San Francisco, CA Paid Sick Leave

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San Francisco, CA, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted on 8/8/06

Source File:,_Administrative_Code_Chapter_12W.pdf


A large number of workers in the City and County of San Francisco do not have paid sick leave available to them. This problem is most prevalent among part-time employees but also is widespread among full-time employees working in many sectors of the local economy. The problem is greatest among workers toward the lower end of the economic spectrum, although it is by no means limited to such workers and affects many middle-income workers as well as higher-income workers. Further, a large number of workers who have paid sick leave available to them do not have an adequate number of hours of such leave to reasonably meet their needs or the needs of their children or other family members.

The absence or inadequacy of paid sick leave among workers in San Francisco poses serious problems not only for affected workers but also for their families, their employers, the health care system, and the community as a whole.