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Environmental Laws & Climate Change Litigation/Lawsuits Around the World

Acting to Enforce Nation Climate Plan Promises


December 2021

Climate Pledges Must Be Enforced

How to turn each nation's climate pledges into 'effective climate action'

Promises of international climate summits in Paris (2015) & Glasgow (2021) now require 'effective climate action follow on'
Measuring & monitoring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with satellite missions can become -- 'Our climate tool working nation-by-nation'

GreenPolicy360 Siterunner - SJS / December 2021: Looking back to the 1960s and 70s to the beginnings of the Earth Science from Space missions of NASA and affiliated U.S. agencies, in association with higher education and aerospace business, the vision statements of Congressional leaders, recalling Rep. George E. Brown (D-Los Angeles), setting in motion the measuring and monitoring programs that have led to decades of atmospheric and earth systems data. This constellation of new space technology -- digital imaging, Earth 360掳 remote viewing, scientific observations, changes over time, trend lines, all can come into our hands. 'Drilling down', not for gas and oil, but in the parsing of data, now has the promise to provide essential ways and means to deliver a real- and extended-time knowledge base which can be used, effectively and we propose legally, to deliver on pledges and promises made at international climate change conferences and summits.

Let us do our part in continuing to expand this first-generation earth science vision -- space-based cooperative missions, initiatives and ventures -- that makes it possible to turn database tracking of emissions (externalities) -- CO2, methane, CFCs and other gases -- nation-by-nation into Climate Plan Enforcement (CPEs).

It is time to move from distant pledges to coordinated nation-by-nation climate action. Using best practices, effective nationally determined, and legally enforced operational plans, we can become agents of change making a positive real-world difference. As it is said -- "Earth Is In Our Hands", let us turn science and knowledge into climate action now.

The strategic demands for international cooperation and action is our generations greatest task and our legacy. Let us take up our climate challenge. Our time is today to enforce well intended, but extremely hard to achieve climate pledges.


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Montreal Protocol

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Historic International Climate Agreement

The first international agreement to limit destructive atmospheric emissions
The Montreal Protocol ... a successful, cooperative model for climate negotiations

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Envisioning New Ways of Protecting Life

"The Commons"

Thin Blue ... ThinBlueLayer.com
Look how thin our atmosphere is
"The Commons" ... Global Challenge

To Be or Not to Be Planet Citizens

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New Definitions of National Security

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Earth Science Vital Signs

Intended Nationally Determined Contributions

Managing Dynamic Change: Earth in Our Hands

New Definitions of National Security
Strategic Demands: New Definitions of National and Global Security
Earth Observations, Strategic Missions
Environmental Security - Global/National/Local

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Science: Measuring and Managing

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Earth, Our Responsibility


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