Janesville, WI Youth in Government Program

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Janesville, WI, US

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Type: Program

Status: Adopted

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The Janesville City Council recently approved the establishment of a Youth in Government program. This program is designed to offer local government-centered events that allow Parker and Craig high school students to see their local government in action.

The purpose of this program is to:

  • Provide students with a knowledge base regarding the day-to-day operations and purposes of local government;
  • Involve youth in government affairs at the local level;
  • Promote awareness of local government issues;
  • Provide students face-to-face contact with local officials and City staff; and
  • Interest youth in local government career opportunities.

The School District of Janesville requires that all students in either their junior or senior year of high school complete a Civics Engagement Project. This project is completed in the fall semester while the student is taking U.S. History or another Social Studies class and allows the student to connect their classroom learning with a first hand civic experience. To complete this project, a student must participate in a political, governmental or community service activity and prepare a two-page report reflecting their experience. One of the options available to students needing to complete their project is the City's Youth in Government Program.

Event Programming

Four events are available for students wishing to participate in the City's program. Each event can accommodate a maximum of 20 students. Students interested in participating in one of these events should contact their social studies teacher for details.

Student/Councilmember Meetings

To provide opportunities for students to interact with their elected officials, Student/Councilmember meetings will be organized. During these meetings, students will be able to ask questions of the Councilmembers and learn about the issues affecting the Janesville community. After the meetings, students will be encouraged to stay for the regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

Student/City Staff Program

During a Student/City Staff Program, students will take a tour of a city facility to learn about the functions and services of the City of Janesville and meet with city staff to learn about prospective careers in public service.