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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The Technology Access Program for Students with Disabilities
The Technology Access Program is dedicated to promoting independence through technology for University of Oregon students with disabilities. The purpose of the program is to provide adaptive access to electronic technology that has become a fundamental element of student life. This goal can be accomplished in the following ways:

  1. By being a resource to the other technology providers on campus
  2. By promoting access at all computer labs on campus
  3. By orienting students with disabilities to the available technology

Participating in the program
To participate in the Technology Access Program a student must be referred by Services for Students with Disabilities. Once referred, the student tours the Adaptive Tech Center to gain familiarity with the adaptive technology available. If the student has no experience with adaptive technology, then an evaluation is made to determine the most beneficial technology and a training plan is devised. Students experienced with adaptive technology may use the facilities after a brief orientation.

The Technology Access Program for Faculty of Students with Disabilities
The computer has become an essential tool to every major on campus. Computer literacy has become an expected prerequisite for many of our courses. There are various disabilities that prevent a student from using a typical computer; however, adaptive technologies exist that will grant such a student full computer access. In some cases, the adaptive technologies are already resident on the computer and the student knows how to use them. In other cases though, the adaptive technology may be complex and expensive. It is in those cases that assistance can be provided by the Technology Access Program.

Because requests for accommodation usually go through the Services for Students with Disabilities office, it is easy to predict where computer adaptive technology will be needed. When a need has been identified both the faculty member and the department will be informed. The Technology Access Program will work with the faculty, department and any computing labs involved to ensure that the student in reasonably accommodated.