Each of us can make a positive difference

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Planet Citizens

Time for Planet Citizen Action

Becoming Planet Citizens
@GreenPolicy360 (quoting Ecolivia):
"Each of us can make a positive difference by stepping up & doing our best"

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Greta Thunberg - Week 203 Climate Strike.png

School strike week 176.png


Greta Thunberg, One Can Become Many

The Climate Strike Starting

Via Louise Macdonald @Louisemac

Picture so incredibly moving.

This is @GretaThunberg aged 15, sat alone outside the Swedish Parliament, Aug 2018

Greta outside the Swedish Parliament, August 2018.jpg

Greta by herself striking.jpg
Greta by herself striking - 2.jpeg
Greta by herself striking - 3.jpg
Greta by herself striking - 4.jpg


Act on Climate #FridaysForFuture #Climate
Global Climate Strike

Climate Strike Around the World - Sep20,2019.jpg

Call to Action: One becomes Many
Estimates of over 4 million out to demonstrate
Millions Join In

Ripples into Waves
Global Climate Strike September 20-27th:
5225 events
In 156 countries
On all 7 continents