Anchorage School District, AK Mixed Paper Recycling Program

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Anchorage, AK, US

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Type: Program

Status: Adopted on 6/9/08

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The Anchorage School Board approved an initiative at its Monday meeting that will establish a districtwide mixed paper recycling program. The program startup and annual expenses will be paid for by the Municipality of Anchorage as part of a citywide recycling program approved last night by the Anchorage Assembly.

All ASD schools and support facilities will participate in the new mixed paper recycling program. The municipality will cover the one-time startup cost of $246,591 as well as an estimated annual expense of $84,583. The plan will cover district recycling costs, which includes a solid waste/recycling coordinator. The district’s estimated costs are significantly lower than the city’s approved funding.

“This is a win-win situation for everyone,” said Superintendent Carol Comeau. “We’re grateful to be able to participate in the city’s plan that will allow our 100 facilities to reduce their footprint without adding expenses that would divert money from the classroom. Our students and many of our staff encouraged us to have a districtwide recycling program for years. I am very pleased that we will be able to begin this program.”