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Morro Bay, CA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted in March 1994

Source File:


It is the policy of the City of Morro Bay for all departments and divisions to divert and reduce waste to the greatest extent possible in all aspects of City operations. This policy formalizes existing practices and establishes an internal structure to help achieve this goal.

1. All city employees in all departments and divisions shall make waste diversion and reduction a routine part of their respective jobs whenever feasible to the extent it does not adversely affect health, safety, or operational efficiency and effectiveness as determined by each department. This includes but is not limited to full participation in and support for the City’s new expanded curbside recycling program implemented by Rock Solid Recycling on January 3, 1994. Employees not resident in Morro Bay may bring recyclables from their homes to recycle through the City’s curbside recycling program. Recommended waste reduction strategies include but are not limited to the following:

  • Double-sided copying whenever feasible.
  • Eliminate duplicate subscriptions and duplicate incoming and outgoing mail whenever feasible.
  • Consolidate orders and order in bulk whenever feasible, especially with regard to office supplies.
  • Use durable containers for coffee and other drinks at the workplace whenever feasible instead of disposable or recyclable containers.
  • Purchase and use reusable/refillable products whenever feasible instead of disposable products.
  • Computer networking and "paperless"offices whenever feasible.

2. A City-wide waste diversion and reduction coordination function is hereby established. This function is initially assigned to the Department of Public Works, which manages the Curbside Recycling Franchise Agreement and represents the City regarding solid waste management issues at the regional level. The finance Department and the Recreation and Parks Department are directed to provide support to this function as needed. The City Administrator may re-assign this function in the future.

3. Each department shall appoint a departmental waste diversion coordinator to assure maximum participation in the City’s curbside recycling program in the workplace, to serve as liaison to the City wide waste diversion coordinator and the City’s curbside recycling contractor, and to promote waste reduction strategies.

4. A Waste Diversion Reduction Task Force is hereby established and shall be compromised of the above representatives and chaired by the City-wide waste diversion coordinator. The purpose of the Task Force is to encourage coast-effective waste diversion and reduction strategies, to monitor the City’s progress in this regard, identify and resolve related problems, and to make recommendations as appropriate.

5. The City’s waste diversion and reduction ethic and related policies and practices shall be included in the orientation of all new City employees.

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