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A Story of Intended National Climate Actions (INDCs) and Determined Actions (NDCs)

Will we move nation-by-nation and internationally with enough speed and scope in our climate actions to protect and preserve an intergenerationally thriving planet?

Intended and Nationally Determined Climate Goals

From the Paris Climate Summit's INDCs to the Glasgow Climate Summit's NDCs

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Tracking

Measuring and Monitoring Climate Plans & Climate Actions

'Talking the Talk and/or Walking the Walk'


Climate Plans Enforcement - Resources

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Via GreenPolicy360

GreenPolicy360's Campaign to 'Turn National Climate Promises & Pledges into Reality'

Our Climate Plans Enforcement Initiative continues as the next Global Climate Conference approaches, November's Conference of the Parties (COP27)
Drawing from the database of Earth Science resulting from decades of space-based missions designed to provide us with actionable 'Earth-system and Climate-related data'
Measuring and Monitoring to better manage Earth's Living, Dynamic and Changing Systems, Local, National and Global

Methods to Enforce Climate Plan Pledges

GreenPolicy360: Climate Plans Enforcement Initiative

Pressuring Nations to Step Up, Cooperate, and Act Now

Environmental Laws, Regs, Rules... Lawsuits & Legal Actions

Glasgow (2021) & Paris (2015) Summits: Int'l Climate Plan Pledges & Promises (INDCs-NDCs)

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"Earth Observing System": Decades of Earth Science/Climate Science Data Accessible for Planet Citizen Action

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United Nations

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) | Climate Plans

View your country's official plans and pledges for climate action
(U.N. Climate Plans Database as of 2022)


Review country-by-country environmental data, green issues & open source data

Climate Plan/INDC Updates to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

INDCs | Climate Plans Enforcement - Resources

Intended Nationally Determined Contributions / Individual Nation's Climate Plans

Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)

Countries Signing Climate Action Plans

Paris Agreement Signatures

Paris Climate Agreement Tracker / CAIT Climate Data Explorer

Click on the Map for the Latest Country-by-Country News

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Climate Watch Pathways

Via World Resources Institute

Climate Analysis Indicators Tools (CAIT)

World Resources Institute Update 2022 | Follow the Climate Data

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International Climate (INDC) Progress


CO₂ and other Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Via Our World in Data

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European Union Votes to Ratify the #ParisAgreement

The most comprehensive international agreement ever to combat man-made climate change will take effect in November, less than a year after negotiators from more than 190 countries reached international accord.
October 5, 2016 / The European Parliament yesterday approved ratification of the Paris climate accord by the European Union (EU).
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: "There are two requirements for the Paris Agreement to enter into force. Fifty-five parties to the Agreement, and fifty-five percent of greenhouse gas emissions accounted for... With the action taken by the EU Parliament, we will achieve both thresholds."

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Step Up the Climate Fight -- Now! / LA Times

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Intended Nationally Determined Contributions / Individual Nation's Climate Plans

How real the climate action 'intentions' of the nations of the world?

Our challenge is "turning climate action promises and pledges into reality"

See the Climate Plans Enforcement project of GreenPolicy360, announced in 2021

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Next Steps as the Paris 2015 Climate Summit Concludes

195 countries signed onto the new international climate agreement at COP21 in Paris.

Does that mean the Agreement is now in effect?

No, countries still need to take steps so that it takes effect. What occurred on December 12 at COP21 was the “adoption” of the Paris Agreement by the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Adoption is the formal act that establishes the form and content of an agreement.

In addition to adopting the Paris Agreement, the Parties made a number of key decisions about what’s necessary for the Agreement to enter into force. They also agreed on a process for how countries will finalize their current national climate plans and shift them from being Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) into Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Countries must now actually join the Paris Agreement and become Parties to it. To do this, each country must now sign and indicate their consent to be bound by the Agreement.

After at least 55 Parties to the UNFCCC representing at least 55 percent of total global greenhouse gases sign on and indicate their consent to be bound will the Agreement “enter into force,” meaning it will come into effect and be legally binding.

After entry into force, the first meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement will be held. This will be an important time to adopt many of the more detailed rules and procedures necessary to make the Agreement effective.

What’s the timeline for countries to ratify the Agreement?

On April 22, 2016, all Heads of State can sign the Agreement at a high-level signing ceremony at the United Nations in New York.

The Agreement will then be open for signature for one year, until April 21, 2017.

Most countries will sign the Agreement “subject to ratification, acceptance and approval,” making their signature conditional on obtaining the required domestic approval for joining the Agreement. In some cases, they will also enact any national legislation necessary to implement the Agreement. For example, in Australia, the only requirement is formal notification and introduction of the Agreement in Parliament, whereas in Mexico, the consent of the Senate is also required. In the United States, many international agreements are joined as “executive agreements” based on presidential authority.

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Paris tracker: Who pledged what for 2015 UN climate pact?


Policy Solutions, Proposals and Rules

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World map

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"New Definitions of National Security" @GreenPolicy360

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New Definitions of National Security
Environmental Security
Earth Observations
Environmental Security, National Security
Earth and Space, Politics

Earth from NASA
Watching Planet Earth Roll Thru Space

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Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists
Earth Science Research from Space
Measuring & Monitoring Planet Earth Now