Arlington, MA Requires Silver LEED Rating for All New Construction and Renovations

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Arlington, MA, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted

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Allows commercial projects and private developments earning LEED silver compliance or higher to develop sites at a higher density than conventional projects. All site plan applications for commercial projects are required to include a LEED scorecard and have a LEED accredited professional on the project team regardless of whether or not the project intends to achieve LEED certification.

All projects must contribute to a green building fund for county wide education and outreach activities. The contribution is refunded if projects earn LEED certification (thus seemingly taxing those who do not earn LEED certification).

Arlington sponsors a voluntary green home program that encourages builders of new single family homes to incorporate energy efficient and other green building components in their projects. The county offers plan review, site signs, and publicity to program participants who achieve a given number of points as by Arlington’s Green Home Choice Program.