College of the Atlantic, ME Carbon Net-Zero Proclamation

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College of the Atlantic, ME, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 10/6/06

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Carbon Net-Zero Proclamation
Approved by the Board of Trustees

Renewable Energy - Draft Resolution

At the request of the President, the Trustees of the College of the Atlantic resolve to achieve 100% reliance on energy from renewable sources by 2015. Having already committed to meeting its electricity needs from wind power, the College of the Atlantic will endeavor to meet all of its needs for space and hot water heating, and for transportation in college vehicles and vessels from renewable sources such as biofuels, biomass, solar, and environmentally-sound hydropower, including tidal and in-stream generation. Achieving this goal may involve making sound use of market mechanisms which promote the generation of renewable energy not directly consumed by College of the Atlantic.

Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Draft Resolution

At the request of the President, the Trustees of College of the Atlantic resolve to avoid, reduce or offset all greenhouse gas emissions associated with the activities of the college. Activities covered by this policy include all on-campus energy use, transportation associated with academic programs, and transportation to and from campus by students, staff and faculty, and other transportation made necessary by campus events.

Emissions that cannot be avoided will be offset by investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy production in such manner as to reduce actual emissions to the atmosphere in an amount that equals or exceeds emissions generated by College of the Atlantic activities. All offsets will be quantifiable and verifiable according to international standards and best practices.

Offset investments will be financed by transferring unrestricted endowment funds into a restricted endowment account that will be managed by the Trustees based on investigations and recommendations from a working group of students, faculty and staff under the auspices of the Administrative Dean (CFO). Total cost of offsets, based on current activities, is expected not to exceed $30,000 per year. Additional contributions for the purposes of this fund may be accepted.