American University, DC Workplace Conduct Advisory Team

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American University, DC, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Unclear -- Active during 2003-04

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It is the mission of the Workplace Conduct Advisory Team to monitor developments in the production of licensed collegiate apparel, and advise the president on measures to assure that American University products are manufactured in socially responsible workplaces.

American University has affiliated with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). The university has a long and respected tradition of being in the forefront of universities that express support for social values to increase dignity, decency, and fairness of the human community. AU endorses the principles of ending sweatshop conditions, providing decent wages, protecting the rights of workers – especially women and minorities – and supporting only manufacturers that provide socially responsible workplaces.

Advisory Team Priorities for 2003-04

  • Continue efforts to educate the community about AU’s commitment to socially responsible business practices and educate students to be informed consumers
  • Complete the Social Responsibility Web Site and establish means for keeping it current
  • Develop appropriate responses to notices from the WRC and FLA about manufacturing violations, particularly through the FLA Small Schools Committee
  • Establish financial support and a recruitment and selection protocol for student participation in internships with NGO monitoring organizations
  • Review apparel purchasing practices in AU Athletics and make recommendations to ensure that athletic apparel is purchased from socially responsible vendors.