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Green Best Practices

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GreenPolicy is built to be an online hub for sharing of "green best practices"

GreenPolicy360's eco-OS expands the best practice business concept to the distributive web.

With a wide array of topics, GreenPolicy360 will save you time and energy as you look to learn about and become engaged in work to improve your community. Whatever country you are in, you can learn from "best practices". Rather than spend hours upon hours trying to locate source material, you can find many models and examples of 'best practices' right here, right now.

Sharing of green best practices is our goal. Successful green models/templates of initiatives & proposals, resolutions/laws/ordinances, 360 data & project how-to information are gathered & organized via keyword Categories & Topics, Locations & GreenLinks.

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Welcome to our Green Policy network

We are grassroots-powered and open to "greens of all colors." We are built on a MediaWiki platform. We're an eOS, an eco-operating system.

GreenPolicy360 presents green best practices -- practical and visionary green policy solutions. We are a database and go-to e-resource where a keyword can deliver multiple examples of green initiatives and projects, real-world models and templates from and for your location, town, village, city, state, country or region.

We are GreenPolicy360 -- "Greening Our Blue Planet"

-- Steven Schmidt, Founder-/Siterunner

(Wikipedia) He co-established the Green Policy wiki site in 2004 to "compete with the Republican’s Legislative Exchange, ALEC strategy." A writer on security and peace issues, Schmidt co-organized the 2006 "Surviving Victory" conference in Washington, DC.


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