Tompkins County, NY Recommend Photovoltaic Energy System for New Library

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Tompkins County, NY, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 3/28/00

Vote: Unanimous

Source File:


Environmental Management Council

WHEREAS, The Tompkins County Environmental Management Council (EMC) believes that the significant long-term environmental and health benefits from the use of renewable solar electricity should be given maximum consideration whenever a decision to build or remodel a public facility is made, and

WHEREAS, Tompkins County has the opportunity to significantly reduce electrical purchases for the County’s Public Library at its new location by installing solar-electric roof tiles on the remodeled Woolworth building, and

WHEREAS, The installation of solar tiles reduces the amount of electricity that must be generated by fossil-fuel-burning plants, thereby reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide; pollutants that contribute to global warming, acid rain, ozone production, smog and their attendant negative environmental and health effects, and

WHEREAS, The EMC endorses the use of photovoltaic panels as a reliable, durable, low-maintenance, as well as non-polluting, source of electricity, and

WHEREAS, The PowerLight Corporation of California analyzed the proposed remodeling of the Woolworth building for the County and has proposed photovoltaic installation on that building, and

WHEREAS, The PowerLight Corporation of California has a good professional reputation, has obtained federal Department of Energy grants, and has worked with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the New York Power Authority successfully in the past, and

WHEREAS, The EMC believes that photovoltaic panels, located on the roof of the County’s most frequently visited public building, will be a unique educational opportunity for residents locally and statewide, and will demonstrate a commitment to a sustainable energy future and inspire similar projects in the future, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the EMC recommends that the County’s Library Construction Committee and Board of Representatives approve the installation of the 147-kilowatt photovoltaic system on the roof of the new Tompkins County Public Library.

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