Hamilton, New Zealand Disability Strategy

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Hamilton, New Zealand

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Type: Policy

Status: Established on 3/14/06

Source File: http://hamilton.co.nz/page/pageid/2145832551/Disability


Enabling Participation
Hamilton City Council's new Disability Strategy was launched by Mayor Michael Redman on 14 March 2006. Hamilton is one of the first councils in New Zealand to develop a local response to the New Zealand Disability Strategy that was introduced by central government in 2001.

Hamilton mayor Michael Redman says the Hamilton City Council Disability Strategy's purpose is to enable wider participation of people with disabilities in Hamilton.

'Council is committed to ensuring that services and facilities are appropriate and accessible for everyone in the community. Council acknowledges the invaluable contribution towards Council's Disability Strategy made by people within Hamilton's disability community. The new strategy will assist Council in making Hamilton a more inclusive city'.

The Disability Strategy is accompanied by an action plan that outlines specific actions that Council units will undertake to fulfil the objectives of the strategy. Council's first Disability Strategy Action Plan will be finalised following Council's consideration of its Proposed 2006-16 Long-Term Plan over the next few months. Some initiatives being considered include installing additional ramps and dedicated mobility parking at some Council facilities and increased disability awareness training for Council staff.

Hamilton Accessible Journeys Project Report
The aim of the project was to determine what is necessary to help and enable mobility impaired persons to be able to access public transport (especially buses)

This pilot project tested a variety of environmental changes (e.g., kerb heights, bus design specs) to understand what works best in given situations for the mobility impaired.

The project listened to people with disabilities, to find out the barriers hindering them using public transport and what works well for them.

Overall project objectives included:

  • Increase use-ability of inner city shuttle route for wheelchair and vision impaired users
  • Improve perceptions of use-ability and service quality
  • Increase the number of boarding’s by people with access disadvantages
  • Provide a report that specifies the design specifications used in the project and the outcomes of improved design.
Hamilton Accessible Journeys Project Report - PDF (944KB)
Download Disability Strategy document (1.9MG)
Disability Strategy Interim Action Plan