Perth, Australia Arts and Culture Policy

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Perth, Australia

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted on 9/9/03

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FILE NO. P1016133

For Perth, as the capital city of our State to be recognised for its leadership in showcasing the City’s vitality, innovation and cultural diversity, through its distinctive Western Australian cultural expression.

The guiding principles for the development of arts and culture in the City of Perth are:

1. arts and culture are essential to enhancing quality of life;

2. arts and culture help create an international and nationally recognisable identity for our capital city;

3. arts and cultural activity are important aspects of expressing local creativity and developing an understanding of our uniqueness;

4. arts and culture contribute directly to the economy of our city, generating employment and significantly benefiting both large and small business;

5. arts and culture attract city visitors through major arts events and tourism and convention industries;

6. participation in arts and culture by people from Indigenous and multicultural backgrounds is fundamental to the richness of our city and to the promotion of tolerance and understanding;

7. Perth’s distinctive climate and environment are integral components in celebrating our culture – the use of our natural assets such as the Swan River and our parks and gardens should be maximised;

8. vibrant public spaces are important in creating a safe and secure environment;

9. arts and cultural activity provide a forum for constructive social comment and public debate, helping to form a society of educated and involved citizens.

The City of Perth’s objectives and action statements for arts and culture are:

Objective To ensure that the City’s spaces are alive with events and experiences for residents, workers and visitors to encounter and enjoy.
Action The City of Perth will continue to develop and implement arts and cultural activities through the Arts Program and other City programs.

Local Creativity:
Objective To promote local creativity, innovation and excellence by supporting high quality local arts product.
Action Continue to provide assistance to local arts and cultural activities through initiatives such as the Cultural Sponsorship, Urban Art and Awards programs.

Objective To facilitate the dynamic celebration of the city through a range of major festivals.
Action The City of Perth will partner and provide ongoing support for the city’s major festivals in accordance with Council decisions.

Arts Organisations:
Objective To ensure that Western Australia's significant performing and visual arts companies and organisations are located in the city.
Action The City of Perth will continue to provide ongoing support to significant performing and visual arts companies and organisations.

Objective To demonstrate leadership and support our creative community by developing partnership initiatives.
Action The City of Perth will develop partnerships with all levels of government, the private sector and arts and cultural organisations to provide advocacy and undertake joint initiatives.

Objective To promote widespread public awareness of the arts and cultural life of the City and the diverse experiences it offers.
Action The City of Perth will market and promote the arts and cultural life of the City to a wide audience.

Public Art:
Objective To realise integrated and engaging public art which relates to the identity of the City.
Action The City of Perth will provide engaging and diverse public art in strategic locations throughout the City and promote it to a wide audience.

Urban Design:
Objective To facilitate interaction between urban designers, architects, developers, planners, and the creative community to ensure that arts, cultural and community initiatives are integrated into the urban fabric.
Action The City of Perth will involve artists as an integral part of design teams in streetscape and landscaping upgrades and other placemaking plans and processes and will encourage this involvement in external developments.

Objective To create enticing places in which city residents, workers and visitors can encounter arts and culture.
Action The City of Perth will embrace arts and culture in the enhancement of all City places, particularly in the areas of Northbridge, the West End, the Performing Arts Precinct, the Swan River Foreshore and the Malls.

Objective To achieve flexible, high quality, indoor and outdoor venues for both permanent and temporary cultural activities.
Action The City of Perth will support State Government and others in providing and maintaining an appropriate range of arts venues though financial and in-kind support, advocacy, planning and marketing.

Social and Cultural Heritage:
Objective To preserve, protect and promote the unique social and cultural heritage of the City.
Action The City of Perth will preserve, interpret, promote and develop its social and cultural history, through the Memorabilia and Local Studies Collections, valuable government records and other programs and areas.

Art Collection:
Objective To continue to document and represent significant periods in the evolution of the City’s social, cultural and economic development, physical form, and artistic practices.
Action The City of Perth will augment and enhance the City of Perth Art Collection and ensure it is appropriately administered, housed, promoted and exhibited.

Objective To properly conserve, maintain and grow the value of the City’s arts and cultural assets.
Action The City of Perth will demonstrate international best practice standards in the maintenance and improvement of its arts and cultural assets.

International Exchange:
Objective To encourage international and national exchanges for arts, cultural and educational purposes.
Action The City of Perth may develop strategic partnerships, particularly with Sister Cities, to facilitate exchange of ideas.

Objective To encourage participation in arts and culture by people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.
Action The City of Perth will provide a program of cultural and arts events to encourage inclusive participation.