Bainbridge Island, WA In Support of the Violence Against Women Act

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Bainbridge Island, WA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 10/12/05

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RESOLUTION NO 2005-35 A RESOLUTION expressing support for the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act of 2005

WHEREAS, Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in 1994, and reauthorized VAWA in 2000; and

WHEREAS, violence against women directly affects at least one in four women across the nation; and

WHEREAS, almost 70 of domestic violence victims are still without legal representation despite the passage of VAWA; and

WHEREAS, minors under the age of eighteen account for sixty seven percent of all sexual assault victimizations reported to law enforcement; and

WHEREAS, over eight million children in the United States witness domestic violence each year; and

WHEREAS, the Bainbridge Island Police Department received over 170 domestic violence calls in 2004; and

WHEREAS, VAWA was passed to address the complex problem of domestic violence and has had a remarkable impact on women, children and men across the nation; and

WHEREAS, VAWA has employed a multi disciplinary approach involving coordinated efforts between law enforcement, prosecutors, nonprofits, courts, health care providers, child protective services and service providers; and

WHEREAS, from 1995 to the present, Congress has appropriated almost 3 8 billion dollars to the various programs created by VAWA; and

WHEREAS, since the enactment of VAWA, rates of domestic violence incidents have dropped by almost 50; and

WHEREAS, incidents of rape are down by 60 since the passage of VAWA; and

WHEREAS, the number of women killed by an abusive husband or boyfriend has declined by 22%; and

WHEREAS, more than one million women have obtained domestic violence protective orders after the passage of VAWA; and

WHEREAS, VAWA established new criminal penalties including developing the first federal offense for interstate domestic violence and stalking and doubled federal penalties for repeat sex offenders; and

WHEREAS, VAWA required that states and tribes fully enforce restraining orders issued by other states or tribes; and

WHEREAS, more than 16,000 calls each month are placed to the National Hotline on Domestic Violence, created by VAWA; and

WHEREAS, the provision of STOP grants through VAWA serve to save money for state and tribal governments in the long run by reducing incidents of domestic violence and thereby avoiding other costs associated with domestic violence incidents, such as medical and legal costs; and

WHEREAS, VAWA has led to an increased public awareness about domestic violence, distributing information to local communities; and

WHEREAS, the reauthorization in 2000 strengthened the initial legislation by providing grants for legal assistance, transitional housing costs, protection for older victims and those with disabilities, supervised visitation for children who have witnessed domestic violence and added protections for immigrant women victimized by domestic violence; and

WHEREAS, VAWA has expanded and strengthened the ability of state, local and tribal governments to respond to and prevent domestic violence; and

WHEREAS, there may be efforts in Congress to decrease VAWA funding and reduce the amount that will be appropriated to combat domestic violence.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Bainbridge Island encourages Congress to authorize the Violence Against Women Act in 2005; and that Congress increases the programming for prevention for the state, local and tribal governments; and that Congress provides increased appropriations to aid children and youth who are victims and witnesses of domestic violence