Chicago, IL Born Learning Initiative

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Chicago, IL, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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What if every child had five years of education before kindergarten?

The reality is that children are learning constantly, right from birth. And what they learn during those first five years depends on the experiences they have each and every day. This is our greatest challenge. And our greatest opportunity.

The City of Chicago is determined to ensure that every child enters kindergarten ready to succeed. That’s the reason behind Born Learning: Mayor Daley’s Early Childhood Initiative. This public engagement and material distribution campaign will provide all of us with important information about what young children need every day in the areas of play, literacy, health and responsive caregiving.

The Born Learning Initiative is designed to help us — parents, grandparents, caregivers, child care professionals, teachers and others — in the critical role of a child's first teacher.

It is our firm belief that through the Born Learning initiative, we can affect change in our communities. We believe that the audiences for this program—parents, grandparents and caregivers—will experience changes in their knowledge about positive caregiving, changes in their beliefs and changes in their attitudes. Changes in social norms about positive caregiving will soon follow. We expect nothing less from the hard work, expert content and professional implementation of this program, in Chicago and beyond.

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