Fremont, CA Bicycle and Pedestrian Program

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Fremont, CA, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Goals and Objectives
The City of Fremont's bicycle and pedestrian program's primary objective is to provide bicyclists and pedestrians with safe and accessible routes to all destinations within the City and outside the City, which are served by public roads, trails, transit, and rail.

The bicycle and pedestrian programs cover the "4 E's" - Engineering, Education, Encouragement, and Enforcement. Recognizing that an approach that draws from all 4 E's will be the most successful in improving safety and increasing the number of Fremont residents bicycling or walking to work, schools, shopping centers and recreation facilities.

The program also promotes accessibility and mobility for persons with special needs such as the elderly and the disabled by providing facilities that will assist them in their transportation needs. See Paratransit for additional details.

2007 Fremont Pedestrian Master Plan
The Fremont Pedestrian Master Plan is a policy document intended to encourage walking as an alternative mode of travel in Fremont while implementing the pedestrian related goals and policies of the General Plan. The development of the Pedestrian Master Plan involved the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Advisory Committee (BPTAC) with extensive public input and 6 public meetings over the course of its development.

The Plan includes goals, policies, strategies, and phased recommendations that:

  • Encourage walking as a means of travel.
  • Improve the pathway system for people with disabilities and children walking to school.
  • Increase the overall number of pedestrian trips.

It focuses on enhancing pedestrian safety at crosswalks and along streets, and provides a blueprint for improving residents' quality of life, creating a more sustainable environment, and reducing traffic, noise, and energy consumption.

2005 Bicycle Master Plan
The Fremont Bicycle Master Plan provides a blueprint for making bicycling an integral part of daily life in Fremont. The Bicycle Plan provides for a citywide system of bike lanes, bike routes, bike paths, bicycle parking, support facilities, and a variety of programs to allow for safe, efficient, and convenient bicycle travel within Fremont and connecting to destinations in adjacent cities.

This plan is consistent with the Fremont General Plan goal of "convenient alternatives to the automobile to conserve energy, reduce congestion, improve air quality and provide a variety of transportation choices to meet a variety of needs."

The Bicycle Advisory Committee
The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) consists of the Recreation Commission members and is advisory to the City Council.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Advisory Committee
The Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Advisory Committee (BPTAC) is an advisory committee to staff in the City of Fremont's Transportation Department on matters pertaining to bicycle and pedestrian issues.