Decatur, AL Smoke-Free Ordinance

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Decatur, AL, US

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Type: City Code

Status: Adopted via ordinance on 8/6/07

Vote: In Favor - 3 Opposed - 2

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(Note: The City of Decatur website has yet to post the text of the new city code. Once it is posted, it will replace the news story below.)

Smoking ban starts in Decatur

If you are caught smoking Monday in a public place in Decatur, you may be subject to a $500 fine.

An ordinance that a divided City Council passed on Aug. 6 prohibits smoking in all public places, including restaurants, bars, bingo halls, bowling alleys, office buildings, churches and just about any other enclosed public space.

The ordinance requires property owners to remove all smoking paraphernalia from their buildings and post no-smoking signs at each entrance.

District 4 City Councilman Ronny Russell, saying he got tired of breathing second-hand smoke in restaurants, sponsored the ordinance.