Delta College, MI Environmental Sustainability Philosophy Statement

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Delta College, MI, US

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Type: Policy

Status: In effect

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Delta College has made significant progress toward the development of an environmentally sustainable campus. The role of Facilities Management, Business Services and Finance in campus operations imparts responsibility and provides opportunity to consider, develop, and implement processes and practices intended to improve the quality of our environment. By incorporating sustainability practices throughout operations, it is the intention of Facilities Management, Business Services, and Finance to serve as an example and a catalyst of environmental awareness to the College community.

With this goal in mind, Delta College Facilities Management, Business Services and Finance adopts sustainability as an evolving practice and is committed to:

  • Adopting a 'triple bottom' approach that incorporates financial, environmental, and social benefits as major components in departmental decision-making.
  • Incorporating environmentally-conscious choices into purchasing and procurement processes.
  • Engaging in and demonstrating sustainability practices that enhance the life-cycle of our materials, equipment, and infrastructure.
  • Promoting health, productivity, and safety of the campus community through the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of its buildings and grounds.
  • Encouraging environmental inquiry and collaborative departmental relations across all levels to recognize and implement changes designed to decrease or eliminate the environmental impact of our actions.
  • Engaging in departmental practices and programs that provide learning opportunities for staff and foster individual environmental awareness.
  • Establishing indicators and measurements of departmental environmental practices and programs to aid in realizing our intentions for sustainability.

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