Southern Nevada Water Authority Water Smart Landscapes Rebate Program

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Water Smart Landscapes Rebate
The Water Smart Landscapes rebate helps property owners convert water-thirsty grass to xeriscape, a lush yet water-efficient landscape. SNWA will rebate customers $1.50 per square foot of grass removed and replaced with xeriscape with no cap on maximum square footage. Certain restrictions apply to well owners. For more information, including terms and requirements, view the program conditions.

Check In
Apply online or call 258-SAVE for a printed application. You also can request a information packet on the program. Before you get started, SNWA will answer your questions and review the lawn areas you're converting. You must participate in a pre-conversion site visit before removing your lawn. Starting without SNWA approval will make your conversion ineligible.

Dig In
Upgrade some or all of your lawn to a Water Smart Landscape. Use our free landscape designs. If you choose to work with a professional, consider our list of Water Smart Contractors.

Cash In
After you upgrade, you'll get $1.50 for every square foot of lawn converted to water-smart landscaping. Rebates for well owners are subject to the availability of special funds and limited to 2,500 square feet per calendar year.

Every square foot of grass replaced with water-smart trees, shrubs and flowers saves an average of 55 gallons of water per year, so you'll also save money on your monthly water bill.

Get the facts
Not sure if the rebate covers artificial turf? Is your HOA telling you xeriscape isn't allowed? Check the Frequent Questions page to find out more about these and other rebate issues. Also, check out the program conditions.

Get useful tips and resources
Upon enrollment, you will receive the "Simply Beautiful" interactive CD-ROM, which features a comprehensive, plant-search database as well as a step-by-step guide to landscape planning, installation and maintenance.