Hoover, AL Environmental Management Efforts

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Hoover, AL, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.hooveralabama.gov/Default.asp?ID=32&pg=News&action=view&nid=304


Voted among the world’s best for environmental management efforts

The City of Hoover is on top of the world – after being named a winner in an international contest recognizing excellence in environmental management in livable communities. This is the first time a city in Alabama has received high honors for its positive ecological impact and living conditions.

Competing against nearly two dozen environmentally sustainable projects in 18 communities across the globe, Hoover received a bronze award. The finals of the LivCom contest, http://livcomawards.com/media-2007/finalists.htm, were held this weekend in Westminster, London. Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos is there this evening to accept the award.

The City came out on top for an Environmentally Sustainable Project Award, because of its exceptional efforts in helping to make the world a greener place to live.

Hoover’s many environmental achievements include:

  • Creation of a facility that converts used cooking oil into fuel and soap
  • Use of alternative fuels to run city vehicles and equipment
  • Strong resident participation in recycling and environmentally responsible disposal of hazardous waste
  • Preservation and conservation of its natural areas
  • Maintaining a rich tradition of respect for and responsibility to the Earth

“The City of Hoover is honored,” Mayor Petelos says. “Protecting and preserving our planet is so profoundly important, and we’re so pleased the world looks at the work we’ve done as a model for other cities.”

The City’s next project will be the clean up and preservation of close to 250 acres of green space, to ensure Hoover maintains natural environments for residents and visitors to enjoy for years to come. The land is divided into three areas across the City, that when finished will include managed forests, scenic hiking trails, areas to watch wildlife, and a public greenway connecting neighborhoods with nearby shopping areas. Two tracts of land were donated by developers and one was recently purchased by the City for 4.1 million dollars.