Capistrano, CA In Support of Extended Producer Responsibility
  10. Vilas County, WI Support of Ban on Fishing Tackle Containing Lead
  11. Warwick, RI Lead Hazard Reduction Program
  12. Whatcom County, WA Reducing Mercury in Our Environment

Miscellaneous or Mixed

  1. Model: Ordinance for Fertilizer Application
  2. Alameda County, CA Policy on Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins
  3. Borough of Brielle, NJ Support for the Clean Ocean Zone
  4. Denver, CO Pollution Prevention (P2)
  5. Emery United School District, CA Resolution for Healthy, Environmentally Sound Schools
  6. Fort Collins, CO E-Waste Ordinance
  7. Kansas City, MO Incorporate Green Infrastructure Controls in City's Overflow Control Plan
  8. Mount Baker School District, WA Toxicity Reduction Practices
  9. Multnomah County, OR Development of a Toxics Reduction Strategy
  10. Platte County, MO Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program
  11. San Francisco, CA Promoting Alternatives to Chemically-Treated Wood Utility Poles
  12. San Francisco, CA Supporting the Toxin-Free Babies and Toddlers Act
  13. San Francisco, CA Urging Ratification of International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from Ships
  14. San Francisco, CA Urging the Reduction of Exposure to Bisphenol A
  15. Seattle, WA Plan Reduction of Bioaccumulative Toxic Chemicals
  16. Tulsa, OK Partners for a Clean Environment

Pesticides and Pest Management

Cities & Counties

  1. Alameda County, CA Establishing an Integrated Pest Management Committee
  2. Albany, CA Resolution on Adopting Integrated Pest Management Policy
  3. Albany County, NY “Pesticide Sunset”
  4. Ashland, OR Limiting the Use of Pesticides in the City
  5. Berkeley, CA Pest Management Policy
  6. Calgary, Alberta Integrated Pest Management Policy
  7. Carrboro, NC Least Toxic Integrated Pest Management Policy
  8. Christchurch, New Zealand Integrated Pest Management Policy
  9. Denton, TX Integrated Pest Management Program
  10. Gaithersburg, MD Integrated Pest Management Policy
  11. Gibsons, British Columbia Pesticide Use Bylaw
  12. Hamilton, New Zealand Use of Herbicides Policy
  13. Kamloops, British Columbia Pesticide Use Advisory Committee
  14. Kelowna, British Columbia "Be Pesticide Free"
  15. King County, WA Integrated Pest Management
  16. Kingston, Ontario Regulating the Use of Pesticides on Lawns
  17. London, Ontario Regulating the Use of Pesticides
  18. Oakland, CA Integrated Pest Management Policy Resolution
  19. Newton, MA Integrated Pest Management Policy
  20. Ottawa, Ontario Pesticide Reduction Initiative
  21. Renton, WA Integrated Pest Management Policy
  22. Richmond, British Columbia Pesticide Risk Reduction
  23. San Anselmo, CA Integrated Pest Management Program
  24. San Francisco, CA Ban on Clopyralid and other Pesticides that are Persistent in Compost
  25. San Juan Capistrano, CA Integrated Pest Management Policy
  26. Santa Clara County, CA Integrated Pest Management
  27. Santa Cruz, CA Opposing Light Brown Apple Moth Spraying
  28. Sarasota County, FL Integrated Pest Management Practices
  29. Seattle, WA Further Reductions of Pesticide Use
  30. Ventura County, CA Integrated Pest Management Strategy
  31. Victoria, British Columbia Integrated Pest Management Policy

Colleges & Universities

  1. Connecticut College Invasive Plant Removal Policy
  2. Eckerd College, FL Zero Carbon Brazilian Pepper Removal Project
  3. Franklin and Marshall College, PA Pest Management Policy
  4. Illinois State University Integrated Pest Management Program
  5. Seattle University, WA Integrated Pest Management Policy
  6. University of Montana Integrated Pest Management Policy

School Districts

  1. Bellingham School District, WA Pest Management Policy
  2. Mars Area School District, PA Integrated Pest Management Policy
  3. Santa Barbara School District, CA Integrated Pest Management Policy
  4. Wright City School District, MO Integrated Pest Management Policy



  1. Model: Ordinance Promoting the Use of Electric-Assisted Bikes and Scooters
  2. Adelaide, Australia Introduces World's First Solar-Powered Electric Bus
  3. Black River Falls, WI Regulation of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
  4. Fresno, CA Neighborhood Electric Vehicles Resolution
  5. Lake Mills, WI Authorizing Operation of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
  6. Santa Rosa, CA Supporting the Use of "ZAP" Electric Bikes and Scooters
  7. University of Minnesota-Morris Purchases Electric Zero Emission Vehicle
  8. Urbana, IL Authorizing Use of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles in University District



Cities & Counties

  1. Model: Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities
  2. Benton County, OR Bicycle Transportation Plan
  3. Carrboro, NC Resolution Regarding Bicycle Friendly Communities
  4. Cary, NC Bicycle Plan
  5. Columbus, OH Bikeways Advisory Committee
  6. Davis, CA Resolution Regarding a Bicycle Advisory Commission
  7. Durham, NC Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan
  8. Essex County, England Cycling Strategy
  9. Fort Collins, CO Bicycle Library
  10. Greenville, SC Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Community Designation
  11. Hennepin County, MN Bicycle Capital Improvement Program (Bike CIP)
  12. Kansas City, MO Bicycle Transportation Initiative
  13. Las Cruces, NM Resolution on Bicycle Parking Design Standards
  14. Lemoore, CA Resolution to Adopt Regional Bicycle Plan
  15. Little Rock, AR Action Plan to Establish a Bicycle-Friendly Community
  16. Long Beach, CA City Bike Share Program
  17. Lynchburg, VA DASANI Community Bicycle Program
  18. Madison, WI "Making Madison the Best Place in the Country to Bicycle"
  19. Melbourne, Australia "Copenhagen Style" Bike Separated Lanes
  20. Miami, FL Adopting a Bicycle Action Plan
  21. Nelson, New Zealand Cycling Strategy
  22. Oceanside, CA Dasani Blue Bikes Program
  23. Overland Park, KS Resolution to Facilitate Bicycle Usage
  24. Portland, OR Bicycle Master Plan
  25. Prince George, British Columbia Cycle Network
  26. San Francisco, CA Intermodal Use Of Bicycles With Caltrain Travel
  27. Santa Monica, CA Bike Action Plan_20yr vision
  28. Seattle, WA Bicycle Program
  29. Sioux Falls, SD Bicycle Plan
  30. Spartanburg, SC "Bike Town"
  31. Sydney, Australia Cycle Strategy and Action Plan: 2007-2017
  32. Toronto, Ontario Bike Plan "Shifting Gears"
  33. Vancouver, WA Bicycle Parking Design Standards
  34. Victoria, British Columbia Bicycle Master Plan

Colleges & Universities

  1. Adams State College, CO Green Bikes Program
  2. Auburn University, AL Campus Bike Committee
  3. Drexel University, PA Bike Share Program
  4. Eckerd College, FL Yellow Bike Program
  5. Illinois State University "Reggie Ride" Program
  6. Pitzer College, CA Green Bike Program
  7. Princeton University, NJ U-Bikes Program
  8. St. Lawrence University, NY Green Bikes Program
  9. Schreiner University, TX Mountaineer Express Community Bicycle Program
  10. Stanford University, CA Folding Bicycle Promotion
  11. University of California-Irvine reCycle Program
  12. University of California-Santa Cruz 0% Interest Bike Loan Program
  13. University of California-Santa Cruz Bike 'N Shower Program
  14. University of Colorado at Boulder Bicycle Resolution
  15. University of Maine GreenBike Program
  16. University of Montana No Interest Bike Loans
  17. University of Southern Mississippi EcoEagle Bikes
  18. University of Texas Orange Bike Project
  19. University of Wyoming Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Committee

Mixed or Other

  1. Ashland, OR Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission
  2. Auckland, New Zealand Skate Strategy
  3. Bellingham, WA Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  4. Bloomington, IN Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission
  5. Brisbane, Australia Walking and Cycling Plan
  6. Chapel Hill, NC Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan
  7. Fargo, ND Metropolitan Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
  8. Farmington, NM Adopting a Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan
  9. Fremont, CA Bicycle and Pedestrian Program
  10. Fresno, CA Establishing the Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Committee
  11. Grand Island, NE Support for the Development of Trail Systems
  12. Greenville, SC Greenways Master Plan
  13. Jackson, WY Community Pathways
  14. Olympia, WA Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  15. Tucson, AZ Bicycle and Pedestrian Program
  16. University of California-Irvine Walk/Bike Employee Incentive Program
  17. Watertown, MA Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee
  18. Wilsonville, OR Resolution Regarding Funding of a Shared Bicycle and Pedestrian Path


  1. Nashville, TN Resolution on Regulation of Sidewalk Obstructions
  2. Sydney, Australia Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plans
  3. Toronto, Ontario Pedestrian Charter
  4. Wellington, New Zealand Walking Policy



  1. Model: No-Idling Resolution
  2. Ashland, OR Prohibiting Buses and Trucks Idling While Parked
  3. Chilliwack, British Columbia Idle-Free Policy
  4. Cleveland, OH Anti Idling Policy
  5. Gibsons, British Columbia Anti-Idling Bylaw
  6. Grand Forks, British Columbia Anti-Idling Bylaw
  7. Kingston, Ontario Idling By-Law
  8. Liberty Lake, WA Declaring City a "No Idle Zone"
  9. Maricopa County, AZ Vehicle Idling Restriction Ordinance
  10. Medford, MA No Idling Policy
  11. North Vancouver, British Columbia Anti-Idling Bylaw
  12. Northbrook, IL Fire Department Anti-Idling Policy
  13. Ottawa, Ontario Anti-Idling Program
  14. Roanoke, VA Engine and Equipment Idling Policy
  15. Seattle School District, WA Anti-Idling Policy
  16. Toronto, Ontario Prohibit Excessive Idling of Vehicles and Boats
  17. University of Maine Vehicle Idle Policy
  18. Windsor, Ontario Prohibition of Excessive Idling of Vehicles and Boats


  1. Model: Green Fleet Policy Ordinance
  2. Arizona State University ZipCar Program
  3. Boston, MA CleanAir CABS
  4. Hamilton, Ontario Green Fleet Plan
  5. Long Beach, CA Blue Goes Green
  6. Long Beach, CA Reduction of Railroad Yard Diesel Emissions
  7. Medford, MA Vehicle Emissions Reduction Program (VERP)
  8. Middlebury College, VT ZipCar Program
  9. New York City, NY Purchasing Clean Vehicles
  10. New York City, NY Reduce Diesel Emissions
  11. New York City, NY Pollution from Buses
  12. Oakland, CA Establishing "Green Fleet" Policies and Procedures
  13. Olympia, WA Low Emission Standards for Washington State
  14. Pittsburgh, PA Declaring "Car Free Day"
  15. Rockland County, NY Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and best available retrofit technology act
  16. San Francisco, CA Resolution for an Alternative Fuels Bus Program
  17. Santa Rosa, CA Support for Cleaner Burning Alternative Fuels
  18. Sarasota County, FL in Support of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  19. Seattle, WA Clean Green Fleets Action Plan
  20. Toronto, Ontario Green Fleet Plan 2008-2011
  21. Union City, CA Public Access Compressed Natural Gas Fuel Station
  22. University of California-Santa Cruz ZipCar Car Sharing Program
  23. Washington, DC Encourages Hybrids and Discourages SUVs

Mass Transit

  1. Brisbane, Australia Green Buses
  2. Hamilton, Ontario Rapid Transit
  3. Kansas City, MO Urging Congress to Provide Immediate Funding for Mass Transit Expansion
  4. Takoma Park, MD Resolution on Possible Light Rail Routes

Misc. or Mixed Transportation

  1. Model: Local Billboard Prohibition Ordinance
  2. Boulder County, CO Purchasing More Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  3. Columbia, MO "GetAbout Columbia"
  4. Concord, NH Transportation Advisory Committee
  5. Las Vegas, NV Alternative Fuels Program
  6. Madison, WI Requiring Designers to Consider Traffic Noise in the Design of Streets
  7. Mankato, MN Multi Modal Transportation Committee
  8. Maui County, HI Working to Become One of the Best Workplaces for Commuters
  9. Multnomah County, OR Travel Smart Policy
  10. Oakland, CA In Support of CarFree Day
  11. Ottawa, Ontario Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee
  12. Salt Lake City, UT Free Metered Parking for "Green Vehicles"
  13. San Francisco, CA Clean Ferry Resolution
  14. San Francisco, CA Endorsing Solar Powered Parking Meters
  15. Santa Anna, CA Green Vehicles Program
  16. Stanford University, CA Clean Air Cash
  17. Takoma Park, MD Establishing the Safe Roadways Committee
  18. Toronto, Ontario Smart Commute Program


Drinking Water

  1. Ashland, OR Restricting the Addition of Substances to Drinking Water
  2. Austin, TX Eliminate Purchase of Disposable Plastic Water Bottles
  3. Davis, CA Alternatives to Bottled Water
  4. Guelph, Ontario Looks to Eliminate Bottled Water from City Offices
  5. Kansas City, MO Discontinuation of Bottled Water Program
  6. Miami, FL Limiting the Purchase of Bottled Water Except in Emergencies
  7. Morro Bay, CA Alternatives to Bottled Water
  8. Nashville, TN Stop Purchasing, Consuming and Serving Bottled Water
  9. San Francisco, CA Recognizing Freshwater as a Human Right
  10. San Jose, CA Bottled Water Policy
  11. Santa Cruz, CA Discouraging Everyday Use of Bottled Water
  12. Seattle, WA Kicking the Bottled Water Habit
  13. Sunnyvale, CA Expenditure of Public Funds for Bottled Water Policy

Misc. or Mixed

  1. Melbourne, Australia ‘Total Watermark – City as a Catchment’
  2. Rice University, TX Installs Waterless Urinals
  3. Southern Nevada Water Authority Pool Cover Instant Rebate Program
  4. Southern Nevada Water Authority Water Smart Landscapes Rebate Program
  5. Toronto, Ontario WaterSaver Program


  1. Alameda County, CA Stormwater Quality Management Plan
  2. Charlottesville, VI Raingarden
  3. Cornell University, NY Stormwater Management Wetland Demonstration Project
  4. Duarte, CA Encanto Nature Walk Bioswale Project
  5. Monroe County, IN Rain Garden Initiative
  6. Portland, OR Stormwater Management Using Onsite Surface Vegetated Facilities
  7. Salem, OR Bioswale Demonstration Project
  8. Seattle University, WA Rain Garden
  9. University of Minnesota-Duluth Rain Garden


  1. Allegheny College, PA Creek Connections
  2. Birmingham Township, PA Environmental Stream Team
  3. Clallam County, WA Streamkeepers
  4. Dickinson College, PA Mully Grub Restoration
  5. Durban, South Africa River Health Monitoring Programme
  6. Nashville, TN Recognizing the Importance of the Cumberland River

Wastewater Treatment

  1. Ashfield, MA Solar-Aquatic® Wastewater Treatment Plant
  2. Berea College, KY Ecological Machine
  3. Clatsop County Community College, OR Living Machine
  4. Guilford County School District, NC Living Machine
  5. Oberlin College, OH Living Machine
  6. Olympia, WA Reclaimed Water

Wetlands & Watersheds

  1. Abbotsford, British Columbia Waterways Protection
  2. Austin, TX Watershed Protections
  3. Colorado State University Wetlands
  4. Cambridge, MA Resolution on Watershed Protection
  5. Cornell University, NY Wetlands Creation
  6. Denton, TX Watershed Protection Program
  7. Duke University, NC Wetland Restoration Project
  8. Fairfax, CA Resolution to Protect Stream Conservation Areas
  9. Fort Worth, TX Wetlands Water Reuse Project
  10. Grand Junction, CO Watershed Protection Ordinance
  11. Medford, MA Wetlands Ordinance
  12. Portland, OR Community Watershed Stewardship Grant Program
  13. Toronto, Ontario Task Force to Bring Back the Don
  14. Wylie, TX East Fork Reuse Project

Women's Issues

Cities & Counties

  1. Bainbridge Island, WA In Support of the Violence Against Women Act
  2. Broward County, FL Commission on the Status of Women
  3. Columbia County, OR Domestic Violence Council
  4. Cook County, IL Resolution Supporting Ratification by the U.S. of CEDAW
  5. Hauraki District, New Zealand Domestic Violence Policy
  6. Humboldt County, CA Commission on the Status of Women
  7. Kansas City, MO Designating March as Womens History Month
  8. Kansas City, MO Ordinance Pertaining to Violation of an Order of Protection
  9. Mercer County, PA Establishing a Commission for Women
  10. Oakland, CA Resolution in Support of CEDAW
  11. Philadelphia, PA Pro-Choice City Status
  12. San Francisco, CA CEDAW Ordinance
  13. San Francisco, CA Supporting Bill to Provide Stable Housing for Victims of Domestic Violence
  14. Santa Cruz County, CA Resolution Supporting Ratification by the U.S. of CEDAW
  15. Somerville, MA Women's Commission

Colleges & Universities

  1. Arizona State University Safety Escort Service
  2. Central Connecticut State University Committee on the Concerns of Women
  3. Dartmouth College, NH Center for Women and Gender
  4. Dickinson College, PA President's Commission for Women
  5. Illinois State University Women's Mentoring Network
  6. Michigan State University Adding Gender Identity to Nondiscrimination Policy
  7. Southern Oregon University The Women's Resource Center
  8. University of Missouri Rape Education Office


  1. Alameda County, CA Sexually Exploited Minors Network
  2. Ashland, OR Adding Youth Liaisons to City Committees and Commissions
  3. Auckland, New Zealand City Youth Council
  4. Austin, TX City Employee Mentoring/Tutoring Program
  5. Broken Arrow, OK Youth City Council
  6. Chatham-Kent, Ontario Municipal Youth Council
  7. Clackamas County, OR Environmental Youth Corps
  8. Columbus, OH Youth Commission
  9. Eureka, CA Youth Protection Act
  10. Fresno, CA Establishing a Youth Advisory Board
  11. Glendale, AZ Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission
  12. Grand Forks, ND Youth Commission
  13. Holyoke, MA Youth Commission
  14. Indianapolis, IN After School Projects
  15. Janesville, WI Summer Camp Scholarship Program
  16. Janesville, WI Youth in Government Program
  17. Johannesburg, South Africa Students' and Children's Councils
  18. Kansas City, MO Youth Commission Established
  19. Kitsap County, WA Declaring Youth Mentoring Month
  20. Louisville, KY Summer Camp Scholarships
  21. Multnomah County, OR Promoting Youth Engagement Strategies
  22. North Little Rock, AR Mayor's Youth Council
  23. Plano, TX Youth Advisory Commission
  24. Sammamish, WA Youth Board
  25. San Jose, CA After School Programs
  26. Summit County, OH Youth Employment for Success
  27. Sydney, Australia Youth Strategy
  28. Taos, NM Allowing Town Employees Time Off to Participate in Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program
  29. Taos, NM Creating the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee
  30. Tulsa, OK Youth Council
  31. Vancouver, British Columbia YouthPolitik
  32. Waltham, MA Partnership with Youth
  33. Woodinville, WA Establishing a Recreation Scholarship Fund



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