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Melbourne, Australia

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Type: Program

Status: Established in 2004

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Established by the City of Melbourne in 2004, with an initial investment of $5 million, the Sustainable Melbourne Fund seeks to invest in projects that enhance the environment and deliver economic benefits for the people of Melbourne.

All financial returns are re-invested in future sustainability projects, allowing the Sustainable Melbourne Fund to support environmental initiatives in the community for many years to come. View Past projects.

The Sustainable Melbourne Fund operates as a unit trust, with an independent board of trustees appointed to manage the strategic direction and all investment activities of the fund.

Sustainable investment opportunities wanted
The Sustainable Melbourne Fund is seeking new opportunities to invest in local sustainability projects particularly in the areas of water, energy and waste; business ventures and new technologies that deliver environmental and economic benefits.

What are we looking for?
The Fund is interested in hearing from Melbourne organisations and businesses who have ideas for sustainability projects that meet the following investment criteria:

  • deliver clear environmental benefits and contribute to sustainability in the City of Melbourne;
  • provide a proven business case for investing in water, energy and waste efficiency;
  • demonstrate the application of new, clean technologies;
  • enhance alliances and development opportunities with other organisations and the private sector who are committed to the principles of sustainable development; and
  • help overcome financial barriers to implementation of sustainability initiatives.

Key partners
The Sustainable Melbourne Fund has established alliances with partners such as Sustainability Victoria, the Centre for Energy and Greenhouse Technologies, the Grow Me the Money program - who are also involved in funding and investing in sustainability projects and companies.

By working closely with our partners we aim to co-fund projects that may not happen without the Fund’s involvement.