Multnomah County, OR Purchasing Post-Consumer Recycled Products

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Multnomah County, OR, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 8/29/96

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In the matter of Multnomah County Making a Commitment to Purchase Products Made from Post-Consumer Recycled Material

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners acknowledges that by using our purchasing power to support the manufacture of goods made from post-consumer waste will stimulate the market for collected recyclable materials and enhance the economic viability of local and national recycling programs;

WHEREAS, the use of post-consumer waste in manufacturing new products provide environmental benefits including reducing the burden on landfills and incinerators, reducing our consumption of natural resources and reducing energy use and pollution associated with the extraction of virgin materials;

WHEREAS, the State of Oregon has defined recycled paper under ORS 279.545 and has directed state and local governments to purchase recycled products, if such products are available, are of sufficient quality for their intended use and the price is at least within 5% of their virgin equivalents under ORS 279.570.

WHEREAS, Multnomah County's Public Contract Review Board Rules "PCRB Rules" 10.136 incorporates ORS 279.545 and 279.570;

WHEREAS, the State of Oregon's definition for recycled paper includes the use of secondary waste materials and the use of secondary waste has no impact on the market for collected recyclables;

WHEREAS, the state and other local jurisdictions have increased the price preference to purchase recycled paper from 5% to anywhere between 10% -25% and narrowed the definition of recycled paper to eliminate secondary waste;

WHEREAS, the Purchasing Section is in the process of reviewing the PCRB Rules with other County departments and other interest groups and will bring recommended changes back to the Board of County Commissioners in November 1996.


1. Multnomah County supports increasing the price preference to purchase recycled paper from 5% to 15%.

2. Multnomah County supports defining recycled paper as a paper product with not less than twenty five percent of its total weight consisting of post-consumer waste.

3. Board of County Commissioners direct Purchasing staff to include these changes in the PCRB Rules and to have the PCRB Rules modified by November 30, 1996.