Lake Forest College, IL Sustainable Campus Implementation Grants

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Lake Forest College, IL, US

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Type: (Pilot) Program

Status: Ongoing

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Purpose of the Sustainable Campus Implementation Grants
As part of its charge, the Environmental Issues and Concerns Advisory Committee is offering a pilot grants program through which members of the campus community can identify and improve the sustainable operation of the college and, through these projects, educate the campus about broader issues affecting the status of the environment.

Current students, staff, and faculty are invited to apply. Students must be registered and actively attending classes during the regular semesters included in the grant period. Faculty and staff must be employees of the college for the duration of the grant period.

Award Amounts
Proposals may be submitted for award amounts ranging from $100 - $500. For applicants who do not have budgetary authority, a budgetary sponsor is required (e.g. Department Chair or Supervisor), through whom the funds will be administered. Funds can therefore be used for purchases by college purchase order, Business Office check, or by reimbursement. Implementation Grant funds may not be used to pay salaries or to cover expenses normally included in an existing budget. Award funds should be spent in accordance with the detailed budget included in the proposal and conform to all college policies. Purchased items and completed projects become college property at the end of the grant period. In the event that the grantee cannot complete the project once it has commenced, all remaining funds shall be returned.

Review Criteria
Proposals will be ranked according to the following criteria:

1. Demonstrated strength and knowledge in focus area,
2. Impact of the project on overall campus sustainability, affecting both academic and community life,
3. Potential for support and collaboration by multiple campus populations, offices, and departments, and
4. A plan sufficiently detailed to ensure successful implementation and longevity through institutional continuation.

In addition to the primary review criteria, special consideration will be given to projects that include the following: campus education, budget-relieving initiatives, specific assessments of the sustainable outcome, timelines that correspond to the academic year, and links between Lake Forest College and outside communities.

Review Process
Proposal review will be carried out in two phases. In the first phase, the review committee will include all members of the Environmental Issues and Concerns Advisory Committee. All proposals sponsored by one or more members of the committee will advance to the second phase. A member of the committee with a proposal under review may not sponsor his/her own proposal. In the second round, all committee members with proposals under review will be recused from the review panel. The final review panel is comprised of all remaining members of the committee plus one member of the Environmental Studies Program Steering Committee. Proposals will be selected by majority vote of the review panel. As the source of funds, the Dean of Faculty has the right to ratify the final selection of the panel.

Responsibilities of Grantees
By accepting an award, the grantee agrees to provide the Environmental Issues and Concerns Advisory Committee with the following at the close of the grant period: 1) a final written report detailing the project achievements, 2) a presentation at a designated meeting of the committee, and 3) a public presentation of the project. For student applicants, item (3) can be fulfilled through a talk or poster at the Student Symposium.

Important Deadlines
The EICAC chairperson must receive proposals electronically by 11:59 p.m. on September 15, 2008. The review panel will make its decision and notify grantees no later than September 25, 2008. Projects may begin at any time thereafter, and must be completed by March 16, 2009, unless the committee has approved an extension for summer projects.