The Evergreen State College, WA Sustainability Task Force

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The Evergreen State College, WA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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2006-07 Sustainability Task Force Charge

The overarching function of the Task Force is to assist the Evergreen community as it strives to achieve sustainability by acting as a coordinating body and by providing necessary oversight.

Reporting directly to the Vice Presidents, the Sustainability Task Force is charged to provide leadership, support, and recommendations in advancing Evergreen's long-term sustainability goals as specified in the sustainability section of Evergreen's Strategic Plan and in the detailed 2006 Sustainable Evergreen Report prepared by the Sustainability Task Force.

The first priority of the Task Force is to remain focused on advancing the details contained in the approved sustainability report. The Task Force is also asked to remain flexible enough to adapt to new opportunities and frequent advances in sustainability.

The work of the Sustainability Task Force will be central to gaining greater control and movement towards our campus sustainability vision. The Vice Presidents are committed to providing the resources to allow this group to be successful. The group will notify the Vice Presidents if it identifies resources needed to advance the task force plans. The Vice Presidents will be responsible for arranging one-time funding for such projects.


  • Begin the implementation phase and oversight of the eight strategic areas as specified in the 2006 Sustainable Evergreen Report;
  • Continue the process of identifying and procuring baseline indicator data for annual monitoring of Evergreen’s progress;
  • Engage the community in an “information campaign” highlighting Evergreen’s commitment to sustainability along with its past and current accomplishments;
  • Assist the campus community in its efforts to advance the college’s sustainability agenda.