Orlando, FL Green Business Program

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Orlando, FL, US

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Type: Program

Status: In Effect

Source File: http://www.cityoforlando.net/public_works/stormwater/Green%20Business/greenbusiness.htm


The goal of the Orlando Green Business Program is to reach out to our local business community through incentives and education, ensuring pollution prevention and water quality protection of the lakes within the City of Orlando. We feel this goal can be met by forming a partnership between Orlando business owners, residents, and our team at the City of Orlando. Small changes in the way we do business can result in major benefits to our local lakes.

Steps to Become a Member

  • Participate in a personal onsite stormwater review to help you comply with the City of Orlando's Stormwater ordinance.
  • Select an individual to be responsible for implementing and following the Green Business requirements as well as act as a liaison between your company and the City's Green Business coordinator.
  • Increase your knowledge on the relationship between stormwater runoff and our lakes by reading Orlando's Lakes: The City Beautiful's Natural Connection informational booklet.
  • Follow and post Best Management Practices (or BMP's) throughout your facility.
  • Educate all employees and provide documentation that each has attended a presentation from the City or read the informational booklet.
  • Have all pertinent employees sign a pledge stating that they will continue their commitment to reduce the pollutant load to our lakes and streams.