Nashville, TN Interim Policy on Community Gardens

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Nashville, TN, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Approved on 9/12/06

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I. The Metropolitan Nashville Board of Parks and Recreation adopts this Community Garden Program as a framework for the Parks’ staff to further develop and implement this new initiative. The Community Garden Program provides an entry point for individuals and households to get involved in an endearing partnership project. Community gardeners use Metropolitan Park land to grow their own food, which has a positive impact on their household food security, and provide recreational outdoor activity as well as a fun and friendly environment for people of all ages, incomes, and cultures to work the land together and share their gardening knowledge and ideas. Park Staff shall identify unused park property for implementation of this program.

II. Program Parameters
A. Community gardeners shall obtain a permit for a plot each spring, paying a minimal fee to help defray the costs of site maintenance and management (tilling, mowing, plot layout, and provision of water, and compost). Gardeners also assist in site maintenance and management through volunteer commitments.

B. Educational workshops will be held throughout the season to provide instruction in gardening skills such as organic gardening, pest control, starting seeds indoors, seed saving, fall planting, food preservation, and cooking.

C. There are many people who would love to garden but have difficulty gardening on the ground. Some may be in a wheelchair or just unable to bend over for a long period of time. Park and Recreation Community Gardens will build raised beds, which make it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy the pleasures of gardening.

D. Garden plots should measure 20’ x 20’ (400 sq. ft.) There is a one plot limit for new gardeners, but if an individual maintains their plot well the first year, more plots may be applied for in the following.

E. This policy discourages the use of nonorganic pest control by organizing gardenwide organic pest control.

F. Plot rental for the season shall be annually established by the department with approval of the board. A gardening season will be established.

G. Water is provided on site throughout the season.

H. Tilled plots are plowed at the beginning of the season, making it possible to plant directly in the ground. Donated seeds and plants are given away to gardeners free every year at the beginning of the season.

I. Compost, manure, and mulch should also be available at the gardens to help gardeners build their soil.