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A Brief History of GreenPolicy360

SJS/GreenPolicy360 Siterunner: The Green Policy online network was designed as an accessible source of "green best practices" at the local, national and global level.

We test launched the first online version of our green best practices eOS database in the early 2000s. Shortly after this Strategic Demands @, our associated international policies initiative, was launched in Washington DC.

In 2008, the project expanded and became an independent green network, GreenPolicy360, with the Green Institute transferring its domain and oversight.

The GreenPolicy project and network have grown steadily since, with tens of millions of views and shares as of 2020.

GreenPolicy360 continues to extend its outreach internationally with GreenLinks, providing an extensive connectivity of green organizations, actions for sharing, and educational resources.

Over the years, from initial Wiki page forms and templates, e.g. (Page Form-Entity) -- (Form) often used, our MediaWiki global platform has continued to add capabilities: e.g., Semantic MediaWiki, operational revisions, apps and updates, and expanded interactive mapping --

GreenPolicy's associate, Strategic Demands #StratDem, additionally expanded its online presence and academic programs in 2016.

The GreenPolicy360 / Strategic Demands partnership entered its second decade in 2017.

Together, community-to-community, across borders, within political systems and diverse cultures, we continue developing "New Definitions of Security", to turn green values into reality.

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New Definitions of National & Global Security,_National_Security

Visit GreenPolicy360's Associate -- Strategic Demands

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Each of us can make a positive difference stepping up & doing our best / Becoming Planet Citizens


GreenPolicy360 provides green best practices, current news and news in depth, and an easily searchable-usable database, including green actions/ initiatives / legislation / ordinances and regulations. Our database is being added to constantly.

As an eco-network, our eOS is an eco-operating-system designed for online sharing. Our use of networking technology acts to enable collaboration and a cooperative society. We are built to be a distributive web empowering green best practices.

GreenPolicy360 was developed for use in all communities -- local, national, and international.

GreenPolicy lets you know how other communities are dealing with today's great challenges. Use our green information to craft working green proposals for your community. Replicate ideas, use our green models and templates, build on what has worked successfully. Employ a physics of action as a multiplier effect. Ripples can become waves. Each of us cooperating together can make a profound difference and bring positive change. Create ripples and waves of change.


About GreenPolicy360's Founder-Siterunner

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