Trinity College of Ireland Recycling and Environment Committee

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Type: Policy

Status: Established in 1993

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The College Recycling and Environment Committee (CREC), founded as the College Recycling Committee by the late Professor Simon Perry, has been in existence for more than a decade now with recorded minutes on file since 1993. The CREC provides a forum for discussion of general environmental issues in College with particular emphasis on recycling behaviours.


  • Increase volume of recycling in College
  • Examine recycling options within the principles of sustainability
  • Assess the effectiveness of current recycling facilities
  • Examine present barriers to practicing environmental behaviours
  • Monitor the current level of environmental education in College
  • Identifying additional avenues for practicing environmentally friendly behaviours (e.g. additional recycling streams, energy conservation etc.)
  • Collate up-to-date information on state-of-the-art 'green' products
  • Keep abreast of developments in legislation and evaluate College plans to meet future targets


  • Meet on a regular basis
  • Compile written recommendations for enhancing environmental practices in College
  • Maintain and increase the level of commitment to Green Week
  • Actively encourage discussion on and participation in sustainable activities in College

The CREC (formerly the CRC) has been in existence for more than a decade now with recorded minutes on file since 1993. While the aims of the group have always been guided by the fundamental principles of environmental sustainability, the main focus of the group's work has been on issues relating to recycling.

Across all sectors of College, people have contributed their particular expertise over the years to promote a culture of environmental consciousness within the institution.

As environmental legislation changed over the years the focus has shifted from voluntary activity to formalised requirements for College to meet recycling standards set outside the confines of the institution.

An example of this is the recycling of batteries. In the past members of the group personally collected and delivered the batteries to the recycling facility whereas now we have a battery collection service formalised within College structure.

Changes like this have provided for an opening-up of the spectra of interest options for the group.

Past Issues of Interests and Activities of the Group include:

  • Drafting of College Sustainability Policy Document in 2007
  • Use of Polystyrene cups
  • Battery collection and safe disposal
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Bottle and Can banks
  • Composting
  • Waste compaction

In addition to these areas the group has been involved in planning and overseeing various activities during the annual Green Week.