San Francisco, CA Intermodal Use Of Bicycles With Caltrain Travel

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San Francisco, CA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted in 2008

Source File:


A Resolution of the Bicycle Advisory Committee

Whereas the San Francisco Peninsula rail transit service, Caltrain, provides a vital public transportation link and has provided on-board carriage of bicycles since 1992, and

Whereas bicycles on-board Caltrain is an inter-modal transportation solution that is socially beneficial with regard to reducing Global Warming, one of the most critically important issues in the world today, via eliminating reliance on the automobile, and

Whereas inter-modal transportation is not unique but rather a proven and preferred transportation model that delivers cost and efficiency advantages that have attained world-wide acceptance, and

Whereas our Governor and the State of California have taken a leadership position in the United States with respect to constructively addressing our collective responsibility to participate in developing solutions to Global Warming, and

Whereas the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco have undertaken initiatives to mitigate factors contributing to Global Warming, and

Whereas the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors have set the City and County on the path to achieve a goal of reducing automobile traffic in the City and County and achieving a goal of ten percent of trips in San Francisco occurring by bicycle by the year 2010, and

Whereas constructing and maintaining automobile parking spaces for non-cycling Caltrain passengers encumbers the City and County and burdens the taxpayers, and

Whereas bicyclists are routinely denied boarding during commute hours due to limited capacity for bicycles on-board Caltrain, although even the busiest trains have at least 20% empty seats as reported by Caltrain in February 2006 Caltrain Annual Passenger Counts, and

Whereas limited capacity for bicycles on-board Caltrain discourages cyclists from using Caltrain as part of an inter-modal transportation solution and can result in their choosing to drive alone in their personal automobiles instead which is in direct conflict with the declared policy goals of the Governor, Mayor, and the Board of Supervisors, and

Whereas bicyclists often need their bicycles at both ends of their Caltrain trip, that is, to reach their Caltrain departure station and to reach their final destination after disembarking Caltrain,

Therefore be it resolved that the San Francisco Bicycle Advisory Committee encourages Caltrain in its efforts to deliver an excellent and forward-thinking transportation solution of bicycles combined with train service, and

Therefore be if further resolved that the San Francisco Bicycle Advisory Committee requests the Board of Supervisors call for expanded capacity for bicycles on-board Caltrain.

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