Kirkland, WA Green Building Program

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Kirkland, WA, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Kirkland’s Green Building pilot program offers a priority permit processing incentive designed to encourage sustainable building in the construction of new single family residential development. Additionally, the program offers educational resources, such as this website, and hosts seminars on green building topics to help educate builders and the public about the benefits of sustainable building.

To be eligible for the permit processing incentive, development/construction plans must achieve:

Additionally, the applicant must:

Complete a "New Single Family Residential" building permit application Complete and sign a City of Kirkland Green Building expedited review form
Register the development with either Built Green or LEED
Obtain a contract with a 3rd party verifier
Open the Getting Started link to view the Green Building verifier lists.

Please contact the Green Building Team if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you as we look towards the future and expand the program’s services.

What is Green Building?
“Green Building” is a term associated with sustainable building and development and implies that certain design and construction techniques will reduce the environmental impact of the building. Green buildings are designed to:

  • Protect environmentally sensitive lands and plant species
  • Minimize the size of the building footprint
  • Incorporate energy efficiency in the design and construction
  • Use environmentally-friendly building materials that will create a healthy indoor and outdoor environment
  • Provide for efficient water use
  • Reduce the generation of solid waste

Why Build Green?
Buildings have a tremendous impact on environmental quality, resource use, and human health and productivity. In the United States, buildings account for 36% of the total energy use (65% of electricity consumption; 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions; 30% of raw materials use; 30% of waste output (136 million tons annually); and, 12% of potable water consumption (U.S. Green Building Council).

The City of Kirkland places a high priority on protecting the natural environment through its Natural Resource Management (NRM) Plan. The Green Building program stems from this plan. For more information on green building visit our Green Links and Library under the Green Building Development heading.