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What's in Your Water


In the US, most people are drinking water that is legally “safe” but isn’t actually risk-free

Lead is a particularly stark example of federal standards and health science not matching up ...

The US Environmental Working Group (EWG) runs an online resource known as the Tap Water Database.

It lists contaminants, their levels and likely sources and any federal drinking water violations by local water utilities.

Consumers, after typing in their zip code, receive a detailed analysis based on testing from 2010 through 2015.

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Clean Water, Beginning Point to Health

One of the United States' first and most influential modern environmental laws, the Clean Water Act (CWA) is the primary federal law in the United States governing water pollution. Its objective is to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation's waters by preventing point and nonpoint pollution sources, providing assistance to publicly owned treatment works for the improvement of wastewater treatment, and maintaining the integrity of wetlands.


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