Eastern Kentucky University Diversity Committee

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Type: Policy

Status: In Effect

Source File: http://www.diversitycommittee.eku.edu/mainmenu/mission.php


To create a community of inclusiveness that appreciates, celebrates, and respects diversity.

A. Serve in an Advisory Capacity to President Glasser
B. Support campus wide diversity efforts

1. FACILITATE communication of EKU's commitment to diversity:

  • Establish UDC web site
  • Provide education for campus about various departments and roles by posting us on our web pages and providing links from one office to the next.
  • Greet and meet events
  • Visiting faculty senate, staff council, etc.
  • Promote diversity scholarships
  • Establish incentives (grants) for faculty demonstration of placing diversity into curriculum

2. ENGAGE the campus in supporting and celebrating diversity:

  • Posting information on campus wide diversity events through web site
  • Develop a campus wide diversity awareness campaign in collaboration with associated offices.

3. ASSIST with the continued development of a campus climate and culture that supports and celebrates diversity. Consider developing a collaborative campus campaign to increase awareness in this area.

  • In collaboration with other offices, develop a campus wide campaign for inclusiveness utilizing our diversity definition.

4. Serve in an ADVISORY capacity to campus community to meet diversity goals of Strategic Plan.

  • Review Strategic plan with committee for brainstorming session in Spring 2006
  • Offer educational visits from committee/ office representatives to campus community and departments

5. Be available to COLLABORATE with and build coalitions among campus groups.

  • Campus wide diversity campaign
  • Web site w/ calendar
  • Curriculum transformation project

6. PROMOTE a culture of respect for physical environment.

  • Add this element into our awareness campaign.

7. Serve as Campus Environment Team under the KY Plan. The Team demonstrates our role in supporting the KY Plan and Sandra Moore's work.

  • Continue in support and offering suggestions to Sandra Office.
  • Formed a subcommittee to collaborate with her.