Nelson, New Zealand Clean Heat Warm Homes Programme

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Nelson, New Zealand

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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If you have to stop using your enclosed burner as a result of the Council’s Air Quality Plan, you may be eligible for financial assistance under the Council’s Clean Heat Warm Homes Programme (CHWH).

Owners of enclosed burners
You are eligible for Clean Heat Warm Homes 'Pay as you Heat' if:

  • your burner has to be phased out by the Council’s Air Quality Plan
  • your burner is the main form of heating in the main living area

Click here to find out if your burner has to be phased out by the Council's Air Quality Plan.

Under the 'Pay as you Heat' scheme, the Council replaces your enclosed burner with a heat pump, or flued gas heater, or a pellet burner or a Council authorised woodburner (for large rooms), and upgrades your insulation.

You pay it back (interest free) over ten years as a targeted rate on your property as part of your rates bill. If you receive the Government Rates Rebate you do not have to make any repayment of the targeted rate for as long as you receive the rebate.

Clean Heat Warm Home's 'Pay as you Heat' is not available for:

  • replacing burners in The Wood, The Brook, Nile St area, Atawhai, seaward side of the Port Hills, Todds Valley, The Glen and in the rural area. (Burners in these areas are not subject to compulsory phase-out rules);
  • replacement of open fires;
  • replacement of gas, oil, diesel or similar burners
  • replacement of burners that are not the main heating source in the main living area of your house (eg chippies)
  • homes that have already received financial assistance from the Council towards replacing their burner or fire.

Wetbacks (water heaters) are not covered under the CHWH programme but you can add a Council approved wetback at your own cost if you wish.

A condition of getting the CHWH 'Pay as you Heat' is that the houses’s insulation is upgraded. Where this is necessary the cost is covered in the work done, at competitive prices by the Clean Heat Warm Homes contractors.