Federal Way, WA Diversity Commission 2007-2008 Business Plan

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Federal Way, WA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.cityoffederalway.com/Page.aspx?view=401


The Diversity Commission advises the City Council on policy matters involving the community's cultural and ethnic differences, ensuring that these differences are considered in the decision-making process.

"It is our aim to help Federal Way in becoming a community which is united amidst diversity, where each individual is respected, equally valued, equally needed and equally cherished. Equality is not sameness, it is equivalent value."


Martin Luther King Event
Manage the 2008 Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration and the Senior High School Summit; partner with an organization to complete a community service project. (January 2008)

Book Donations
Provide culturally diverse books to school libraries for the enrichment of young readers. (Spring 2008)

Discussion/Book Groups/Forum/Debates
Provide an opportunity to engage the community to come together for discussions on a variety of topics that will help create a greater understanding of the value of a diverse community. (Winter 2008)

Public Relations
Attend Council/Committee meetings; promote programs and diversity through all media forums, including local and ethnic newspapers, Channel 21, City newsletter, Commission brochure, and event attendance. Work with local newspapers to a have a regular feature column; establish media contacts and build relationships. Examine budget and strategies. (Ongoing)

Bite of Federal Way/Community Celebration
Organize event that features the foods, traditions, crafts, and entertainment of various cultural groups. (Summer 2008)

Human Resources Assistance
Offer suggestions to City Manager and staff to help achieve and maintain a labor force that reflects the diversity of Federal Way. Establish an efficient, effective recruitment strategy to ensure a sufficient number of Diversity Commissioners who represent various ages, race, classes, and genders. Contact small, ethnic media newspapers and outlets to educate, market, and assist in facilitating diversity in the City's workforce and commissions. (Ongoing)

Partner with AmeriCorps, the Youth Commission, the Diversity Alumni Group, and other City commissions on community building projects that promote diversity in Federal Way. (Ongoing)

Guest Speakers
Arrange for guest speakers at meetings at Commission meetings to address community issues and topics of interest. Invite community members to attend these meetings. (Periodic)