Suffolk County, NY Smart Growth Policy Implementation

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Suffolk County, NY, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 3/28/00

Vote: In Favor - 12 Opposed - 6

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RESOLUTION NO. 212 - 2000

WHEREAS, the County of Suffolk is experiencing an unprecedented growth in development which is exacerbating traffic congestion; placing greater pressures on water supplies; rapidly using up dwindling open space; imposing more stress on environmentally sensitive natural resources; and generating a firestorm of local concerns because of the long term environmental, fiscal, public safety, traffic and health implications associated with individual projects, the cumulative effect of which can overwhelm a community; and

WHEREAS, although the County of Suffolk has no direct jurisdiction over many of these projects, it can lead by example through advisory recommendations based on professional County planning, expertise, local experience, and input from the public; now, therefore, be it

1st RESOLVED, that the County Department of Planning, is hereby authorized, empowered, and directed, pursuant to Section 14-8(A)(9) of the SUFFOLK COUNTY CHARTER, to develop a written master plan for “Smart Growth” in Suffolk County incorporating the following principles after conducting at least three (3) public hearings (one in the Towns of Huntington, Islip, Babylon, or Smithtown; one in the Town of Brookhaven; and one in the towns of Shelter Island, Riverhead, Southold, Easthampton, or Southampton) to receive expert testimony and public comment:

1.) collaborative community based effort for long-term land use;

2.) encourage mixed use development of main streets, historic districts, downtowns, and brownfields to lessen the necessity for expansion of infrastructure and accommodate an appropriate proportion of necessary development which would otherwise be located on undeveloped land;

3.) encourage the location of land development in areas where infrastructure and public services are adequate and also encourage more compact development through development rights, incentive zoning, cluster developments, tax incentives, conservation easements and planned unit developments;

4.) promote expedited permitting of development that is consistent with smart growth plans generated by Towns and/or Villages located within the County of Suffolk;

5.) preservation of open space and parkland in order to protect natural resources, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities;

6.) encourage the retention of farms, farm services, and associated infrastructure, such as roads and bridges;

7.) ensure consistency, cooperation, and coordination of state and local government decisions on infrastructure, taxes, economic development incentives, transportation, and facilities location; and

8.) consideration of future housing needs to promote a diversity of home type and affordability in proximity to places of employment, recreation and commercial development, to facilitate a variety of transportation choices, to reduce automobile dependency, traffic congestion and broaden access to the job market and community facilities to families of all economic circumstances

2nd RESOLVED, that a copy of said written master plan, outlining an advisory recommendation for the best development of properties located within the County of Suffolk based on a balance between the need for tax stability, environmental protection, public safety, preservation of public health, and mitigation of traffic congestion, so as to ensure that all land within the County of Suffolk is developed in a manner which is compatible with a level of growth that is consistent with the aesthetics and quality of life in each of the relevant communities, shall be filed with the County Executive, filed with the Clerk of the County Legislature for distribution to all County Legislators, and submitted to each of the Towns and Villages for their consideration within Suffolk County no later than six (6) months subsequent to the effective date of this resolution; and be it further

3rd RESOLVED, that the “Smart Growth Master Plan,” completed, filed, and submitted in accordance with the 2nd RESOLVED clause of this Resolution, shall not take effect unless and until it is approved by duly enacted Resolution of the County of Suffolk.