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Green values demand strategic focus on #ClimatePolicy & #EnvironmentalSecurity

New Definitions of National Security are necessary to meet the Climate Change Challenges of our Era

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Climate News

New Definitions of National Security

Steve Schmidt: It's no ride in the park looking back at some 50+ years of environmental protection work. The obstacles were many, the climate change denial purposeful, and the dis- and mis-information pervasive. Those of us who were developing the field of climate science were, although we didn't describe it as such, creating a story arc of the climate change movement. The genesis of climate science was becoming a key 'atmospheric science' question to Congressman George E. Brown in the 1960s and I was, as a high school student, becoming a political follower of my representative's work. George went on to be a 'mover and shaker' in Congress and leader, as a trained physicist and practicing engineer, in the science and policy of climate. His work is essential in understanding how climate change powered up a constellation of NASA/NOAA/USGS programs and missions, many of which were the first of their type gathering digital data and earth science imaging. I was fortunate, as an environmental activist, to be along for the ride over the years until George's untimely passing in 1999.

Thank you George for all you did, the perseverance, the vision, the hard work. You made a world of difference, a positive difference that goes on and on (and you changed my life) --

To our GreenPolicy360 readers, please take a look, a close look, at George E. Brown as I've recalled many of his contributions here --

and let us also all take a look at some of the history of climate conferences over the years here --

The work continues as we step up and do our best, becoming Planet Citizens day-by-day.

Planet Citizen Action

Climate Problems, Climate Solutions
GreenPolicy360 | Green Politics

Climate Change 'End of Year Review'

December 2022

by Professor Stephen Mulkey

Do you want a Powerpoint presentation of the state of the climate change challenge, an overview that touches on science, and economics, and politcs, and solutions, and academics, and critical thinking, and our generation's 'environmental century'?

Then here it is. The good professor walks us through touch points that illustrate the nature of the #ClimateCrisis, and what's being done about it, and what's not being done and could be done.

The journey the professor guides us along isn't an easy road to traverse. In fact, the narrative is an overwhelming journey that requires great strength to travel. Ready?

The YouTube presentation is a bit old fashioned these days, with the PPT not exactly the latest in presentation tools, but then again what do you want, AI?

Come along for the ride, click YouTube here.

And note a timeline of solutions our GreenPolicy360 siterunner has explored over the decades, beginning with a first generation of climate science initiatives in the 1970s....

George E. Brown Jr | Environmental movement | Look at how thin our atmosphere is | Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists | The Commons | Eco-nomics |

New Definitions of National Security | Earth Right Now | Earth Science Vital Signs | Environmental protection | Generation Green


Climate Conferences 1979-2020.jpg


"A Timeline of International Climate Conferences"

Accompanied by 'Trends in Atmospheric CO2 vs Global Temperature Change'


"Climate Change", "Climate Devastation"

Time Cover Story, October 19, 1987.jpg

Environmental Security

Earth Observations

Environmental Security, National Security

Earth Science Research from Space

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GreenPolicy360 & Strategic Demands:

ThinBlue.png : EnvironmentalSecurity ThinBlue.png

Atmospheric Science

Earth Science

Our "Thin Blue" focus on atmospheric science & climate change

Rarely recognized as a 'strategically vital' natural resource, our home planet's thin blue layer of life protecting atmosphere is being disrupted

Today's industrial emissions are 'externalities', ominous costs adding up relentlessly in an experimental brew of risk & change to "Thin Blue"

Blue atmosphere from Astro Wheelock.jpg

How thin is earth's atmosphere.jpg

CO2 photo.JPG

Earth Science

Oceans heating accelerates

Oceans heat added 1955-2011 lawrencelivermorelab 2016.jpg

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After the Paris Agreement: "Now What?"

December 2015: The Climate Plan Agreement
INDC/Climate Plan Updates from GreenPolicy360

Paris Climate Agreement Tracker / CAIT Climate Data Explorer

Click on the Map for the Latest Country-by-Country News

CAIT Map 1.png

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Pope Francis on the eve of the Climate mtgs

"It would be sad, and dare I say even catastrophic, were special interests to prevail over the common good and lead to manipulating information in order to protect their own plans and interests."
"The Pope focuses comments to those who reject the science behind global warming..."

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More Climate Policy Updates @GreenPolicy360

"Climate Change", aka, "Climate Disruption"

Climate News
Earth Science Politics
Earth Observations
Environmental Security

Climate Summit Agreement in Paris
More on National Climate Plans/INDCs

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Begin with the History of Climate Change Science

The Discovery of Global Warming (with hyperlinks)

Congressman Brown / Science Committee in Front of Climate Action

National Climate Program Act, 1978 / PDF

The first US federal program established (1978) to study and assess scientifically the issues and risks of human-caused climate change

US Public Law 95-367.png

Dr. James Hansen



Climate Impact of Increasing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

From the Journal of Science

28 August 1981, Volume 213, Number 4511

James Hansen et al.

Greenhouse Effect

Atmospheric CO2 increased from 280 to 300 parts per million in 1880 to 335 to 340 ppm in 1980, mainly due to burning of fossil fuels....

Summary. The global temperature rose by 0.20C between the middle 1960’s and1980, yielding a warming of 0.4Β°C in the past century. This temperature increase is consistent with the calculated greenhouse effect due to measured increases of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Variations of volcanic aerosols and possibly solar luminosity appear to be primary causes of observed fluctuations about the mean trend of increasing temperature. It is shown that the anthropogenic carbon dioxide warming should emerge from the noise level of natural climate variability by the end of the century, and there is a high probability of warming in the 1980’s. Potential effects on climate in the 21st century include the creation of drought-prone regions in North America and central Asia as part of a shifting of climatic zones, erosion of the West Antarctic ice sheet with a consequent worldwide rise in sea level, and opening of the fabled Northwest Passage.


Climate Change Journal.jpg

Cumulative CO2 Emissions by Country Since 1850.png

CO2 Emissions, GDP per Capita, and Temperature Change by Country 1961-2014.png

CO2 Emissions per Capita by Country 1960-2014.png


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