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Legalizing Nature’s Rights: How Tribal Nations are Leading the Fast Growing Environmental Movement

At the Bioneers Conference wth Frank Bibeau, Thomas Linzey, Samantha Skenandore

The Rights of Nature movement launched internationally in 2006 and is growing fast. Driven primarily by tribes and citizen-led communities, more than three dozen cities, townships and counties across the U.S. have adopted such laws to create legally enforceable rights for ecosystems to exist, flourish, regenerate and evolve.

In this program, Native American attorneys, Frank Bibeau and Samantha Skenandore, and legal movement leader Thomas Linzey report from the front lines how they are honing their strategies to protect natural systems for future generations.

Listen in:

  • with Frank Bibeau, Thomas Linzey, Samantha Skenandore

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