Columbus, OH Bikeways Advisory Committee

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Columbus, OH, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Established in 1993

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Columbus Bikeway Advisory Committee
on the planning, design, construction and installation of bike routes, bikeways, and bike paths in the city of Columbus.

City Council Resolution 23X-93 established a Bikeways Advisory Committee to advise the Mayor and City Council.

The mission of the Committee is "To integrate bicycles into the transportation systems of Columbus and central Ohio, by providing a safe convenient system of bikeways and other bicycle facilities".

The Committee consists of nine voting members and five non-voting members.

The nine VOTING members of the Bikeways Advisory Committee are appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council to serve as members without pay for two years. These members include:

  • One member representing the community at-large
  • One member representing the bicycle organizations
  • One member of City Council or their designee
  • One member of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department
  • One member representing the Franklin County Engineer
  • One member representing the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
  • One member representing the Ohio Chapter of the Rails to Trails Conservancy
  • One member representing the Columbus Mayor’s Office, and
  • One member representing the Franklin County Metro Parks Board

The five NON-VOTING members are appointed by the Director of Public Service to serve as members without pay for two years. Typically these members are citizens with a major interest in bicycling.

The Columbus Transportation Division Administrator serves as Executive Secretary.

Since its creation in 1993, the Bikeways Advisory Committee has met monthly to oversee development of the Bikeways Program. The monthly meetings are open to the public. Both the Bikeways Coordinator and the Greenways Coordinator normally attend these meetings.