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Chattanooga, TN, US

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Type: Program

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What Is Recycle Right?

Recycling is the RIGHT thing to do for the environment! Can you imagine how many plastic bottles you throw away in one month? Imagine how many bottles are thrown away by everyone in Chattanooga in one month! That’s a lot of plastic that could be recycled instead of filling up landfill space. Let’s help our environment and do the RIGHT thing: keep recyclable waste out of the landfill. You never know, the next fleece jacket you buy could be made from one of YOUR recycled bottles!

Recycling is the RIGHT thing to do for Chattanooga! Not only does recycling help the environment and keep the scenic city beautiful, it creates jobs. The recycling program in Chattanooga provides jobs for developmentally-disabled citizens and academically at-risk high school students. They are employed at The John F. Germ Recycle Center at Orange Grove and these jobs provide them with valuable vocational skills they need in order to seek future employment in the community.

We should all recycle, RIGHT? Right! Talk to your friends and neighbors about recycling. Once you’ve read all the information on this Web site, talk to people about recycling the RIGHT way and why it’s RIGHT to recycle. You and your neighbors can take turns bringing your recyclables to local convenience centers. If you’d like to volunteer for our education program to help educate Chattanooga on how and why to Recycle Right, please click here.

Let’s recycle the RIGHT way! Please read over the Recycle Right guidelines on this Web site. Print the guidelines and post them wherever you store your recyclable items (and print out a copy for your neighbors, too). Be sure to put curbside recyclables in blue or clear bags or in a covered bin and follow the guidelines to know what is recyclable and what is not recyclable.

Recycle, RIGHT! Now let’s get started! Please review the different sections of this web site to learn about your curbside pickup schedule, convenience centers, how to Recycle Right, and more. I would also like to mention that there are some fun coloring pages in the kids section with pictures of Rocky the Recycling Raccoon!

Remember, if we’re not recycling right, we’re not recycling!