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Green Collar Jobs / Green Collar Workers

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Blue Green Alliance

BlueGreen Alliance Letter to U.S. House of Representatives in Support of H.R. 9, the Climate Action Now Act

The BlueGreen Alliance urged the U.S. House of Representatives to pass H.R. 9, the Climate Action Now Act

Labor, Environmental Leaders Release Historic “Solidarity for Climate Action” Platform

June 24, 2019 / Groups Say Platform Will Create Good-Paying Jobs, Address Income Inequality and the Climate Crisis


SJS/GreenPolicy 360 Siterunner: At 91 Noam Chomsky is still learning and growing in his perspective. His take now on revolutionary 'purity politics', eg, refusing to vote for the 'lesser of two evils', or not vote, is at the center of the Salon interview. Noam is, as with GreenPolicy360, urging a realism of action now. Working within current systems and structure to make consequential changes. Noam's co-writer Robert Pollin of the new book, "Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal", tracks with your GreenPolicy siterunner's work going back to 1992 and the platform we worked on to put together for the Jerry Brown presidential campaign. Robert Pollin is a considerable intellectual force in the shaping of a New Economy. It should be noted that many of the ideas and positions we put forward in the Brown campaign were picked up by Bernie Sanders in his campaign. I might also mention that your siterunner followed the Brown campaign by putting forward the "Blue-Green Alliance", an initiative I worked up and brought to US labor leader Tony Mazzochi. Also, during those years in the 1990s, your siterunner moved key positions from the Brown campaign into the drafting of the founding US Green Party Platform. The Platform was passed by a new US Green Party in 2000 and accepted by the Federal Election Commission in the new national US Green Party's application for legal standing.

At the center of this work is a 'paradigm', a Thomas Kuhn-like body of ideas that goes back to the New School in NYC where I studied alongside Robert Pollin and began together to create a new economics. For over 30 yrs I've written of a new "Eco-nomics" and it's good to see Noam Chomsky now coming along with Robert Pollin and advancing many proposals for a realistic Eco-economics, proposals going back decades as many of us push for change day in, day out. I appreciate, we appreciate at GreenPolicy360, Chomsky's focus now on working through the existing system, organizing and activating positive change given the pressing, immediate climate and political crises.

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