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Each of us can make a positive difference ....

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Planet Citizens
Earth Is in Your Hands 馃寧
"Vita contemplativa to Vita activa"

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December 2023

COP28 News - Dec 13 2023.png


A Dubai Climate Summit Surprise

With Multiple Caveats


The latest proposal published by the UAE early on Wednesday. Dec. 13, calls for 鈥渢ransitioning away from fossil fuels in energy systems, in a just, orderly and equitable manner, accelerating action in this critical decade, so as to achieve net zero by 2050 in keeping with the science.鈥


The COP28 deal might be historic, but there are many caveats...'


Representatives from nearly 200 countries agreed at the COP28 climate summit on Wednesday to begin reducing global consumption of fossil fuels to avert the worst of climate change, signalling the eventual end of the oil age.

The deal struck in Dubai after two weeks of hard-fought negotiations was meant to send a powerful message to investors and policy-makers that the world is united in its desire to break with fossil fuels, something scientists say is the last best hope to stave off climate catastrophe.

COP28 President Sultan al-Jaber called the deal "historic" but added that its true success would be in its implementation.

"We are what we do, not what we say," he told the crowded plenary at the summit. "We must take the steps necessary to turn this agreement into tangible actions."

Several countries cheered the deal for accomplishing something that until now eluded decades of climate talks.

"It is the first time that the world unites around such a clear text on the need to transition away from fossil fuels," Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide said.

More than 100 countries had lobbied hard for strong language in the COP28 agreement to "phase out" oil, gas and coal use, but came up against powerful opposition from the Saudi Arabia-led oil producer group OPEC, which said the world can cut emissions without shunning specific fuels.

That battle pushed the summit a full day into overtime on Wednesday, and had some observers worried the negotiations would end at an impasse...

Financial Times

COP28 is better than feared, but less than needed

Call to move away from fossil fuels lacks deadlines to phase them out...

NY Times

Two Words That Could Change the World

An unlikely breakthrough on fossil fuels at COP28

They are just two little words. They appear on just one page of an 11,000 word document.

But the inclusion of the phrase 鈥渇ossil fuels鈥 in the final agreement from COP28 marks a potentially trajectory-altering moment in the fight against climate change. The global pact calls for 鈥渢ransitioning away from fossil fuels in energy systems, in a just, orderly and equitable manner.鈥

For almost 30 years, negotiators representing nations from around the world had struggled and failed to reach an obvious consensus: that the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas should be wound down to avoid further catastrophic global warming.

But overnight, representatives from more than 170 countries arrived at a surprising deal, in Dubai of all places.

The text is not as clear as many leaders, activists and scientists had hoped. It includes caveats and wiggle room, and is nonbinding. Nevertheless, the inclusion of explicit language calling for a move away from coal, oil and gas is being hailed as a major breakthrough...


The US delegation that officially traveled to Dubai included a number of Republicans. Their points of view were expressed in a wide-ranging E&E article ... Many House Republicans 鈥 who said repeatedly they were only going to COP28 to tout U.S. leadership on domestic emissions reductions, not explore how their country can join the international fight against climate change more broadly 鈥 used face time with Kerry to, among other things, blast proposed EPA regulations to crack down on tailpipe emissions and incentivize a switch to electric vehicles. In interviews with reporters, other GOP members derided the Biden administration鈥檚 鈥渞ush to green鈥 agenda...

John Kerry, US special representative on the climate acknowledged the difficulty of negotiations:

鈥淚 think everybody here should be pleased that in a world of Ukraine and the Middle East war and all the other challenges of a planet that is foundering, this is a moment where multilateralism has actually come together and people have taken individual interests and attempted to define the common good. That is hard. That is the hardest thing in diplomacy, the hardest thing in politics.鈥


December 12

Carbon Brief reports as the COP28 draws to a close...

- "Rule 16" looms... (postponements, no action, roll overs to COP29)

Tracking negotiating texts at COP28 climate summit

COP28 climate talks in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Negotiation are the core legal process at the summit

The nations deal-making process is difficult to observe... and as the international climate conference comes to a conclusion remember there are promises that need now to become on-the-ground / in-the-air realities...

Carbon Brief:

"The (climate conferences) process often fades into the background, hidden from sight in closed-door negotiating rooms and late-night sessions, where diplomats 鈥 and then ministers 鈥 hash out their disagreements.

"However, COP28 will culminate in a set of legal decisions, under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its associated Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement.

"This set of legal texts lies at the heart of COP28 鈥 and every other UN climate summit.

GreenPolicy360: Focus on the agreements, pledges/promises, results and .... keeping in mind that each nation subsequently has to return to their individual country to turn their climate summit agreements, pledges/promises into *Results


Climate Problems, Climate Solutions

Speed and Scale Poster.png

Generation Green

Our Generational Challenge

Act now for a livable future.png


GreenLinks for Green Networking

GreenPolicy360 | PlanetCitizen eOS , Your eco Operating System Planet Citizens

Visit the Beginnings of Earth System Science Missions

Along with Planet Citizen, US Representative George E. Brown:
Envisioning, Legislating, Managing a First Generation of US/NASA, Earth Science & Environmental Protection, Programs, Research, and Whole Earth Imaging
A Chronicle of the First Three Decades of Environmental Action, Policies/Laws/Regulation / Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists @Work

George E. Brown Jr


You can manage only what you can measure Dr David Crisp, OCO-2, June 2014 m.jpg

Measuring, Monitoring, Managing Earth's Dynamic/Changing Systems
Earth Imaging, Earth Science Research from Space, Data for Today & the Future

馃寧 鈥淭o understand and protect our home planet" (from the original Mission Statement of NASA]


The First 'Earth Day', a Story of Beginnings

Steven Schmidt: Thinking back to beginnings and to Hannah Arendt... she was preeminently the theorist of beginnings. All her books are tales of the unexpected (whether concerned with the novel horrors of totalitarianism or the new dawn of revolution), and reflections on the human capacity to start something new pervade her thinking. #Human Condition

Hannah Arendt was teaching in the Grad Faculty of the New School in NYC when I was fortunate to be there. Her work, ideas, have stayed w me throughout my life, and inspired ... Memorably, she was writing the first page of her last book in the Life of the Mind trilogy when she passed away....


Celebrating Earth Day | 2023

"Memories on the Road to the First Earth Day"

Earth day flag waves.jpg


SJS/GreenPolicy360: Sparked by young activists, the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 presented beginnings of a wave, a powerful expression of green ideals and ideas emerging in a serious and historic event. Today Earth Day continues on as a movement and a political cause. Now we are a diverse mix across the globe with many nationalities, voices, faiths, religions, colors and ages. We witness the young out in front with energy. We continue on year after year, decade after decade. Across our home planet, we are #PlanetCitizens. We are a work-in-progress.


Bioneers 2023 - ThirdAct.Org.jpg at the 2023 Bioneers Conference

Re: Truth-Telling

鈥淎lmost no single revelation will cause significant change by itself,鈥 Ellsberg said in a recent Washington Post video, explaining how the truth needs allies in persistence. 鈥淏ut in combination with other information鈥攐ther truth-telling鈥攃ourage is contagious.鈥 -- Daniel Ellsberg

How Daniel Ellsberg Opened the Door to One of the Most Consequential Climate Stories of Our Time

The whistleblower who leaked the Pentagon Papers was undaunted by the challenge of finding out what the oil industry knew about carbon emissions and global warming


Strategic Demands

Daniel - June 16, 2023.png

"In Memory of a Man Named Daniel"

Steve Schmidt / GreenPolicy360 Founder: In each of our lives we must make choices, daily life choices, easy choices. Then there are the times of hard, difficult, far-reaching choices, monumental, even frightening moments when we make conscious, and conscientious, choices we sense will continue far beyond our day-to-day reality.

These can be ethical challenges that will profoundly change our life and the lives of others -- and we sense there will be no turning back.

Such a moment came in the life of Daniel Ellsberg one dark night as waves crashed on the beach outside his Malibu home.

I remember that night Dan Ellsberg was making a life-changing decision and write about his action and resolve here. In later decades, as a type of planet citizen, Dan would go on to inspire other brave souls to speak up and do the right thing.

Planet citizens in action carry on...


Interreligious Dialogue

Interreligious dialogue leads to care for planet, pope says to Buddhists.png

Time to Care for Our Home


October 2022

Time for Planet Citizen Action and a "CEOS", a Committee on Earth Observation Satellites

GreenPolicy360 welcomes the arrival of a global science mission, a "Global Stocktake", a collection of earth science data to be made available to the community of nations, to planet citizen activists and scientists, educational institutions, non-profits, NGOs, young and old to become tools for legal enforcement of national climate plans & pledges

September 2022

GreenPolicy360's Campaign to 'Turn National Climate Promises & Pledges into Reality'

Our Climate Plans Enforcement Initiative continues as the next Global Climate Conference approaches, November's Conference of the Parties (COP27)
Drawing from the database of Earth Science resulting from decades of space-based missions designed to provide us with actionable 'Earth-system and Climate-related data'
Measuring and Monitoring to better manage Earth's Living, Dynamic and Changing Systems, Local, National and Global

Methods to Enforce Climate Plan Pledges

GreenPolicy360: Climate Plans Enforcement Initiative

Pressuring Nations to Step Up, Cooperate, and Act Now

Environmental Laws, Regs, Rules... Lawsuits & Legal Actions

Glasgow (2021) & Paris (2015) Summits: Int'l Climate Plan Pledges & Promises (INDCs-NDCs)

Earth Observing System - fleet of satellites.png

"Earth Observing System": Decades of Earth Science/Climate Science Data Accessible for Planet Citizen Action

EarthRightNow Earth Science satellite fleet circa 2015 m.jpg


August 2022

Steven J Schmidt - GreenPolicy360 / SJS: The thing is the future doesn't vote. Future generations don't influence, ante up dollars or deal out megadollars to politicos... the #PoliticoPay and #MoneyinPolitics game is a U.S. high stakes game played today. Quid pro quo, it is a pay-to-play politics as Richard Jacobs accurately describes in his book, a 'Democracy of Dollars'.

Fact is, future generations will face the results of today's Money in Politics barter.

And yes, of course we have options, choices that can change the future.

Remembering Hannah Arendt writing of contemplation --- leading and guiding essential action...

'Vita Contemplativa' & 'Vita Activa'

Seventh Generation

Generation Green

鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼

鈥楥limate Advocates Say It鈥檚 Not Too Late

March 2022 / NYT

A growing chorus of young people is focusing on climate solutions. 鈥溾業t鈥檚 too late鈥 means 鈥業 don鈥檛 have to do anything, and the responsibility is off me.鈥欌

Alaina Wood is well aware that, planetarily speaking, things aren鈥檛 looking so great. She鈥檚 read the dire climate reports, tracked cataclysmic weather events and gone through more than a few dark nights of the soul.

She is also part of a growing cadre of people, many of them young, who are fighting climate doomism, the notion that it鈥檚 too late to turn things around. They believe that focusing solely on terrible climate news can sow dread and paralysis, foster inaction, and become a self-fulfilling prophecy...

鈥淧eople are almost tired of hearing how bad it is; the narrative needs to move onto solutions,鈥 said Ms. Wood, 25, a sustainability scientist who communicates much of her climate messaging on TikTok, the most popular social media platform among young Americans. 鈥淭he science says things are bad. But it鈥檚 only going to get worse the longer it takes to act.鈥

Some climate advocates refer to the stance taken by Ms. Wood and her allies as 鈥淥K Doomer,鈥 a riff on 鈥淥K Boomer,鈥 the Gen Z rebuttal to condescension from older folks.

If awareness about the climate crisis has never been greater, so, too, has been a mounting sense of dread about its unfolding effects, particularly among the young. Two-thirds of Americans thought the government was doing too little to fight climate change, according to a 2020 Pew study, while a survey last year of 10,000 teens and young adults in 10 countries found that three quarters were frightened of the future.

Michael Mann, planet citizen.png |

Bookmark the Climate Headlines, Follow the Environmental Writers

Society of Environmental Journalists -

"We tell the world's most important stories"

鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼

The Commons

"Pledge for Nature" at the UN Biodiversity Summit

Leaders from 64 countries sign the Pledge For Nature to take action.

The Call to Action include measures to:

Slow down deforestation; eliminate unregulated and unsustainable fishing practices; and stop plastic being dumped into the ocean by 2050.

Conserve land; eliminate subsidies that harm the environment; transition to sustainable food production.

鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼

"Thin Blue", Protecting 'The Commons', Enabling Life on Earth

"Tiny Blue Green", Oxygen in the Atmosphere, Food Source of the Seas

鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼 鈼

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GreenPolicy360's Environmental Studies Online

Visit Planet Citizens


Earth Day Flag.png
Earth Day flag

馃寧 Beginnings of the Modern Environmental Movement
Christina Korp Earth Day and Apollo 8.jpg


Planet Citizen Vision of Living Earth

GreenPolicy360 Page Highlights

"The Earth is my patient, and like any good medical doctor, I am compelled to advocate for her... Today, I see myself as a doctor advocating for... my patient, the Earth."

Earth Breathing.jpg

Earths two lungs.png

Listen carefully to the trees... watch closely...

鈥淲hen we have learned how to listen to trees,

then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts

achieve an incomparable joy.鈥 -- Hermann Hesse


Planet Citizens

Strategies of Resilience & Survival

GP360 tagcloud3.png

Global warming fact of the day - June 29 2021.jpg

Dealing with the 'Heat Island Effect'

Via #GoogleEarth

Earth Science to Protect a Sustainable Earth

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Green Stories of the Day

Green New Deal

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Personal action... Direct action...
Planet Citizens, Positive Change

Green Network, GreenLinks action
Going Green, #GreenNetworking
GreenLinks @ GreenPolicy360


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Planet Citizen, Planet Scientist Activism

"Have hope, Act to Make a Positive Difference"

Shifting from a Scientist to Activist



Planet Citizen Vision of Living Earth
Planet Citizen Action, Environmental protection. Quality of Life

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Planet Citizens / Scientists, Preserving & Protecting the Home Planet Earth

GreenPolicy360 and StrategicDemands:

Earth Science Vital Signs

Eco Definition via Merriam-Webster Dictionary

For the now-ubiquitous prefix eco-, we can thank the great German zoologist Ernst Haeckel, who in 1866 coined the term oekologie from the Greek oikos, meaning 鈥渉ome, place to live.鈥 Haeckel was thinking primarily of the 鈥渉omes鈥 of animals, but by the time the word translated into English in 1875 (initially spelled 鈥渙ecology鈥), its meaning had broadened to embrace plant habitats as well. The related term ecosystem was proposed by the British botanist Arthur Tansley, 60 years after one of his own professors first translated Haeckel鈥檚 oekologie. It may have been ecosystem, which treats eco- as a prefix to a standard English word, that gave English speakers permission to do the same in coining a host of other terms...

Eco-ethics @GreenPolicy360

Living Earth.png

Earth Right Now / EarthPOV / Earth Observations

Ethics and Climate Change

Climate Action: Our Ethical Responsibility

Nonviolent Action in Practice

198 Ways to Act, Count 'em

File:Methods of Nonviolent Action.pdf

Climate action m.jpg


Global Climate Strike, Student Action

Students Worldwide Striking to Demand Climate Action Change



Kids in 123 countries strike to protect the climate

鈥淭his movement had to happen, we didn鈥檛 have a choice.鈥

Via Vox

An estimated 1.4 million young people in 123 countries skipped school Friday to demand stronger climate policies in what may be one of the largest environmental protests in history.

Going Global: Student #ClimateStrike

Youth Climate Strikes-March15,2019.jpg

Student Climate Strike-March 15, 2019









Radical action needed to confront climate change by George Monbiot @TheGuardian

GTN GreenLinks Trending News
Green Stories of the Day
Climate News

Green New Deal

Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists
Citizen Science

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Planet API
Virtual Earth

Rebecca Google Outreach.jpg

Think Like Rebecca, Creating Positive Change


It's Your Time to Be Out in Front

Change Is All Around


Step Up, Get with the Action, Planet Citizen Action

Make a Difference, Be a Change Maker

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