York University, Ontario Policy Concerning Racism

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York University, Canada

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted on 6/26/95

Source File: http://www.yorku.ca/secretariat/policies/document.php?document=29



1. York University affirms that the racial and ethnocultural diversity of its community is a source of excellence, enrichment and strength.

2. York University affirms its commitment to human rights, and, in particular, to the principle that every member of the York community has a right to equitable treatment without harassment or discrimination on the grounds prohibited by the Ontario Human Rights Code, including race and ethnicity.

3. York University acknowledges its on-going responsibility to foster fairness and respect, to create and maintain a positive working and learning environment and to promote anti-racism.

4. Anyone in the York community who infringes a right protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code shall be subject to complaint procedures, remedies and sanctions in the University's policies, codes, regulations and collective agreements as they exist from time to time, and to such discipline (including rustication or discharge) as may be appropriate in the circumstances.