Fort Collins, CO Practical Housing for All

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Fort Collins, CO, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Project P.H.A., Practical Housing for All, is an effort by the City of Fort Collins Commission on Disability subcommittee to educate home builders and their consumers on simple ways to build practical homes for residents of all ability and encourage builders and designers to offer P.H.A. features in floor plans presented to new-home buyers.

The Five Features of a PHA home are:

  • No Step Entry on Accessible Route
  • First Floor Kitchen, Bathroom and a Room that can be used as a Bedroom
  • Maneuvering Space
32" Clear Opening at Doorways
36" Clear Passage
42" Wide Hallways
30” X 48” Clear Space Adjacent to Bathroom Sink, Tub/Shower and Toilet
  • Blocking in bathroom walls to accommodate grab bars
  • Reachable Plugs and Switches

The five basic features added to a newly constructed home will provide livable homes with barrier-free access to everyone. By building houses with these features, all individuals, residents and visitors alike, are able to easily use the home. It is estimated one in six people will have physical limitations of some form within their life, whether temporary or permanent. Homes built with P.H.A. features allow the disabled person to visit more freely in a friend or relative’s home - and to reside more safely in their own home. Including these features in the design and construction adds little to the cost of a new home, as opposed to retrofitting an existing home.

Project P.H.A. is seeking builders in Northern Colorado to participate in this endeavor by offering these five basic P.H.A. features as an optional floor plan to new-home buyers.

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