Environmental Law, Rollbacks under Trump 2016-20

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An election and a retro-vision U.S. president, Donald Trump, comes into office with what is described as a "transactional" approach to governing. The new administration immeditely attempts to rollback Environmental Security efforts and progress of decades. The Trump administration attempts to 'scrub' Earth science and climate change and environment-related information that is publicly available from the U.S. and shut down, defund, terminate and block environmental, health, and public benefit programs that Trump deems expendable.

A Trump Record of Rollbacks

Beginning with denial of mainstream atmospheric/climate/earth science...
| Visit removed EPA page at Wayback Machine
| Visit removed EPA page at Wayback Machine

Environmental and Climate Law, Rollbacks under Trump (U.S.)

Environmental Legislation Info (U.S.)

A administration that extends over its years in office even to attempts to end earth science missions of NASA as part of a attempts from Trump from 2016-20 to rollback of environmental protections.

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