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GreenPolicy360/Siterunner: We can trace our progressive activism back to the beginnings of the modern environmental movement and many calls to action over the years and following decades. Strategically the initial calls to step up came from the social justice field, of civil rights and human rights, then peace work, then in the late 60s, we saw images that changed our lives, that changed all of our lives as humanity saw what we had never seen before. Together, in December 1968 and January 1969, Earth Science delivered unprecedented first images of our home planet, Planet Earth. A Whole Earth, modern environmental movement was energized, bringing together a larger, global movement, voice and forces of peace, justice, environmental responsibility, visions of a connections and potential for a better future.

We saw science as a guide. We were among those who looked to the big picture and science as a way to know how best to manage our new responsibilities as planet citizens, developing new definitions of national and global security.

Into this interconnected realization of larger responsibilities of 'the Commons, a new tool, the Internet, came into use and many of us, especially in California at first as the so-called 'Silicon Valley' began to employ 'the Internet' and 'the Web' to advance and share new technology.

The digital world has profoundly changed our world over recent decades. Multiple challenges have cascaded illustrating how the 'Net and Web' have come to be used, for good and bad The Internet is now an arena of political rivals and challenges. Some of us share best practices, educate and use digital tools with care and science to solve great problems and challenges such as climate change. Others employ digital technology to spread dis- and mis-information, to wield social media influence, and to exert political, financial power and control.

Earth and Space, Politics

Environmental protection

GreenPolicy360 believes we all should strive to have active roles in using digital tools beneficially. A digital revolution is reality and we must look to empower digital strategies in environmental activism, in education, media, fact checking networking, and broadly and deeply in science --- in atmospheric science, earth science, earth imaging, in earth climate observations, in measuring and monitoring earth systems in order to better manage our national security and global, our communities health, our responsibilities to be thoughtful planet citizens.

With Strategic Policy and Internet Online Rights, we continue holding a decades-long vision of green best practices. As digital citizens in a connected world, we must recognize and act upon strategic demands.



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Planet Citizens, Digital Rights and Responsibilities


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New Vision in a 360° Connected World

Environmental Security

Life on Earth / Planet Citizen Perspective


SJS/GreenPolicy360 Siterunner: The evolution of Green Strategic Policy can be seen as an 'Overview Effect'... with science delivering 'from above', a modern environmental movement arose...

New visions of Earth, Earth Science and Earth Science from Space can be said to have begun as we were wowed by "Earthrise"

Apollo Earth 350x350.jpg

Earth comes into view as the Apollo astronauts circled the Moon...

The year was 1968, the month was December.

The three astronauts scrambled for a camera and, with fortune, 'Earthrise' images were captured before Earth quickly passed by their window.

Humanity first envisions Earth from Above

The Apollo 8 astronauts, as they were orbiting around the Moon, were surprised by what they suddenly saw, unexpectedly. Some on Earth began talking about a "Whole Earth" responsibility we felt, and a new strategic vision almost immediately arose.

In January 1969 a full-color majestic picture of our home planet was on the cover of Life Magazine. Our rising home planet surprising and overwhelming us all. Humanities vie of our world began to change...

Apollo 8, Life Jan10,1969.png

Later astronaut pictures, Apollo 17 images looking back at our blue planet, would be called 'Blue Marble' Earth.

We shimmered in space, full of potential...

Blue Marble photo - Apollo 17.jpg

Yet internationally our world was riven with war and conflict. It was a Nuclear era and Nuclear weapons bristled as two nations threatened catastrophe. The Atomic Age with its life ending Atomic Bomb hovered above us all.

The times called for peace, environmental protection, anti-nuke action -- and so we began...

Earth in Human Hands...

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

-- T. S. Eliot

From our new vantage point, looking back from Earth's moon, humanity's understanding of ourselves and our place as stewards of life on Earth sprung forth. Overnight it seemed many realized we needed to go beyond the peace movement. Soon we began talking and planning for the first Earth Day. The modern environmental movement had work to do and we set ourselves to the task at hand.

New ways of seeing national security began with 'we're all planet citizens'. Above, looking back home, our Blue Planet calls to us to protect and secure life on Earth.


New Definitions of National & Global Security,_National_Security

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Planet Citizens

Look at how thin our atmosphere is


Each of us can make a positive difference stepping up & doing our best / Becoming Planet Citizens

#PlanetCitizens #StrategicDemands #ThinBlueLayer
#Earth360 #EnvironmentalSecurity #GreenPolicy360;

Earth Science Research from Space

Envisioning the Big Picture and Acting to Make a Difference


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