Sydney, Australia Sustainable Sydney 2030

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Sydney, Australia

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Type: Policy

Status: Established in 2006

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Sustainable Sydney 2030 is a plan to guide the development of the City of Sydney for the next 20 years and beyond.

By 2030, the population in the City of Sydney (local government boundaries) will grow to an estimated population of 240, 000 (80,000 increase) and a worker population of 469,000 (100,000 increase). As leaders of the City we have a responsibility to plan for the long term needs of current and future generations.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 will provide the framework for the City to deliver a sustainable future. It is a plan for great parks in urban settings, a vibrant arts and cultural sector, lively villages for families and businesses, a dynamic economy with interesting and safe streets; all serviced by a clean and integrated transport system improving pedestrian and cycle access.

Our major challenges and opportunities have been grouped into seven focus areas.

City Environment
Managing climate change impacts and environmental performance

City Transport
Connecting people and places

City Economy
Global and local investment, employment and economic sustainability

City Design
High quality places, spaces and built form

City Culture
Creativity and cultural vitality

City Community
Inclusion, access, diversity and equity

City Governance
Responsibility, partnerships and advocacy