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Brisbane, Australia

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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More than 195 wheelchair accessible, air conditioned [natural] gas buses are now part of Brisbane City Council's fleet of about 700 buses.

Visit our Green bus newsroom for more information.

Project details
Council is continuing to upgrade its bus fleet and will add an extra 60 gas buses to the fleet every year.

Compared to most diesel buses, gas buses produce:

  • 99% less carbon monoxide
  • 82% less hydrocarbons
  • 94% less nitrogen oxide
  • 15% less carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases
  • 60% less noise

As part of the green bus project, Council is switching its diesel buses to BP's 'ultra low sulphur diesel'. Environmental benefits of the new fuel include:

  • up to 60% less smoke
  • 90% less sulphur dioxide
  • 80% less air toxins including 'polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons', which have been linked to cancer
  • 20% less fine particles
  • 10% less nitrogen oxide
  • less exhaust odour and waste oil

Council will also open a $4 million gas refuelling station at Virginia for buses using the Inner Northern Busway when it opens in February.